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Different types of packaging and why you need them

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Packaging

With different types of packaging available in the market, it’s quite challenging to decide one for your products. Packaging plays a crucial role in determining the success of a product in its target market. People often make their buying decisions based on what impression a product’s packing design leaves on them. If it is attractive, consumers are most likely to pick the product from the shelf and buy it.  

Not all packaging types are similar. This is because each product has its safety concerns. A liquid product needs different packaging than a solid one. Then, the quantity of products to be put in a package also is a determinant in choosing the right type of packaging. So, in this blog, we will share different types of packaging, their importance, and other aspects. 

Types of packaging and how they are useful 

Here are the different types of packaging that are prevalent in the market today:

Boxes – easy and convenient packaging 

Boxes are popular as traditional ways of convenient packaging. These packaging mainly come in traditional square shapes and cardboard boxes. But boxes come in shapes as metal tins and cartons are also boxes. So, any enclosed container with walls is a box for packaging. 

Boxes - easy and convenient packaging 

You can safely put a product in the box thanks to its flat bottom. The box corners also stabilize the product inside. Boxes are flexible packaging solutions as you can put inside anything you want safely. 

These are also one of the great types of packaging designs for printing on flat and stiff surfaces. You can print your brand logo on all four sides for more visibility. It’s better to consider your brand identity and consumers’ perception to decide the look and feel of your boxes. 

Adornment packaging – decorative packaging for brand identity 

Adornment packaging is decorating your packaging so that you can showcase your brand identity to consumers. You need to be creative here. This type of packaging comes in a variety of styles, with drawstrings, sleeves, ribbons, stickers, labels, and so on. The decorative art on these packaging makes them unique. 

Adornment packaging - decorative packaging for brand identity 

Ensure to choose the right packaging material to safeguard your product. If you deal in soap bars, then the cardboard material would be good for packaging. Likewise, for beauty products such as moisturizers, glass or plastic container packaging would be the best choice.  

So, be careful when picking the material and find out which material will suit your products the best. 

Bottles – packaging liquid products 

Bottles are excellent packaging for liquid products. These are also great options for packaging lotions and supplements. But what makes bottles an ideal packaging option is that they are available in all shapes and sizes. 

We tend to think of glass bottles more often, but plastic bottles are also frequently used to pack soda, spring water, and other liquid products.  

Bottles - packaging liquid products 

When choosing a bottle for packaging, consider its shape, your budget, and brand goals. You can opt for a generic-shaped bottle or a custom-shaped bottle for packaging. A custom-shaped bottle will drive your potential customer’s attention quickly to your brand.  

But do not just stop at picking the right bottle shape. You should also choose these packaging types by considering the right bottle closures if you opt for a custom bottle shape. Depending on your brand personality, a screwtop, a cork or a swing-top closure would be right for the bottle packaging. 

Cans – liquid packaging 

Cans are highly useful for packaging liquids that you do not want to pack in bottles. Even for non-liquid products, cans are the best packaging options. These packaging materials come in all shapes including tall, short, skinny cylinder, and fat wide-mouthed soup cans. 

Cans - liquid packaging 

You can choose from various materials available to the manufacturers today such as aluminum and paper. Based on your requirements, you can choose a material that goes well with your product and budget.  

Canisters – safe and light  

Canisters – safe and light  

Canisters are yet another packaging types that are both safe and light. You can store coffee beans, nuts, vitamin supplements, loose tea, and more. The cylindrical shape makes them practical to be used on pantry and other places for storage purposes. You can reuse them again for packaging. 

Vacuum packaging – airtight wrapping 

Vacuum packaging is generally associated with airplane food, which is served in vacuum-packed wrappers. But these are not the solely for food packing. Skincare and cosmetic products also are vacuum-packed. Snacks also are generally packed in airtight wrappers. A food packaging design often includes vacuum packaging for ease of use. 

Vacuum packaging - airtight wrapping 

In vacuum packaging, wrappers are applied around a product with the help of machinery. These wrappers are vacuum-sealed or heat-sealed around the product to extract the inner air and bar fresh air from rushing inside. By using airtight wrappers, fast food manufacturers can eliminate any risk of contamination.  

Sustainable packaging – meets environmental concerns 

Sustainable packaging - meets environmental concerns 

With environmental concerns being raised in the packaging industry, businesses are flocking toward a sustainable packaging material. Since these packaging are easy to decompose and recycle, environmentally-conscious consumers find them as the best way to reduce their carbon footprints. 

In fact, the global sustainable packaging market is expected to exceed 393 billion USD by 2028. That shows how big the sustainable packaging market is. 

Novelty packaging – unique creative packaging ideas 

Novelty packaging - unique creative packaging ideas 

Novelty packaging is about creating a packaging design that is unique to your brand. This is more about building a brand identity using the design. So, novelty packaging come in strange and unique shapes depending on your brand. For instance, if you sell jewelry, the packaging could be in the shape of flower, cute animal, fruit, or anything else that’s uncommon and unique. 

Why packaging is so important?

Almost everything you buy in markets comes well-wrapped in safe and secure packaging. But safety is not the sole reason for considering product packaging. Here are the major reasons why packaging matters.

Provide product-specific details 

The first and foremost aspect of packaging is that it gives consumers the necessary product information. There are lots of details of product safety and other information. For example, when you buy food products, you get to know their packaging date and usability date, ingredients, and other details on the containers they come in.  

The product packaging design mentions that there is no transfer of harmful chemicals from the packaging material to the product inside. Packaging information also makes it clear that no harmful substances were used in making the product. Overall, the packaging is a way to inform the consumers. 

Keeps product secured from potential damages 

The main function of packaging is to provide safety and security to products from any damages during transportation or handling and storage. A product usually goes through many steps from transportation to handling, and then delivery to the consumer. 

Packaging also provides adequate safety from humid conditions, heat, and light. That is why businesses pay extra attention toward packaging. 

Makes products look attractive 

When consumers glance at the packaging on a shelf, it should compel them to pick the product and read the contents. That is the first step consumers generally take before buying. This is where packaging helps. If the packaging design is modern and unique, consumers are likely to take that as a signal of the product’s high quality. You can also consider the packaging design trends to comprehend what’s in and what out.

Brands use packaging to tell their story about the product environment and how the product was conceived and manufactured. That is a strategic move to win consumers’ trust using the strategic packaging design. 

Helps in crucial buying decisions 

Another significance of product packaging is its role in making buying decisions. Consumers are often attracted to a unique packaging design. The images, arrangement of text, space, and other content on the packaging make it look unique. Such design helps one packaging and its product stand out from many others on a shelf.  

A quality packaging design determines its usability for the consumers. They can reuse the packaging and its material. Consumers like to buy products with such packaging design and material as they are now more aware of the environmental impacts of their buying decisions.   

Product packaging layers and their significance 

When a product is packaged, it is not just one outer packaging, as we tend to think. Multiple layers of packaging make the product safe and secure from potential damage. There are usually three layers of packaging to keep the product inside well protected. 

Outer packaging 

The first layer is called outer packaging, which is also the most durable. The outer layer is generally made of tough boxes so that the product is safe and secure from any bashes and crashes. 

Inner packaging 

The second layer is called inner packaging. It works as a cushion that keeps the product safe from any potential blows. So, the bubble wrap and the tissue paper are examples of inner layers of packaging to absorb blows during transportation. 

Product packaging 

Then the third and last layering is that of product packaging. This is the packaging that is closest to the product. So, when uncovering your new phone screen, you find that there is a protective layer over it.  Similarly, when you buy chocolate, its box is the product packaging. 

Tips to choose the right type of packaging

Now that you know about different packaging types, find out what considerations to make when choosing the right type of packaging. Here are some key tips:

Consider product storage 

When choosing a packaging type, first find out how the product will be stored for safety. A product can be stored on a store shelf, in a warehouse, during transportation, and in a consumer’s home. The right choice of packaging in terms of its material should be the one that takes care of the product during all the storage phases. 

Pay attention to product fragility 

Some products are fragile and are prone to serious damage. Products made of glass and chinaware such as ceramic ware and more fall in this category. For such fragile items, you need to provide extra protection layers to keep products safe from accidental falls and bumps. 

Consider product shelf life 

The shelf life of a product also is a big factor in deciding on the packaging type. If the product is perishable it will have a short shelf life. Such food or drink items are usually prone to become unhygienic and harmful for consumption after a certain period. But with a proper packaging design, the shelf life of such products can be increased. So, find out the self-life and choose a packaging type accordingly.

Know the number of products 

How many products will the packaging contain? Find out the number before deciding on the packaging material and design. For example, the packaging material and design of a cake will be entirely different than the packaging for a container of roasted peanuts. 

Consider product weight 

If a product is already heavy, you will end up paying more on shipping charges if the packaging material too is heavy. So, choosing heavy packaging will not be a wise decision in this case. Take your product weight into account while picking the right type of packaging. 

So, these are the key aspects of packaging. Choose the right type of packaging based on if it is a liquid or solid product and consider the quantity as well. 

If you need a unique and attractive packaging design, Designhill can be your helpful resource. Launch your packaging design contest at this site and get your design done per your brief. You can also work with a talented to come up with a customized packaging design. Or, you can take ideas and inspiration from packaging design templates. 

Wrapping Up 

Packaging comes in several types including boxes, cans, canisters, bottles, vacuum packaging, and sustainable packaging. Which one of these  best suits your product will depend on the product type such as liquid or solid. Other factors such as transportation, product fragility, and handling also come into place to determine the right packaging type. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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