Logo Design Reviews, Designers Should Not Avoid

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Logo Design Reviews, Designers Should Not Avoid

Last updated on January 18th, 2018

After a designer has provided you a logo design,  it is time that you take neutral reviews. These assessments will help you in knowing about the shortcomings in the designs so that you can make necessary improvements. Sometimes, friends and office people fail to give an unbiased opinion for varied reasons. But logo design reviews from experts, customers and general people are mostly honest and you can make certain corrections in the design based on what people have to say about the logo or website you own.

Competitive site review is the assessment of a logo design with the focus on comparing the design with many other designs in the market. This type of logo design reviews helps in knowing where do you stand against your competitors. Once you are told the truth, you can make improvements in the design to come up to the level of your competitors.

Expert reviews are from experienced professionals who may also have a first hand experience of graphic design work. Their reviews are read by most of the designers in order to know about any improvements to be made. Some of these reviews take opinions from other reviews while others are done in isolation. Such general expert review does not use stats but provides roadmap to the client for future development.

However, know that there is no one correct way to review a logo design or a website. You can take a completely different approach. When a clients asks for reviewing web presence, it can mean lots of things including accessibility, usability, social media, business objectives, calls to action, information architecture, content quality, search engine optimization etc.

So, ask for a true reviewing of your logo design or website design from professionals who will let you know about true beneficial and disadvantageous features of the design for improvements.

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