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11 Creative delivery logo ideas and inspiration for your business

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Ideas

11 Creative delivery logo ideas and inspiration for your business

Are you planning to start your own delivery company? A delivery logo is what you need to give your business a memorable face. The competition among online grocery, courier, and food delivery services has intensified. So, you need a logo that’s easy to recognize and speaks volumes about what you do and how your business is beneficial for customers. 

In this blog, we will discuss about creative logo ideas and inspiration for your delivery company. Let’s check them out.

Unique delivery logo ideas to take inspiration from

01. Use symbols or icons based on theme

Whether yours is a home delivery, food delivery, or courier service, placing a symbolic icon is crucial to memorability. You can use scooters, planes, cars, or other vehicles to signify speed, which means delivery. People will easily recognize what your business is all about.

symbols or icons based delivery logo

Besides using thematic symbols, you can use abstract symbols as well. But to let people associate with your brand, the business name has to be clear to deliver the right message to the audience. 

02. Use legible fonts 

legible fonts in delivery logo

The delivery service logos usually showcase simple and to-the-point fonts. However, some businesses don’t shy away from going out of the box. Likewise, you can use a stylized font that’s easy to read and clearly conveys your message. Considering the right font pairing also helps in this regard.

03. Choose the right color palette 

Coloring is one of the crucial elements of a delivery logo. You can capture your company’s meaning and core messaging with the right color palette. Choose red, blue, brown, and yellow colors to capture the essence of your mission and vision. Ensure you refer to the color psychology first before making any choices. Since colors evoke emotions, choosing the right one for your delivery brand resonates with your audience. 

the right color palette in delivery logo design

For example, blue evokes a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. If you want your customers to trust your business, go for this color. This will project your company as credible and reliable.

04. Watch out for trends and incorporate relevant elements for freshness 

Creative delivery logo ideas

Although the design should be timeless, keeping an eye on trends will give you a competitive advantage. You can get ideas from them and customize your logo according to your needs. Other than this, you can analyze the trends that your competitors follow to find the design change possibilities in your logo.  

05. Be as creative as possible 

Creative delivery logo ideas

Using arrows in a courier or food delivery logo is always predictable. You can break the monotony by showing your own creativity. You can choose other symbols, lines, or abstract icons that stand for speed. You can also capture the essence of your business logo using a custom element.  

06. Combine text and imagery for a refreshing look

Combine text and imagery for a refreshing look

No matter the industry, combining text and imagery is one of the popular logo design ideas. You can replace a letter with an icon or imagery for a dose of creativity. When you do this, make sure the logo looks legible and meaningful.

07. Try out text effects 

delivery logo ideas and inspiration

Another idea to consider is adding text effects to your courier service or home delivery logo. You can use outline strokes, drop shadows, texture, or a background image to fill your logo for a dramatic look. Choose effects that best highlight your brand.

08. Go black and white

delivery logo ideas and inspiration

If you want your delivery service brand to look classic, choose a monochrome logo. The black and white logo remains the same and communicates directly with your audience. You can always use a monochrome logo and create other colourful versions for different use.

09. Use abstract symbolism 

delivery logo ideas and inspiration

As mentioned earlier, the arrow symbol is widely used in delivery logos. So, it’s a wise choice to go beyond the ordinary and use something that’s uncommon for the industry. An abstract symbolism works best for adding freshness to your delivery or courier logo. Take inspiration from businesses using such symbolism and then create your own custom symbol.

10. Reflect your brand or business 

delivery logo ideas and inspiration

You want your delivery logo to highlight your brand identity.  Nothing works better than adding it to your logo since it gives people a clear message of what your brand is all about. Choose a visual and stick to it to show your identity.

11. Keep your design simple 

delivery logo ideas and inspiration

Last but not least, keeping your design simple is the ultimate logo design idea. A simple logo communicates directly with the audience since they can clearly see the business behind the brandmark. Avoid too complex elements and focus on the logo’s relevancy. It doesn’t matter whether you use a logo maker or get it designed by a freelancer; go for a clean design that speaks volumes about your business. 

Since users spend more time looking at a logo, ensure you make a relevant brandmark with every element balancing out each other. 


Whether it’s a housekeeping logo, tech logo, or delivery logo, having some ideas ready is crucial. Consider the above logo design ideas to make your own logo unique. Creativity, when combined with the right icon, font, and color, results in a delivery logo that’s easy to communicate.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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