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Difference Between Corporate And Product Logo Design

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on February 21st, 2022

In a competitive business world, companies now want to create different specific identities to address a varied set of consumers. A corporate house no more represents itself in a cliched way. Instead, modern companies build images and identities based on the feature of a particular product or service. The emphasis is on having a range of logo design under one bigger brand identity.

Brand awareness is a key concern for modern day business owners. Marketers also have acknowledged it. According to a survey, 89% of B2B marketers said that brand awareness was their most important goal. Sales and lead generation were lower in their priorities in setting the goal. For 70% marketers, building an audience was more important than direct sales. Such stats clearly establish the significance of the brand building.

A company’s logo is the face of its business amongst target customers. People first see a logo to ensure that the product or services they buy are from the genuine company. But that is not the sole purpose of a logo.

Most importantly, a successful logo design assures people of the business values of a company. So, on glancing at a logo, people know that the company stands for the values of love, passion, honesty, trust, and professionalism. If a logo is capable of sending the right signals, it will drive customers.

However, with the advancements in marketing techniques, logos are no longer restricted to corporate branding. Now, while a company has its core logo, it also has many sub-logos of products or services it sells. So, there are, in fact, many product logos under the umbrella of a main corporate logo.

Businesses expand over the years starting from one product to launching of several of them to cater varied needs of the customers. So, a company may come up with many products in few years.

Since we know that each product must have its own identity in the market, most of the business create logo to represent each such product or service. We can say that in the long run, a company ends up having many logos for its varied businesses.

Here Are Some Difference Between Corporate And Product Logo Design

Corporate Logo

A corporate logo design is the one that represents the whole of the company activities and business. This is the main logo that creates a brand identity for the corporate house. So, all the global brands have a leading logo that is the representation of their corporate values, vision and gives a clear business message to the global audience.

You can say that corporate logo is central to a business in order to create reliability and credibility in the eyes of customers. This logo is everywhere in marketing materials of a company.

Another important point to note here is that a corporate logo design becomes the basis of creating other logos of the company.

Corporate Logo

For example, when a company plans to start a website, its website design must borrow the color scheme, fonts, etc. from the main logo design. This is done to ensure consistency in different marketing products of a company.

Consistency of color, fonts etc. elements across all the marketing materials are essential. People get the assurance that they are visiting the same business when they are on a website.

Similarly, colors etc. elements of your corporate logo must find a place in your brochure design as well. Your clients and general customers will look at your brochure to know more about your products or services. So, both the logo and brochure design must maintain the consistency.

Product Logo

A product logo is specially created for that specific product. The designer focuses on the key features of a product and its usefulness for customers. All those features and company’s brand image should reflect form a product logo design.

When businesses evolve, they have an array of products under their brand. So, over the years, a company with robust growth has many products under its brand. Take, for example, Coca-Cola, which is one of the biggest soft drink brands in the world.

It introduces different soft drink products in the market. So far, the products under this brand include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Life, Dasani, Ciel, Minute Maid, Simply Orange, and so on.

Product Logo

While all of these products come from the Coca-Cola company, each product has its own logo. This is because each product caters to the different set of consumers. Therefore, the product logo design should stand out from other logos of the company.

Not only the logo, but the packaging design of these soft drinks is also entirely different from each other. The intention here is to create a different brand personality of a product coming from the same company.

We all see hundreds of product logo designs daily. Some of them are a stranger to you while others are familiar. Those logos that you do not like at first glance are not likely to drive you to the business. This is because we make a perception of a company by looking at its logo and other visuals such as label design.

This means that a professional designer will have target customers in mind. All the design elements of colors, fonts, etc. will be incorporated to convey a message to the customers through the logo. These elements must work together nicely to create a memorable product logo.

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03. Importance Of Logos For Products

A logo is a powerful business symbol. People are naturally attracted to an aesthetically created design and build perceptions about a company behind it. So, if a logo immediately draws your attention due to its remarkable design, it will linger in your memory. Such a logo can even subconsciously lead you toward the business represented by a memorable logo.

Importance Of Logos

For example, people recognize the Apple logo for its simple figure of apple with the bite out of it. So, upon seeing the logo, they can trust the product they buy the products from Apple company.

04. Why Do Product Logos Fail?

Many product logos have failed in their mission to drive customers. While you cannot blame a logo entirely for the failure of a business, still a bad logo can damage a company’s prospects. A bad logo design is the one that has too many elements.

A logo with many colors, fonts, and other elements sends mixed signals. It is very rarely that a multicolored and multi-font logo has succeeded in its goals. Most of such logos fail to make their mark. This is because people do not get any precise message from such logos and they go directionless.

But a product logo design is entirely different. A company launches several products and creates logos for them keeping in view their unique features and usability for the customers. This means that product logo helps in bringing the customers’ attention to the unique features of the product.

Clearly, the colors, fonts and other design elements will be different in creating product logo due to the product’s special features and targeted audience.

Company Product Logo

So, the purpose of a corporate logo is to create overall reputation, credibility, and reliability of a company. This projection of image through logo plays a crucial role in lending credibility in turn to the several products launched by the company.

A corporate logo design sends an overall bigger business message to the larger audiences. A product logo conveys a message of its own to a smaller audience restricted to that particular product. This is a significant difference that logo designers should be keeping in mind to build logo and brand identity.

They should research a business and ensure that a product logo design should have some elements of the company’s logo so that the customers can know that the products are from the company known for its high-quality standards.

professional logo

How To Create A Memorable Logo

First, research your client’s business thoroughly. Find out who the target customers are and what their social, educational, and financial backgrounds are. Know also the company’s business goals and ambitions. All such research will help you in picking the right colors, typefaces, images, symbols, shapes, and lines for product logo.

Most importantly, have a good look at your client’s competitors’ logos. Make sure that your logo design stands out on the market. After all, a business logo’s main purpose is to draw the attention of people. Only a unique logo, with no clichéd elements, can catch people’s eye from the crowd of logos.

Memorable Logo

If your company is thinking of launching a new product, make sure that its logo design makes an impact on the potential buyers. Get as many new design ideas as you can to find out which one will reflect your product personality.

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A corporate logo is a brand identity of an entire company and conveys a broader message to potential customers. But a company can have many products. So, there will be a different logo for each product. A product logo design conveys its message only to a restricted audience of the product.

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