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Don’t Use A Logo Maker Until You Have Read This Guide

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Maker

Last updated on March 30th, 2023

A logo maker is a commonly used software that an individual can explore to create a logo all by oneself. While it has made designing fun and easy for many non-professional designers, you still need to use it carefully. You can create better designs if you first review the software’s different aspects. Therefore, everyone must read this guide before using a logo maker.

A logo is a core identity of a brand. Most global companies have unique logos that people can recognize instantly. Such logos become business symbols for their companies because they’re frequently seen around.

But the most crucial feature of a thoughtfully-designed logo is that it must drive viewers’ attention immediately. That is why it becomes an identity of a business. People can recall a brand only by noticing its logo — anywhere, in the market, or advertisements.

But getting a memorable logo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those running on a shoestring budget or have a budget constraint. In fact, it is a lengthy and costly process that small business owners usually cannot afford. Likewise, hiring a professional logo designer or agency can be an expensive affair for those business owners. So here comes the usefulness of an online logo maker.

Small businesses find logo maker tools useful when they want to design an identity that goes well with their newly launched brand or product. These tools give you access to your logo design at no cost. Most logo makers let you create a design for free and charge only when you download the logo design files.

Start using a logo creator tool when you are well prepared. You should know why you need a new logo and what is wrong with your existing logo. Find out if a new logo will help reposition your brand and meet your goals. Answer many such questions about what you want to achieve through a logo tool.

What is a logo maker?

A logo maker is a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) tool that allows you to create a logo design on your own — whether you have graphic design skills or are a novice. Even a layperson can work with a logo maker to design a logo.

online logo maker

It is a web-based application that lets you design a logo in a few easy and quick steps. All you are supposed to do is to pick your choice of colors, fonts, and other elements from the tool’s library. The software then automatically generates many logo ideas based on the inputs.

You can further customize the one logo idea you choose and develop it into a logo as your identity.

How are logo makers useful?

Logo makers are useful in many ways for people and businesses who lack enough money to spend on hiring professional designers. They can try their hand at creating their logos on their own using a logo generator online.

One of the key advantages of logo makers is that they are the least expensive to design a logo. However, when you are done with the design, some of the logo-making tools ask you to pay to download the design files.

You can design a logo in just a few minutes, depending on how perfect a design you want to create. On the other hand, a professional logo designer may take more than a month to create a logo according to the design brief.

Moreover, you can access logo makers anywhere, anytime. This is comparable to the professional designers who will contact you when they have done the design.

Consider These Tips Before Using A Logo Maker

01. Decide On Your Company Name

The first thing to consider is your company name if you have not dedicated it yet. If you already have the name, then think about whether or not it should go with your logo.

Decide On Your Company Name

Since yours may be a new company that not many people know, it would be advisable to include the name in the company’s logo. You do not have to spend overly on promoting your brand name amongst target customers. They will see your company name when glancing at your logo.

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02. Think Of Your Brand Message

Then, make sure your brand message for your target customers is compelling and clear. An effective logo design conveys its message to the audience using different elements.

When you know the message, it helps pick the right design elements that send the intended signals to the potential customers about the quality and professionalism of the brand.

03. Consider Your Brand Personality

Be sure you understand your brand personality. For example, is it a serious brand or involves fun elements? Do you sell expensive items? Remember to incorporate suitable design elements such as a font to express your core brand personality.

Consider Your Brand Personality


04. Decide Your Visual Identity Elements

You should also consider which colors and fonts will be your brand’s identity. Target customers will see your brand identity elements to recognize your business in your niche market. You will be selecting the logo’s shape and logotype based on the elements of your brand.

Visual Identity Elements

05. Pick The Right Type Of Logo

There are majorly seven types of logos, and you need to pick one of them for your logo design before you set out to use a logo maker. These types are wordmarks, lettermarks, pictorial marks, abstract marks, mascots, combination marks, and emblems.

Right Type Of Logo

Wordmarks comprise the full company name, while lettermarks are abbreviated forms of the company’s name in a logo. Pictorial marks have just an image, such as the Twitter logo. Mascot logos use a personality, such as the KFC logo. Combination logos use two types of logos, such as the Lacoste logo. The emblems are in the shape of a trophy, seal, or crest.

What do you get with a Designhill Logo Maker?

Designhill Logo Maker is one of the most popular software that individuals and businesses use to create professional logos.

Here Are Some Of The Features You Get While Using This Logo Maker

  • High-resolution logo files
  • Full logo copyright/ownership
  • Complete social media kit
  • Build your own brand
  • Logos with color variations
  • Print-ready logo designs
  • 24×7 Live support
  • Multi-device support
  • Save time and money
  • 100% Customizable logo designs
  • Unlimited & professional logo ideas

How To Design With A Logo Maker

You must follow a few simple steps when designing a logo using Designhill Logo Maker.

  1. Enter Your Company Name – The first step is to give your company name.
  2. Choose A Template – The logo maker gives you access to many customizable logo templates.
  3. Pick Your Design Style – Next, you need to choose your design style from a lot of options the logo maker offers. You can choose five styles.
  4. Select Your Brand Colors– This DIY tool lets you pick a color scheme out of many.
  5. Give A Slogan – If you wish to include a slogan in your logo and your company name, you can do so.
  6. Add Symbols – Next, you can add five symbols, such as sun, book, tree, bird, etc., that you would like to see in your logo.
  7. Get Logo Ideas – Based on your inputs and selections, the logo maker will come up with dozens of logo ideas. You can compare them and select one logo best suits your brand personality.
  8. Customize Your Logo – If necessary, customize the logo further using the tool by modifying it as many times as you want to your satisfaction.
  9. Download and Use – After you are done with the process, download the logo and make it your business identity.

So, these are the tips you should be following while using a logo maker. But know that it is a tool, and your creative instincts will majorly make the design unique and impressive.

Wrapping Up

A logo maker is a DIY tool that lets you create a logo by selecting design elements of colors, fonts, etc. The tool automatically generates logo ideas based on your inputs /selection. You should know what a unique logo looks like before using it.

Create Your Own Logo Online

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