5 Creative Ideas To Create Standout Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Cover Photos

“An image is worth a thousand words” is an English language axiom. It utters that a picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description. When it comes to a Facebook page cover photo, it reiterates your brand’s voice, transforms your organization’s image, and adds magnetic appeal to your page.

This much is the importance of Facebook cover photo. That’s why businesses of every scale and size are taking utmost care while designing their Facebook page’s cover image.

You need some ideas and inspirations to design a Facebook cover page that will better connect with your audience. Here, we are discussing with you some of the tried and tested cover image design tips.

Here Are The Top 5 Ideas To Design Standout Facebook Page Cover Photos

01. Pay Attention To The Alignment

You should pay proper attention to the alignment. The profile picture is always on the left. You need some space to write text. So, where is the space for adding an image? It should be on the right.

But most of the time, designers don’t pay attention to it, and they end up messing up the cover page. Putting the image on the right in your Facebook cover image template will bring clarity, and your followers would like it.

02. Take Profile Image Into Consideration

Every designer has a certain sense of aesthetics that comes to the fore while designing Facebook cover templates. They prefer keeping the colors of the Facebook cover congruous with profile image color.

The whole idea is to send a message that the profile image is part of the cover page or cover page is an extension of the profile image. If you think that coherence is something your audience is looking for, then you must try this cover image.

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03. Cover Page With CTA

There are some businesses where a clear CTA on the cover page is highly recommended. Event websites, travel portals, and companies driving a lead capture campaign fall into this category. Here, a cover page with a clearly mentioned CTA can work wonders for your brand.

Creating Facebook cover image is not difficult as there are several free Facebook cover image templates on the internet that can be downloaded and customized to suit your requirements. Such a cover page can be used as a lead magnet for your business.

04. Cover Image With Team

Are you running a business where you need to emphasize having a great team? Some e-learning websites, hospitals, and service-based businesses need to showcase that they have an outstanding team to serve their customers.

Such companies put the images of their eminent team members on the cover page. Are you also looking to introduce your team on the cover image of your Facebook page? You can download a free Facebook cover template and edit it to suit your requirements.

05. Emotional Connect

People buy for emotional reasons. So, your cover page should be able to evoke emotions. Designing such a cover is difficult for any designer, as they have to understand human psychology and be at the top of designing skills.

You have to define your audience, their persona, and develop a Facebook cover template that triggers emotions. You can also select a custom Facebook cover image size for creating your Facebook cover image that can be designed with the help of Facebook cover templates.

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