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10 Different Types Of Posters That Will Promote Your Business

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Poster Design

types of posters

Last updated on February 21st, 2023

Businesses promote their products or services using a variety of strategies. Posters are among the most effective marketing tools for businesses of all scales when they need to convey their brand information to the target audiences effectively. But many types of posters are in circulation today, and not all of them are best suited for all businesses. So you, being a marketer or business owner, need to pick the right structure of posters that can promote your new or existing products. You can use a poster maker tool to create a striking poster.

In the highly competitive modern business world, cost-effective marketing strategies are essential to survive and grow. For most businesses, posters are best suited for quickly reaching out to the masses. Since people can see posters on a sidewalk or at different places, just glancing at these large sheets of paper is enough to get the information.

The structure of a poster is such that it grabs people’s attention immediately. There is usually a big relevant image that viewers can see from a reasonable distance. Then, the designer includes some text, which is a tagline, address of the business, or calls to action.

However, when businesses set out to create a poster, they should choose the right type of poster. Today, different poster structures are available for businesses as per their promotional needs.

Here Are Some Of The Types Of Posters For Brand Promotion

01. Formative Posters

Formative posters are ideal when your business wants to target specific customers. For instance, if you run a medical store or are a doctor who wants to promote a clinic, you have a particular audience to target with posters. You should generate awareness about the solutions you provide to your customers.

Formative Posters

A key feature of formative posters is that they don’t promote a business. Instead, the business owner pretends to send a message to the audience. There is no direct mention of products or services in the poster. So, these posters help create brand awareness without imposing products or services on the target audience. Consider that while using a poster maker to make a poster for your brand.

02. Show Posters

Entertainment companies mostly use show posters to promote events such as TV shows, musical concerts, and theatre plays. That is why these types of posters are also known as cinematographic posters.

types of posters

A typical poster has a giant image of the show and its name mentioned in big letters. The poster announces the release date and venue of the show. Most businesses use these posters to create curiosity amongst viewers about the upcoming show. You can use graphic design tools to incorporate the right design elements while designing your logo all by yourself.

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03. Fashion Posters

A fashion poster is yet another type of poster. It’s a simple design with usually one big image being the dominating element. The image is that of a fashion product or a model. Then, there is the name of the brand with a catchy tagline.


With this structure in mind, you can use this format of posters to drive people’s attention. Just include a giant image of your product with a catchy tagline, and you’re done. This poster will help you popularize your brand. But consider the poster size also while designing it.

04. Infomercial Posters

Infomercial posters are basic ad posters. You can see many such ad posters on the sidewalks. Generally, such posters talk about one product or service the business has recently launched. These posters help grab the attention of people passing by on the street.

ad posters

To drive their attention, these posters have a large image, and the text is about the benefits of a product or service. Such a poster will have the brand’s address at the footer. You can make infomercial posters using poster maker software with the right elements.

05. Digital Posters

Digital posters have come a long way after their first use in the modern digital age. Businesses need not print posters. Instead, they can show on an LED screen or are treated as moving posters.

Digital Posters

A key advantage for business owners is that they can reuse these posters. But the projector may show colors differently, so the designer should use colors carefully.

06. Corporate Posters

Corporate posters are posters specially designed to promote large multinational brands. Primarily, these posters generate awareness for the entire gamut of brands of a multinational corporate house. So, if you use such a poster template, it will display a complete range of products or services, not just a specific product.


07. Political Ad Posters

Known also as propaganda posters, you can use political ad posters to spread awareness for your business or a cause. These types of posters came into existence during the war times of the 19th century. In those times, the purpose of these posters was to spread awareness regarding war.

Political Ad

Political parties are using these posters to fight their opponents during election campaigns. Businesses put ads on the footers of the posters. These ads are mostly from the businesses sponsoring the parties.

08. Subject Posters

Subject posters generally have just one subject to promote. Mostly the institutions that focus on the type of product or service prefer using this poster type. So, for instance, an art gallery will use these posters to promote an art piece as its main subject.

Subject posters

Similarly, one such poster may be promoting a musical performer as a subject. So, while taking help from a poster maker online DIY tool, ensure that you choose your brand-relevant subject.

09. Affirmative Posters

Affirmative Posters create an affirmation, which means they help motivate viewers. Generally, these posters feature an inspirational quote. With this quote, brands insert their name somewhere on the poster discreetly. So, people read those quotes and see a brand name. Such posters help win the trust of potential customers.


10. Campaign Posters

Campaign posters are dedicated to promoting an entire campaign and not just a specific product or service. Most such posters are circulated during an awareness campaign.

Campaign Posters

For instance, a campaign poster could be released during ‘Cancer Awareness Month’ to generate awareness about this campaign. Businesses use these posters to inform people about an upcoming product or service.

So, these different types of posters should be in your mind when pondering how a poster can convey your brand message effectively. However, most businesses explore all the posters to extract the best of them for brand promotion.

If yours is a new business running on a small budget, you do not have to pay the expensive fees of a professional poster designer. Instead, you can design your poster all by yourself using the Designhill poster maker.

This DIY tool gives you access to the right colors, images, and other elements. Then, based on your brief, the software comes up with dozens of new poster ideas. You can customize one of them to your satisfaction.

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Wrapping Up

Posters are the most cost-effective means of business promotion. But many types of posters are prevalent today to meet varied promotional requirements. The poster types mentioned above cover most brand promotional needs of small to big businesses. A careful selection of the poster design helps reach larger numbers of people.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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