Crucial Characteristics of a Great Logo Design

Crucial Characteristics of a Great Logo Design

To talk about a logo design and to praise it is all about knowing about its characteristics. Businesses always look for logos that people can appreciate so that they get attracted to it and recall the company and its products or services quickly. But a great logo design is also a marketing tool to take a company’s business to the targeted audience.

Main characteristics of great logo design.

If you study logos of global companies, you will find one common characteristics of simplicity in all of them. Simple logo design is always desirable.

A reason for simplicity of the logo design is to attract viewers easily as they do not have to waste time in deciphering a design. A quick look at the logo is enough for the viewers or customers to remember it for days to come.

Fewer colors and fonts is another sign of a great logo design. Majority of global logos have one or two colors. These colors are carefully chosen to express a business message and to represent the industry that the company operates in the market. Complex use of more than two colors should be only when it is inevitable as is in the case of logos that represent toys etc. business for children.

Similarly, use of fewer fonts is desirable. A great logo design will use only one or two fonts so that viewers are not tangled in the confusion and complexities of many fonts. Majority of global logos have one font only but selection of font family is based carefully on the type of business and its customers.

An excellent logo design is capable of taking a business message successfully to the targeted customers. So, if the logo belongs to a fast food company, the logo design should clearly tell the customers about the business and what should the customers expect. If the company deals in women’s clothing, the design must have colors and fonts that express interests of women and the logo should be clearly telling the women about the business.

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