Design Characteristics Of 2015’s Emerging Packaging Design Trends

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Last updated on January 30th, 2018

While majority of existing packaging designs appear to be more brand focused, some have effectively been able to spell a distinguishing character by clearly highlighting their design aesthetics in a unique way. Considering the diverse developments going on in the packaging design industry, the knowledge of latest emerging design trends is always beneficial for designers.

Here, you’ll find design characteristics of 2015’s emerging packaging design trends.

Emphasis On Genuine Visuals

With special emphasis on genuine visual elements, the design appears to be more visually authentic and completely goes in contrast to the present corporate design trend. This packaging design clearly highlights the shift in the liking of consumer bases. The consumers no longer rely on established brands. Their focus is constantly shifting towards more realistic, authentic and honest products enriched with simple, well-crafted and vintage looks.

As the consumers now prefer genuine looking products rather than the ones offered by more traditional and established brands, the packaging design too is changing immensely. The designers are now crafting the packaging design with a handwritten and sketchy typography that truly symbolizes the raw nature of the products, gone into its making. The packaging design also showcases simple hand-drawn illustrations. Mostly natural colors are used in visually authentic designs.

The following example highlights the skillful visual authenticity designer artwork. This packaging design was created for a Mexican restaurant Santa Cruz.  You can notice the handwritten and sketchy typeface, simple illustrations and natural colors used for its designing.

packaging design

Minimal Design That Spells Luxury

Another emerging packaging design trend is the minimal design that tends to deliver a luxurious feel. This packaging design uses subtle and understated design cues fortified with tactile textures. The colors used are soft and soothing.  Also, the icons or graphic elements are hand-drawn. Here, the focus is on enriching the product with a royal appeal that too with inclusion of lesser elements so as to make sure that the design just whispers and not shouts.

The new design trend is all about avoiding any attempt to be flash and instead the emphasis is more on being the brand that exudes class.

The following example clearly elucidates that how even after keeping low profile; a design can truly spell luxury. The colors are muted reflecting simplicity in its true form. There is no show-off in terms of bold and loud colors, fonts or images and still the design looks so stylish.

packaging design

 [Source: creativeblog]

Brand-Purity Expressed In The Simplest Form

These days, consumers prefer minimalistic designs that are able to express the products’ message in just few basic elements. With that view, designers are now creating ultra-pure packaging design where the emphasis is on highly minimalistic brand promotion.

The stark and straightforward design with no traditional logos and instead a minimal word mark is a true representation of brand purity packaging design. This packaging design is identified by abstract elements, geometric patterns and shapes with generally sans-serif style typography.

Bio-Based Packaging

Bio-based products and packaging are now in much demand. The basic reason for the consumers’ inclination towards such designs is its inherent correlation with the biology of nature. Recent surge in new Bio-Tech substrate innovations are a step towards accomplishing the goal of reducing the use of carbon footprint in designing work. Since, the designers are aware of the packaging waste generation and its harmful impacts on our planet, they are opting for bio-based packaging. Thanks to the packaging design innovations!

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