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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Transforming The Real Estate Industry

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Real Estate Business

Last updated on February 16th, 2024

The internet serves as a reservoir of knowledge today as people rely too much on it for every piece of information. The internet hasn’t spared any industry with its advent of technology, and the real estate industry is not an exception. Millennials and Gen Z users who search for anything and everything on their search engine buddy they call Google (Sorry, Bing).

Over a decade ago, online marketing for real estate was not a preferred mean for brand promotion. Prospective homeowners (including millennials) would visit a lot in the hope to seal the deal and find a place they can call ‘home’. This process, however, might take several days, as commuting for mere viewing purposes is tiring and unconventional.

As per a report, 81% millennials — who spend most of their time glued to their screens — found their home with a mobile app. We are left with barely a fraction of baby boomers, and for millennials to take a step forward with their decisions; the internet is a wholesome yet bottomless pit.

The stat suggests that digital marketers should have a great mobile app design to survive in the present cut-throat competitive real estate market.

Shaping The Real Estate Industry With Five Digital Marketing Trends

With such a vast number, you may understand the importance of the internet to put your foot down for sale. Most real estate firms, such as Toronto Condo Team — Canada’s highly professional realtor — have jumped on the bandwagon, they call ‘digital marketing’.

Here Are Five Digital Marketing Trends Which Will Transform The Real Estate Industry

01. Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

Digital marketing opens a series of endless opportunities; especially since a considerable number of consumers use the internet today. Simply put, to achieve success in the real estate industry, you have to go where the customers are.

As per a study, around 84% of realtors operate via the internet with a user-friendly website and blog equipped with valuable content. But is it enough in today’s highly competitive market?

You need to follow some of the best real estate website solutions to stay ahead in the competitions.

You have to differentiate yourself, and more importantly, your business for exponential growth, if you’re are looking to stay ahead. Before you jump on the digital bandwagon, you must create a website that’s not only desktop-friendly but also mobile-friendly.

With ever increasing smartphone users, it won’t be a surprise if a majority of your leads prefer mobile-friendly websites. You should also get your real estate logo design created by a professional graphic designer.

Real Estate Industry

Even though almost half of the consumer community relies on smartphones, we understand how difficult it is to design catchy real estate logos and user-friendly websites.

As per a study, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load as per average time, you might lose a fair chunk of your traffic to competitor websites.

A realtor’s website should not only comprise or investing in real estate listings but also price-comparison, along with a 360-view of each lot for sale. This will help your consumers in getting a thorough idea regarding the type of lots you have for sale.

However, a website alone might not help you steer clear from your competitors, which is why we are all set to introduce the hacks of digital marketing that you can use to publicize yourself.

02. Integrate Your Website With AI Marketing Automation Software

Artificial Intelligence is a king and will soon take over the digital marketing surface with far more agility than any other trending hack.

Today, marketing automation or ai marketing is climbing the digital marketing ladder so rapidly that it might overtake its competition and leave behind a trail of success. If you haven’t heard about marketing automation or chatbots, let’s introduce you to what we really mean.

Chatbots are helpful in such a way that it prevents you from losing your leads if you’re focused on one potential customer. For instance, suppose your client is almost ready to seal the deal concerning a lot that garnered less attention in the past few weeks.

Integrate Your Website

Because this Toronto Condo Team has many potential customers right now, will you focus on them till the end, or are you going to wait on the list of leads pooling your database with their unorthodox questions?

To take care of the latter, integrate an automated chat feature on your website which tells people that they’re not only being listened to 24/7 but also understood at every point of their browsing history.

Here’s What You Need To Do

i. After introducing an automated chat feature, make sure that the chatbot pays attention to the empty chat interface. Allow the chatbot to toggle its chat window for replacement by human support if your lead doesn’t want to talk to an automated one.

ii. Deploy the chatbot to follow the lead’s browsing prowess. Introduce links from your blogs that might help them make their decision. For instance, if your lead is looking at listings relevant to a particular setting such as a beach view front or waterfront, have your chatbot include links to the blogs that help them make their decision more profoundly.

iii. Similarly, in the above case, you can blog about how a customer can spruce their beach view or waterfront place. Or, how you can help them move into their home by putting them through professional movers with discounted price.

Chatbots are predominantly part of the artificial intelligence software where their sole motive is to drive leads and keep them interested until further action.

This is mostly done through pre-recorded and automated messages that the software can churn and develop real estate application at its own pace.

With the help of AI, real estate chatbots can now search for answers within their data reserves and continue to generate questions until a human counterpart provides the necessary responses.

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03. Launch Relevant Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing might be old school, but it’s still one of the most popular and relevant digital marketing methods to claim clients the traditional way.

Email marketing campaigns in the real estate industry have garnered a 27% increase in the open rate of emails. Not only that but a 3% increase in click-through (CTR) rate has been recorded, a Smart Insights stat states.

Email Marketing Campaigns

To design a relevant email marketing campaign, always remember to address your consumers with personalized content.

Also, include an email signature with real estate logo in your mail for improved credibility. Customized information motivates a potential lead to continue browsing your website once your email lands into their inbox.

Here’s What You Should Do

  1. Pay attention to your website’s demographics and create Buyer Personas with the help of your social media marketing team.
  2. Group people as per their interests of real estate listings to provide them with the relevant information.
  3. Invite them to subscribe to your mailing list by luring them with a personalized, informative message that pops up when they visit your website.
  4. Design email marketing campaigns by sending relevant listings and recommendations to their inbox.
  5. In the beginning and at the end, always remember to address them by their names. By doing this, you can add your foreword and expect a positive response rate.
  6. Further, design your email marketing campaign with sheer exclusivity so that your consumers are tempted to visit your website. If they come to your site, they may book an appointment with you for discussion of the real estate listing.
  7. If you can afford to, give them a discount feature or a link to a piece of content that’s exclusive and not published for the roaring public yet.

Your real estate email marketing also reminds your ‘inactive users’ and ‘lost clients’ about your guest posting services in the real estate industry. If nothing interested them before, they may discover something of interest the next time your email lands in their inbox.

04. Take A Fresh Start With Video Marketing

Video marketing got popularized in 2018 when it saw a proportional increase in longevity and appreciation.

Have you heard of the adage, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, here we are introducing video marketing as a means of producing content. Motion pictures are not only worth thousands of words but are far better personalized and equipped with versatile human interest.

As a budding realtor, you must have heard about Amy Youngren, a real estate agent who got accredited as Inman’s 100 most influential leaders.

Amy Youngren has taken the personalization of content to a whole new level by unleashing videos respective to each listing. Besides, she has also developed a one-on-one understanding with her consumers through her content.

Real Estate Industry

According to Propmodo, video marketing helps generate 49% more revenue as compared to other types of content. Not to mention, a 1200% increase in the number of shares on social media.

With the help of the ‘live video’ feature on Facebook and Instagram — two of the most populated social media platforms with millions of consumers — you can present yourself and answer queries related to your high-end sales in real time. Create engaging social media posts for the real estate industry and get the audiences hooked.

Also, try not to expand the length of your videos beyond 3 minutes. It is always advisable to keep it in the loop of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

05. Say Hello To Influencer Marketing

Instead of staying in your barracks, try to take your ammunition out on the battlefield as well. To show that you’re worth every penny of trust, consider becoming a real estate influencer along with experienced realtors.

Influencer Marketing

Influence Your Consumers

  1. Try to engage in conversation on forums with your community, such as Quora or Reddit, and other real estate industry-specific platforms. On these platforms you can cite your proposal and add links to your website.
  2. Be active on social media by posting reviews of local places such as hotels and buildings from a realtor’s point of view. Try to tell people regarding the asset you carry with you on behalf of being a real estate agent. You’re not only a realtor but an advisor who knows how to do their job the way nobody else can. Share valuable insights and practical tips derived from your guide for first-time home buyers to position yourself as an expert in the real estate industry.
  3. Write guest posts on real estate industry forums or entrepreneurial websites to publicize your views and word of mouth.
  4. Write to newspapers and local magazines regarding your views on the current position of the real estate sector. Make sure your content is scalable and skimmable to follow. You have to prove that you’re an influencer with your content and digital marketing strategies, instead of a real estate agent who is trying to follow their community by the bush.
  5. Launch marketing campaigns from time to time regarding your listing on popular social media platforms. Prove to your community that you’re not only active within the curve of the digital world, but also beyond the internet.

Collaborate With Your Community

  1. Collaborate with fellow agents in the real estate industry, movers, plumbers, home renovators or financial advisors. Then influence their followers through carefully sought marketing campaigns. For instance, you can collaborate with a moving agency and provide free moving deals or discount on the home you’re enlisting if they follow you and subscribe to your mailing list.
  2. To work closely with other influencers in the industry, you can also hire a digital marketing agency that can help you to connect with them. For instance, get to know about local social media micro-influencers who either review real estate agents or lots before they’re publicized for sale. Through this, not only will your followers get to know a lot of details regarding the listing they’re interested in, but so will the entire follower-base of the micro-influencer you’ve collaborated with for this project.

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With the ever-growing reach of the internet, the digital marketing trends mentioned above are transforming the entire real estate industry. Realtors across the world have realized the importance of the internet to boost the level of marketing and brand promotion. They have jumped on the bandwagon in an attempt to publicize their firm and increase sales. To stand apart from your competitors and succeed, you must include these trends in your marketing campaigns.

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