Design Your Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo In Easy Steps

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Last updated on June 18th, 2018

Graphic designers look for sources which inspires them to create new works of excellence. Captain Jack Sparrow is an inspirational character from the film series Pirates of Caribbean and designers try to emulate several graphic design element from it.

This tutorial shows you how to Design Your Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo In Easy Steps


Go to file menu and open New Document to fill the design requirements

Step -1 (Caribbean Movie Logo)


Get the blank new document to work on

Step -2 (Pirates Movie Logo)


Go to the Stroke icon on the left and have its front in black to create a black colored document as layer 1 for the design

Step -3 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Now change the background color. To do so, go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map and then add a gradient layer from blue #0b5a88 to green #00601b. Then you can set the layer to overplay.

Step -4 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


You should now use font Captain Kidd which is similar to the font used in the original movie poster. Go to the Type tool to write the poster title.

Step -5 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Now put some gradient to the background color by opening Gradient Editor.

Step -6 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Add depth to the text by playing with Bevel and Emboss options

Step -7 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Give metal reflection effect to the top of the letter as you select Satin

Step -8 (Caribbean Movie Logo )

Step -9

Use Inner Shadow with the right settings to darken the top area of each letter:

Step -9 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Create white borders of the Bevel and Emboss effect by adding Inner Glow and setting on color dodge.

Step -10 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )

Step 11

Now open Drop Shadow in Layer Style to get right blend mode of your choice and keep opacity to 100%

Step -11 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Now download an image of the Skull from some stock photos site and select it in the design document

Step -12 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )

Step -13

You can give shape to the skull as you select the Path menu on the right bar and select properties to make the necessary changes.

Step -13 (Pirates Movie Logo )


Now click on the layers panel and go to layer 2 to hide the black background and bring the skull prominently to the front.

Step -14 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )

Step -15

Open filter menu and reach to the Other and then to the High Pass

Step -15 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Get a free image of a bandana for the skull. Then trace the contours of the bandana with the help of pen tool. Press ctrl+enter and activate the selection and copy and paste it in the main document.

Step -16 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )

Step -17

To give the bandana color and hue of your choice, go to Hue/Saturation menu and fill the details.

Step -17 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


You get the color and hue of your choice for the bandana

Step -18 (Caribbean Movie Logo)


Work on layer 2 by selecting Gaussian Bar and filling the radius requirement to fine tune the skull details

Step -19 (Movie Logo)

Step -20

Pay attention now to the two crossed swords. You can download this image from Shutterstock.


Now you should use the pen tool to scale and rotate the extracted object .You can then put the sword below the skull. As a next step, you can duplicate the sword to flip the layer horizontally.

Step -20 (Caribbean Movie Logo)


Fine tune to the background effect on the head of the skull to give it an impressive look by working on layer 2

Step -21 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )


Now you can create a new group and title it “light effects”. Then, switch the group blend mode to color dodge to create a layer inside the group. To create the light effect, simply opt for white as foreground color and click once to get the effect. Adjust the opacity to get the right effects.

We have our final logo design of the Pirates of Caribbean movie.

Step -22 (Pirates Of Caribbean Movie Logo )

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