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Do Businesses Still Use Business Cards?

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Cards Design

Business Cards

Last updated on January 27th, 2023

Once business cards were in every business owner’s and manager’s pocket or kept handy in the office to hand them out to clients at the first opportunity. Today’s digital versions are steadily replacing conventional cards, but the traditional way of giving a business’s contact information still holds significance.

Do you own a small business that you started recently and worry that it is not getting the business on expected lines? Businesses take time before customers put their faith in what you offer. But if the business is not growing the way you want, then check out your strategies to make your business relatable to the people.

When adding some elements of personal touch to your marketing and promotional plans, check that you have a good stack of business cards. And make sure that you do not completely rely on digital business cards. This is because there are many occasions when only the conventional business cards work better than the virtual ones. Also, when a business card maker is accessible easily online, creating the card all by yourself is a budget-friendly way to have those cards.

The need for physical business cards is still there. According to a survey, the USA prints around 10 billion business cards annually, 27 million cards printed daily. That’s an interesting number in an age when everyone holds a smartphone and going digital is the norm. The report revealed that for every 2000 physical business cards handed out, sales increased by 2.5%.

These stats speak well for the paper business cards in the digital era and encourage you to make your own business cards. But why do businesses still use conventional business cards when they have the digital alternatives?

We can say that businesses are not completely relying on digital business cards since not all circumstances support them. So, chances are that all scales of business use digital and physical cards wherever required.

Here Is Why Businesses Still Rely On Business Cards

01. Easy Way To Convey Information

In this digital age, networking matters a lot in business. Still, not all networking means are equally quick in contacting people and sending a message to them. You can send a message through email but it is still not that a faster medium to convey your contact information and other details. Handing your business card is the fastest medium of communication. When you meet someone at the sideline of an event, all you need to do is to give the card to that person as the first step to convey your contact information.

Easy Way To Convey Information

Remember that digital business cards work only when the other device is compatible with the one sending the card digitally. So, if the two phones are not of the same kind, the chances of sending the cards may be difficult digitally.

So, when you use a business card maker tool, ensure that you include all your contact information neat and clean. The contact details are a part of the design.

02. Accessible Everywhere

There are circumstances where digital means are under restrictions. You cannot use smartphones in airplanes or hospitals to send digital cards to potential clients. So, keeping a few business cards in your wallet would be wise.

business cards

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03. Build Trust

The biggest problem for a new business owner is building trust among the target audience. People want to buy from trustworthy businesses as they are safe and secure. That is why global companies do a roaring business every time they launch a new product or service.

Build Trust

When exploring a business card maker, use the tool to experiment with different design ideas. Check which idea will best suit your brand personality. But ensure that you use the right graphic design tools to create your business card so that it builds trust in your products or services.

04. A Promotional Tool

When handing out your business cards to clients, it becomes a low-cost way to promote your business among potential clients and customers. By giving the card, you can hope that the person will enquire about your offerings in the market.

A Promotional Tool

By giving your business cards, you are encouraging clients to contact your business. In this way, your business card becomes a potential promotional tool.

05. Great First Impression

When a client or a potential customer gets your business card, its paper quality and design make an impression. If the card is thick and the paper quality excellent, that builds trust for your business. The card recipient gets a great first impression and thinks positively about your business.

unique business card design

Your unique business card design will also make a lasting impression. If the design stands out in its use of colors, typography, and other elements, it surely helps build trust in your business. So, while using a business card maker, ensure the design looks simple but unique.

06. Networking

Networking matters a lot in business to expand and reach out to people or clients. Many business owners, including small businesses, are building networks virtually, thanks to the digital age. Virtual networking as a medium of communication has undoubtedly enabled businesses to enhance their reach in their niches and target audience.


Still, face-to-face networking continues to be significant due to the in-person style. Contacting your clients has no alternative to winning their hearts and minds for your business.

Business cards play a major role in building your network. You hand out these cards personally to the clients, which is the best way to make a relationship. But in terms of an electronic business card, you can’t hand it out physically.

07. The Fastest Way To Grow

With business cards, a small business can share crucial contact information immediately. You just hand out the card with your contact details such as phone number, website address, and email. The prospective customers can then enquire about your offerings as they have your business card.

advantages of business cards

These cards are still the best way to let people know that your small business exists. Make the cards handy and impressive by using a design size guide that will keep you on the right track during the design process.

So, these advantages of business cards in the modern digital world show that these rectangular pieces of paper are still worthy of marketers’ attention.

Your small business also should have paper business cards that come in handy while meeting someone. You can just give the card to the potential loyal customer, and market your business.

If you are facing some financial constraints, do not worry, as you can still create a card design by yourself. You can access Designhill business card maker, a DIY software with dozens of new card design ideas. You can pick an idea and develop it with the help of the tool into a business card that best reflects your brand personality and values.

Besides the cards, your business also needs brochures to market your products or services to target customers. To create brochures, you can explore a brochure maker from the marketplace.

What should go in a business card design?

While trying to create a business card on your own using a business card maker, ensure that the design is impressive and complete.

Here Are The key Elements Of A Business Card That Your Card Design Should Include:

  • Logo – Ensure that the card has your brand’s logo prominently on one side. Potential customers and clients will see the logo to authenticate that the card is of your business. If you don’t have a logo, you can use a logo maker tool to create one.
  • Tagline – If possible, include a tagline that your target audience likes. They will use the tagline to recall your business.
  • Contact Details – Provide accurate contact information such as your phone number, email address, or any other details such as your company address. You should also think of including a QR code on the business card which can be generated instantly with help of a QR code generator.
  • Social Media Profiles – You can also add your social media accounts that your customers would like to visit for updated information about your business.
  • Website Address – Another element to include in your website address is your domain name. People may want to visit your business website. Also, do not forget to add your LinkedIn URL.
  • Your Picture – It would be good if you could incorporate your photo on your business card to give it a personal touch. People remember faces, so your face on the card may be a good marketing strategy.

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Wrapping Up

Business cards still hold relevance in the modern digital world. These rectangular paper cards are excellent means of promoting a business with a personal touch. With an impressive card design and paper quality, a small business can build trust for itself using business cards. So, the cards are an effective promotional tool that provides much more than just the contact information for your business.

Create Your Own Business Card Online

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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