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Dolphin Architects Acquire A Unique Logo And Business Card Design

by Designhill Tweet - in Business Cards Design - 2 min read

Winning Design Dolphin Architect

Last updated on March 20th, 2018

Dolphin Architect s needed a logo and business card design and for that they chose Designhill’s design crowdsourcing platform as their preferred contest launching platform. Designers took keen interest in participating in the contest and the result was quick and overwhelming. The contest witnessed response entries in huge numbers from all over the world. A total of 75 entries were submitted by 24 expert designers. Dolphin Architect s finalized a logo that they thought was most suitable for representing their business on the internet. The winner, Lavrilhood, received a cash prize of $359 for his winning logo and business card design.

Winning Design Dolphin Architect

Winning design shows that a simple and elegant design is liked by most of the clients. The logo and business card design was as per the client’s specifications and requisites. In the design brief, the client had asked the designers to incorporate the image of 2 Dolphins while using blue, black and white colors.

The client’s company caters to the architectural work and deals with architectural designs; therefore, it was implicit for the logo to represent the essence of architecture and architectural work. Since, Dolphin Architects had not specified their target audiences; it was for the designers to tap their creativity and craft a design accordingly. They had also pre-set the communication parameters for their logo design in terms of luxury, complexity, maturity and subtleness.

Winning logo and business card design makes use of two blue dolphins jumping in the ocean very beautifully; one big and one small on white and black backgrounds. The tails of these Dolphins have been represented in a geometrical shape using the Polygon Abstract technique to ensure that the image resonates well with the nature of client’s business. Black business card showcases the picture of a huge building while the company’s name ‘Dolphin Architect’ appears at the centre of the card design, clearly indicating their area of expertise.

The color, shape and design of dolphins blend excellently with the background. In totality, the logo and business card design has all the essential features and qualities that can attract people while portraying the business message of the company at the same time.

The contest received 75 entries from various graphic and logo designers across the globe. This offered the client with plethora of designs and it became easy for them to select a design that was the best.

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