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Custom Logo Design For Creating Unique Brand Identity

by John Kash Tweet - in Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

Last updated on January 25th, 2022

For businesses, logos are their identity. But a thoughtfully crafted logo design is much more than a visual representation of a business. A unique concept of logo is capable of winning trust and loyalty of customers. This way, a logo steadily builds brand identity of a business and enhances its growth prospects.

A brand is something that we associate with an organization, product or service. But an organization or product becomes a brand only when it has a ‘personality.’ Another point to note here is that it is the emotions and perceptions of people that helps a brand get its personality.

But can a designer build a brand. The answer is that a designer can only lay the foundation on which an organization can be built and turned into a brand. A designer can help in building a closer relationship between an organization and its audience.

We can say that a logo is a visual that identifies a brand. A brand is in reality a corporate image, which in turn is the sum of what a company does and owns. So, while colors, typeface and slogan etc. are important to a logo design, still its the corporate image that helps build brand image. A company has to constantly project through marketing means its values and what it stands for.

So, are you struggling with your business as its reach to the customers is not as per your expectation? You should evaluate your custom logo design and see if it is professionally created to include necessary design elements that can represent your company and business adequately. In other words, find out if your logo is custom made to suit your business requirements.

When we talk of custom logo design service it simply implies that the designer has covered all aspects of your business and given a thought to what you do and which section of the population you aim at while selling your products or services. This is the reason that a custom logo designer will discuss your business and will know as much as possible about your company and aspiration.

A detailed study of your business helps the designers in selecting appropriate design elements. Professional designers are very particular in use of the elements such as fonts and colors. Each color and font has its own set of expression that the designers use to evoke certain emotions from the viewers.

Thus, green can be used safely for food industry logos as this is the color of nature and associates with health and well being. Similarly, blue is the color for friendliness and intelligence and so the designers explore it for social websites where active participation from the users is expected all the time.

Know what you want from the logo and what customers you need to target. Be in regular touch with your designer and get involved in the process. This will help you and the designer in creating a logo that perfectly matches with your business aspirations.

Custom logo design has all the elements that you require. It has the right theme, sign, symbol, typography, color ratio, text and other elements.

Benefits Of Custom Logo Design For Brand Identity

01. Get Noticed In The Crowd

Your logo will give your brand a distinctiveness. This in turn gives your company a competitive edge over your business rivals in your market. Like your website design, if your logo is also a unique design, your business gets noticed easily. So, ask your graphic designer to have a good look at your competitors’ logos and come out with something surpassing.

Logo Design

02. Announce Your Business Values

Your business logo sends visual signals to your potential customers. So, when your logo uses red, it conveys the feelings of passion, energy, love, and aggressiveness that your company wants to project as your values. People can get your business values just by glancing at your logo.

business logo

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03. Create Unique Corporate Identity

Corporate identity of your organization is extremely important for consistent growth of your business. This means that you need to correctly position your brand in your target market. One of the prime elements that represent your company is your logo.

The company’s logo is of such utmost important that it is actually the face of your enterprise. Your logo is one of the basic tools that help you get a recognition that you so desperately need for your business.

Unique Identity

When your enterprise, even if it’s a startup, launches a marketing campaign, it starts building an identity for its product or service through the logo design. In the initial phase of your business, your logo will make people familiar with your company and business.

After people associate themselves with your logo, they think more often about your business. So, it is important to first know your target audience before creating a logo.

04. Target Your Audience

Marketing professionals talk of target customers and target market more often. They want to concentrate their finances, time, and energy to appease a specific set of customers. So, they have memorable marketing materials such as business cards, stationery, leaflets, and many others.

Target Your Audience

But logo is the most important of all these graphic designs when it comes to targeting an audience. You create a logo considering your customer profile. So, it is clear that your custom logo design can add value to your brand identity. Even if your enterprise is a startup, you need a logo that conveys your brand message efficiently.

professional logo

05. Send Out Your Message

You make your company’s brand identity by sending out your message through a well thought of logo design. Your potential customers make their buying decision by getting these message signals.

An artful representation of your business itself becomes your brand message. A perfectly created logo will create a message that will be attached by the customers to your brand.

logo design

So, every details such as colors, fonts, icon, layout, etc. matters in creating a logo. This is why a logo is taken as face of a company.

But, you should create your other graphic design materials with the intention of delivering your specific brand message. For example, even your stationery design, which businesses often neglect, should be part of your brand building exercise. It should also be created to convey your message.

06. Types Of Logo

There are mainly three types of logos. You can choose font-based logo that has your company’s name. You can go for having a logo based on illustrations and graphics. Then, there are symbol-based logos such as Nike’s swoosh logo.

For small and medium businesses illustrations based logos are a better option. They may not afford to invest heavily on abstract symbols and font-based logos.

Logo design

Color is a crucial design element for logos. Colors not only make an impression on viewers but evoke some emotions also. For example, red catches the attention instantly and is an impressive color, but it evoke feelings of passion, love, energy, aggression, etc. as well. The knows which color will suit best to convey a brand message.

For example. Pastel-soft shade usually stand for healthcare business logos. Blue evokes friendship, socializing, and intelligence. So, most of the social channels, and social media page, use blue in their logo designs and in their other marketing materials

07. Simplicity Of The Design

Simplicity is a key to creating a logo design that helps in projecting a nice image of your business. There should not be too many details in your logo. If its design is too complex it will create confusion and people will take too much time to understand its message.

simple logo design

Take for example the logos of Apple and Nike. These are the simple logos that people can easily recognize due to their clean and clear shape.

08. Brand Consistency

Make sure that your business logo has the key characteristics of your brand. For example, if blue is the color that represents your business and industry, then incorporate it in your logo.

Brand Consistency

If your company has some tagline or slogan, try to have it in your logo as well. In case a particular image stands for your business, well let it be part of your logo design.

09. Versatility

Another thing to consider for creating a logo that adds to your brand identity is that it should be versatile. It means that the logo should be scalable.

It should be keeping its sense of proportion even when it is blown up on a big size billboard and the logo should become part of billboard design. It must also be clearly visible with its details printed on a small surface such as on a promotional item like a pen.


Also, a logo should appear remarkably good in black and white. So, when it appears on fax documents, photocopies or newspaper ads, the logo should look as good as it looks in colors.

Now that you are aware of the key points regarding the values of a custom logo design for your brand identity of business, review your existing logo. If you find that the logo is not working for your business well, think of redesigning it.

If you also need a logo design that can help your business build its brand identity, then crowdsourcing site Designhill is an affordable solution that you can explore. The marketplace has hundreds of designers whose graphic design service and expertise you can explore.

All you need to do is to launch your logo design contest with your design brief. In a week you get many new logo ideas from the designers and select one winning logo for your business.

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Custom logo design has right colors, typeface, and other elements that convey your business message perfectly. It helps in building brand identity of your company and business. But the logo must be a unique design. Such a logo targets your audience, and your business gets noticed in the crowd.

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