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Top 12 Creative Packaging Design Trends For 2024

by Designhill Tweet - in Packaging

Packaging Design Trends

Last updated on May 2nd, 2024

Consumers first come in contact with packaging before opening it and seeing the product inside. So, the packaging is responsible for making the first impression on consumers when the product is on the shelf. This is the reason why businesses lay so much emphasis on designing their packaging. They don’t forget to follow the latest packaging design trends to lure potential buyers.

While businesses are experimenting with new packaging materials as effective replacements for plastic, they also look for unique packaging designs.

At the time when new materials like algae-based plastics, mushroom styrofoam, and see-through hemp wrap are being used for packaging, the designers are presenting the packaging in a fresh way.

In the age when businesses are looking for ways to optimize packaging to protect products, there is an urge to create something unique and exciting that brings attention to packaging and product.

This is because customers are looking for signals that help them make a buying decision. They get those signals or messages when they see products lined up on a shelf.

Packaging design trends change with each passing year. Some of them continue their run in the next year while some new trends start emerging on the scene.

In 2024, the designers will experiment with colors, typefaces, shapes, vintage elements, metallic colors, and other elements to surprise viewers.

Here Are Key Packaging Design Trends Of 2024

01. Minimalism Continues To Dominate

Minimalism is the one trend that rules supreme still after it started many years ago. More brands are using the principles of minimalistic design to create their visual identities including packaging.

Following the trend, a designer strips away all the undesirable elements from a design and keeps only those that are sufficient to convey a brand message.

Packaging Design

In packaging design, minimalism has helped in bringing focus to the core elements of color and typeface. As a result of it, color and typography shine up on the packaging. So, for many designers, less is more when it comes to creating a variety of designs.

In 2024 because of this trend, the focus will be on creating clean designs that are free from clutter.

02. Use Of A Wide Range Of Gradients

The use of gradients is picking up with the designers and it is now one of the dominating packaging design trends. A reason behind this trend is that it helps designers create a feeling of freshness and uniqueness.

They can blend colors together to revitalize a design. Also, gradients provide depth and look great on digital platforms.

packaging design trends

In 2024, gradients will be a key for creative packaging design that helps businesses stand out. These elements provide dimension and depth to a composition. The designers may prefer using exciting and bright color combinations.

So, gradients will no more be treated as some background detail. Rather, gradients will be used as a major component of packaging design.

03. Transparent Designs

Modern consumers do not just want to read a packaging label. They want to see through the label to have a feel of the product. This has given rise to creating packages that let the consumers see the product while reading an ingredient list.

Transparent Designs

They want to have some knowledge and feeling of the freshness of the product before buying it.

Transparent packaging is preferred to create food packaging design. So, this kind of packaging is ideal for products that are packed in bottles, PET bottles, plastic see-through cans, and glass jars. The designers, therefore, will choose colors that evoke freshness of a product.

04. Simplicity

The key principle of simplicity still is a much-favored rule in graphic designing. It will also be followed ardently as one of the main packaging design trends in 2024. An advantage of keeping the design simple is that it helps in reading a packaging label easily and quickly.


Many packages are on several digital platforms which make simplicity even more desirable when designing packages. Surely, clutter-free space lets viewers see the essential details about a product.

05. Use of Flat Illustration

A reason for flat illustration picking up in 2024 is that there is an added emphasis on simplicity of design, typography, and color. This minimalist approach leads the designers to adopt flat illustrations as an ideal approach to create designs such as bottle packaging design on printed material.

Flat Illustration

Because of the illustrations, the design looks crisp and clear after the elimination of the three-dimensional effect. Also, the designers can fuse illustrations into any other composition they want in order to create a unique look of the packaging.

06. Black And White Designs

Black and white are two elements that we can see as one of the emerging packaging trends. These colors are powerful and versatile, evoking feelings of sophistication and authority while making the design look dynamic.

Creative Packaging Design

But the designers will use black and white as a tool to stand out from competitors. When there is an overuse of colors in product packaging, a clever designer will simply go colorless to draw the attention and make a package look unique in a shelf.

07. Vintage Design

Vintage elements from yesteryears are always a pleasant surprise. We can see many designers doing vintage labeling to give the impression that the product it holds is known for dependable and proven quality.

Vintage Design

One of the key reasons for vintage being the favorite tool for designers is that it helps in establishing the authority of a product. Whether its cardboard boxes or any other material packaging, it gives it a different look and feel.

But vintage elements can come in the form of vintage fonts, manuscript lettering, retro color patterns, and illustrations.

08. Fluid And Geometrical Shapes

We may also witness the use of fluid and geometrical shapes in creating some stunning designs of packaging labels. While these shapes are not something that we will be seeing for the first time, but they will be used frequently to stand out.

Design Trends

Also, asymmetrical shapes are already in use to give something new to the viewers in the packaging of products.

09. Bold Typography

Bold typography is already a trend in a variety of graphic designs. But we can see it emerging fast during 2024 as one of the packaging design trends. The designers will use bold fonts to drive attention as well as build the brand identity.

Design Trend

Bold typefaces are also a way for the designers to replace images. So, if they want to express something without images, they can always rely on big fonts.

10. Free-Flowing Designs

Conventionally, designers use frames to ensure that design gives a feeling of a good finish. But that also gave a rigid look to a design. In 2024, packaged designers will look forward to breaking free from the frame. They will opt for open compositions that help create a flowing and airy look of designs.

Free-Flowing Designs

11. Metallic Effect

Designers may also experiment with some metallic colors. They are likely to opt for the use of metallic elements such as gold to give a shiny look. This can take the entire composition to a higher level to make the product look expensive.

Packaging Trends

A professional graphic designer will use a metallic effect to mesmerize viewers. So, you should expect more packaging labels coming in golden and other royal colors.

12. A Touch Of Realism

How about giving a feel of realism to viewers when they inspect packaging labels? While designers will use so many elements, they may mix them with some elements of reality to please viewers.

Packaging Trend

This will give packaging labels a unique and unexpected look. As a result, you can hope for some unconventional mix of styles and techniques in designing the labels. This trend may result in some exciting designs in this field.

These are the major packaging graphic design trends that will dominate 2024. But the designers have many other options as well. The year is going to be witness to some outstanding packaging labels.

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In 2024, some key packaging design trends such as the use of bold colors and typography, vintage elements, black and white, fluid and geometrical shapes, and metallic effect etc will dominate. These trends will help packages stand out.

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