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19 Creative Church Logos For Inspiration

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Church Logos

Last updated on November 13th, 2020

A Church house is a building where Christian believers pray to God and get involved in a lot of other religious activities and charity works. A way to inspire them is to have a church logo design that can send them the right message. Such logos also become a symbol of pride for the believers.

Tens of millions people across the globe visit a church on regular basis for worshipping. According to a survey, In the U.S, 38% of people go to church regularly. There are many churches in every locality where people offer their prayers. Even remote villages have their own churches. Small towns too are dotted with the worshipping places. They sing, dance, and do cultural activities as well as some charity. They have thus many reasons to visit a church.

Since people flock to churches regularly, they start recognizing its logo. The logo, then, establishes a strong connection with people. It gives them a sense of belonging. Therefore, churches want a creative and memorable symbol that conveys their message of love, charity, and praying.

There are, in fact, a host of reasons for having a creative church logo design. A church gets its visual identity, which people can recognize instantly. They feel proud of an aesthetically designed symbol of their church of the locality. Colors, typeface, the cross symbol, building’s architect etc used in a logo send the message to the audience.

To convey an intended mission statement, a church logo has some specific elements. Some typical elements include a star, the cross, dove, image of Christ, and menorah. As far as colors are concerned, white, blue, red, and yellow shades are mostly used to convey the message of peace. A church ministry slogan and tagline are other common elements of the logos.

Here Are 19 Creative Church Logos For Inspiration

01. Friedens Kirche Hamburg

Friedens Kirche Hamburg logo is one of the most appealing and creative church logo designs. It uses a universal peace symbol of a dove to spread its message of non-violence and co-existence.


02. First Pres Church Logo

This black and white logo uses vintage logo design style by incorporating shade and light elements. The shadow in the background resembles that of a caring mother with a cross symbol in front.

Pres Church

The designer wanted to create a logo that seems welcoming. But at the same time, it should look casual and friendly. It also has the church architecture.

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03. Bible Beach Church

This is one of the simple church logo ideas that stand out. It has the Cross symbol but it is created in a different style. While traditional cross symbol is upright, this one leans a little and gives a modern and casual touch to the design.

Beach Church

04. Church In The Hills

Church in the Hills logo is one of the best church logos. It makes good use of triangles to give send a message to the audience. The triangles have peaks which are a chief feature of the church architecture.

The Hills

This is an unconventional logo for a church. But the new generation of people can identify with it. Such unique designs are helpful in building a brand identity of a business and even of a religious institution like a church.



05. The Depozitory

Depozitory is a non-profit organization run in a Wesleyan Chapel in central Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK. Its logo is a simple wordmark, depending on the text solely to make an impression. It has the letters OZ in bold letters, which becomes its identity.


06. Kanivu

Kanivu is another impressive church logo design with a dove. The wings have been shaped as caring palms of a missionary. The designer used negative space wisely to create the ‘helping hands’, which is the church’s core mission.


07. Village Community Church

The Village Community Church logo design uses the power of red to highlight its message. Red expresses a host of warm emotions such as passion and love, which the church wants to convey. The flame shape is conventional, but it is designed here in a style. Flame is the symbol of burning desire to do something positive for others.

Village Community

08. St.Mark Catholic Church

St. Mark’s logo is a wordmark giving the church’s full name. There is the cross symbol, which is placed at the top of the design. This simple design has only two faint colors, which conveys a selfless service by the church.


09. Northstar Church

The Northstar Church logo design uses the church name and the symbol North Star, which is a Christian symbol. If you look a bit closer, the star has some hint of a cross as well. This is the effect that professional graphic designers can give in a design.


10. The Leaven For Humanae Vitae

The church redesigned its old logo to enhance visibility among donors, volunteers, supporters, and people who can help in many ways. The new logo is inspired by the Biblical parable, it is overtly religious. It expresses the larger theme of love and passion.


11. The Grove Church

The Grove Church logo design is beautiful for its unique use of the letters of the church name. The letters are touching each other, which itself conveys a message of togetherness. A leaf also grows up on a letter, indicating to happiness and growth in life.


12. Calvary Temple Ministries

Calvary Temple ministries logo is an in-line design, which helps it to stand out from the crowd of other logos. There are a dove and the cross symbol too. A combination of these symbols makes this one of the best religious logos.


13. Cornerstone Community Church

This is yet another modern church logo design and one of the best logo ideas that brilliantly deliver the message, following the minimalistic design principles. An initial letter ‘C’ of the church name is designed in unique shape. The line elements used in the logo symbolically convey direction and the right path.


If you hire a freelance graphic designer to do your logo work, take a good look at his or her past works. In case you are interested in designing a modern logo like this, the designer should be clearly briefed.

14. McCoy Memorial Baptist Church

The McCoy Memorial Baptist Church logo design is unique in its use of an element of a church architect. The element is a conventional and typical church window that gives a clear hint that the symbol belongs to a church.


When creating your web page design for a church, make sure to borrow color scheme and an overall impression from your logo. This is done to ensure brand consistency.

15. Christ Central Church

The Christ Central Church logo design is a perfect example of how a simple graphic design should look like. It has just two elements. One is the shortened version of the Holy Cross and the other is the church name. The Cross is designed specially to give it a unique look and it is the chief feature of the design.


16. Resurrection

The Resurrection logo is another brilliant logo design. It has the church window that is taken from the conventional architecture of most church buildings. But if you take a closer look, the windows actually make a figure of the father preaching to its audience.


Dark orange and black colors give a sophisticated look to the design.
To create such brilliant visuals, you can explore online graphic design services of experienced designers. Compare their past works and settle for the one whose style suits to your design needs.

17. Living Hope Four Square Church

The element of an anchor in the Living Hope Four Square Church gives the design a distinctive look. The anchor is a conventional symbol for something firm and steady. With this symbol, the church is giving the message of having a strong and unwavering faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Living Hope

18. Mission Church

The Mission Church logo is another great example of minimalistic designs. The church’s initial letter ‘M’ design is the chief attraction. A combination of red and white colors catches the eye instantly.


Professional graphic designers understand the importance of minimalistic style. If you need one such design, brief the designers precisely about it about your choice of colors, fonts, and other such elements.

19. London Bridge Baptist Church

This church logo design is in the shape of a bridge. The pillars and curve of the bridge are main elements that make the bridge. It is also a symbol of connecting the people.

Church logos like these are an inspiration to the designers. They would like to come out with something out-of-the-box that draws the attention. Each color, typeface, and conventional symbol stands out to convey a message to the believers.

London Bridge

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A church logo design should encourage people to pray to God, do charity works and involve many other religious activities. These unique examples of logos stand out for their use of conventional symbols, colors, typeface, and other elements. Take a closer look at these symbols for inspiration.

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