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7 Crucial Tips To Start Your Own Jewelry Line Business

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Starting A Business

Jewelry Line Business

Last updated on October 20th, 2022

Jewelry line business has many small and big entrepreneurs in every niche of this market. This means that your marketing strategy needs to be strong and should perfectly target your potential customers. You need to aggressively protect your business to draw the attention of customers.

Women love to wear a variety of jewelry pieces, which makes selling these precious items a roaring business. Even if you start a jewelry line business on a small scale, it will continue to grow due to the major demand.

If you are a jewelry designer, which means you are an artist, you may not be naturally inclined towards doing business. You may not be thinking of starting our own jewelry line business, fearing that you will not be able to handle its business side.

But the fact is that many jewelry designers have successfully launched their own business. They create jewelry designs on their own and manufacture the jewelry pieces, market it, do business promotion and earn well.

A common starting strategy most of the jewelry business owners adopted when they started out was to sell jewelry to family and friends. Then, they gradually moved up the ladder by building a client base and expanding beyond the personal network.

There is a wide scope for your jewelry business in the local and global market. In the U.S, the retail industry sales grew 6% from previous year. Out of the total sales, the share of specialty jewelers was more than 43%. The U.S jewelry industry is worth $71.3 billion.

Here Are 7 Tips On How To Start Your Own Jewelry Line Business

01. Research Your Target Customers

Before starting your jewelry enterprise, make sure that you precisely know who your target customers are. You should know who are you designing for. Many jewelry designers find it harder to sell their collection because they are unaware of their real clients and know little about their social and other backgrounds.

In fact, many jewelry designers think that they can sell their pieces to everyone. That is a wrong assumption and soon you need to find out your target customers. So, research the market and find out the set of people more likely to buy your products.

Target Customers

Another advantage of researching your jewelry niche market is that you will then target your customers precisely. For example, you can create a perfect logo design that reflects your customers’ profile and their expectations from your business.

02. Create A Sensible Collection

Your collection of jewelry designs should never be a bunch of random pieces. Such designs for the sake of it will be hard to sell. People like to buy useful things. In case of precious jewelry items, this means that the customers will look for some story in your jewelry collection. Look at some jewelry designs for inspiration.

Jewelry Collection

Make sure that your collection has some story to tell to the customers. For example, are your jewelry designs saying something from history and traditions of your people? Or, do the designs evoke feelings of modern women who love to wear the most fashionable jewelry pieces.

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03. Price Your Jewelry Wisely

Another important consideration for starting your jewelry business is to put a right price tag on the items. You have many established jewelry companies from global stage to compete for customers’ attention and budget.

Remember that you cannot compete with global companies which have an enormous budget. If you lower your prices too much, you will end up suffering financial losses, resulting in early closing down of your small jewelry line business.

jewelry business

So, experiment with the prices and see which range of price suits more to your customers when they want to buy your jewelry pieces. It would be good if you can create a nice catalog design and mentioned your jewelry price against each item.

04. Get A Website

Most of the entrepreneurs do business through their websites. They put a website for providing all the relevant information such as pictures of jewelry pieces, descriptions and contact information.

But the website design must be user-friendly. When your potential customers come to the site, its design, attractive images, and smoother navigation keeps them glued. If they spend more time on your website, chances are that they will buy.

Jewelry Website

Your small business can easily get a website design specially for your niche. Just visit a crowdsourcing site like Designhill and launch a website design contest. You can shortly have a winning website design that is tailor made as per your design brief.

jewellary logo

05. Create Great Jewelry Photos

Your images of jewelry designs will appear everywhere on your website, brochures, advertisements and all marketing material. People take buying decision also on seeing the jewelry pieces. The images make first impression of your jewelry line business on the buyers.

Never make the mistake of clicking the photos on your own. Professional photographers know which angles of products attract buyers’ attention more. So, invest in hiring a professional photographer and have great photos of your jewelry collection.

Jewelry Photos

Treat these pictures as your marketing tools. Such quality photos are actually your first gateway to draw your clients’ attention toward the great design pieces.

Make sure that you put these quality photos of your jewelries on your brochure. It would be even better if your brochure design has design elements that reflect the style of your jewelries.

06. Start A Blog

One of the surefire ways of reaching your target customers in a sophisticated manner is to start your blog. An aim of your blog should be to provide relevant information about jewelry business and industry.

Make your customers aware of the new design trends in jewelries. As they read some interesting and updated information, they will continue to visit your blog. Most of them will be your loyal readers of blog and buyers of your jewelry items.

Start A Blog

However, to ensure success of your blog, keep this basic in mind that its design is unique and mesmerizing. A blog design should be simple but unique and memorable with a fine combination of text and jewelry photos.

07. Take Your Business To Social Channels

Social media is a powerful marketing medium. It has the potential to take your small business to millions of new customers in a quick time. For instance, create a viral video related to your jewelry business and industry. That video will take your business to many thousands of viewers. Many of them will instantly know about your business.

So, your social media page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and videos will fast spread a word for your new jewelry business. But regular posting of relevant content on social media is essential for the success.

 Social Channels

These are some essential aspects of starting your jewelry line business. Make sure that you are consistent in applying your marketing plans and have a keen knowledge of jewelry display ideas. Most importantly, do not lose patience as your new business will take time to achieve its goals.

If you are also starting a jewelry line business, first have a unique logo design that will be your business’s identity symbol in the market. You can crowdsource your logo work to Designhill, which is a prominent marketplace to get the work done at affordable prices. The site offers 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do not find the design submissions up to the mark.

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When starting a new jewelry line business, first have a nice logo that is worthy of representing your business. You must have a complete information about your target customers. Have a blog, brochure, website, etc. marketing plans in place to promote your enterprise. Take your business also to social media channels.

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