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Drawback Of Clip Arts And Images In Logo Design

by John Kash Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on May 24th, 2022

Many business owners don’t focus on creating a digital identity which is both unique and memorable to their visitors. You know, a graphic design logo with a lasting impression. Instead, many businesses tend to have a logo design with clip arts. Quite contrary to what they think, cheap logos and Clipart actually cost you both customer and perhaps some lawsuits, while subsequently losing business to their competitors.

Clipart can refer to the images used for illustrative purposes. Most of these images are hand-drawn. Others are digitized. But all of them are in a simplified and cartoonish style, which makes them universally appealing. However, clip art concerns illustrations only and not stock photography.

One of the reasons logo designers are tempted to use clip art is that it comes free. In addition, the art can be fit snugly in any design body such as a logo. However, your logo is a business symbol and it should not be conveyed lightly with some with clip art.

Remember that your logo is a visual brand message of your company and its business. Having a logo just for the sake of it is not going to serve its purpose of taking your business to masses. Unfortunately, some companies fail to realize the true power of a business logo. Thinking that marketing is enough to sell products, they neglect giving a relook to their logos.

A logo design which is impactful enough to be memorable, can potentially convert visitors into customers and help win their loyalty. This is because an aesthetically designed logo appeals to the senses of people. They, in turn, appreciate such beautifully crafted business symbol of the company. Then, many respond to this authenticity by purchasing products or services of the company.

Instead of going for that sales generating unique logo, many businesses take an easy route. They try to create a logo on their own by inserting some clip art or stock images. Even graphic designers borrow images and art elements from online sites to create a logo. Then, use clipart to improvise, while making one of the common mistakes in logo design.

Your company should avoid using clip arts as they are not considered original and give the impression of being generic. Most of the businesses use stock images which is also a form of clip art. But such images indicate an unprofessional and amateur approach towards the audience.

Clipart and stock images are unable to make a meaningful communication with your audience. This means that the art will fail to create an appeal for your products and services. Also, you don’t have copyrights on such graphics, so it’s only smarter to avoid using such photos.

Here Are The Drawbacks Of Using Clip Art To Create Your Logo

Damages Your Brand Identity

A drawback of using clipart and stock images in logo design is that the customers can mistakenly take your organization for another company or business. This is because many other organizations are probably using the same graphics. Consequently, you may lose your identity of business in a market, and the money that you spent building it.

A memorable logo stands out in your niche market and industry. But clip art will make a logo like other many logos of your competitors. This is because other companies may also have used the same stock image and other borrowed elements. Such a logo design creates a bad impression about your business.

Brand Identity

As a result, your company’s images suffers badly. Would you like to use such badly designed logo in your marketing material such as brochure? Your brochure design may be a great piece of work. But a carelessly designed logo put on the brochure will send the wrong message to your clients.

After seeing your clichéd logo, your customers will assume that you may be providing an inferior quality of products or services.

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A Wrong Message To Your Audience

You got a stock image or any other design element free from an online site. Such a clip art is available to everyone for use. Since that design element has no significant meaning for your logo design, it will fail to convey your intended brand message. Even if you find a stock image that syncs with your message, still, it is useless. This is because you are using a clichéd element. Something which is not catchy.

Message To Your Audience

So, your logo created with clip art will only be a hindrance in effectively targeting your audience with a specific message. But what makes the borrowed graphic design elements even worse choice is that they ruin your other graphic designs as well.

For example, your website design may be a stunning site. But a clichéd logo on the top of the website will only create a bad impression on the viewers, sending a wrong impression on the audience.


Losing Business To Your Competitors

If your logo design has boring elements, people will simply take your business and company lightly. As a result, they will migrate to the businesses of your competitors whose logo makes a lasting impact on them.


For example, your business card design is remarkable. But it has your bad logo printed on it. That cliched logo will leave a bad impression about your non-serious approach to doing business. The client may think twice before making a business relationship with your company. It’s practically the truth.

Legal Issues Arising

Another disadvantage of using clipart in logo design is that you may face legal issues. Many stock images and clip art are available free online only for personal use. You may be taken to the court over infringement of copyrights.

The owner of that clip art may drag you in the court or demand a huge amount of money for compensation. So, while a clip art is free for personal use, you may still undergo legal proceedings for professionally using their art.

Legal Issues Arising

Images in the public domain are one of the most used categories of clip art. This is because the rights on such images are free. However, many images in the public domain are, in fact, copyrighted.

Therefore, you need to take permission from the owner of the image. But if you mistakenly continue to use the image or clipart thinking that it is in public domain. The confusion can create a legal trouble for your company.

So, these are some of the key disadvantages your company incurs due to the use of clip art in logo design. Make sure that your company’s logo is a unique and remarkable design. Only such a logo is capable of drawing the attention of your audience. Also, it will help in branding your business.

Have a relook at the existing logo of your company. It may have some clip art used by the designer and you may not be knowing about it. Or, your startup may require a brand new logo design. Make sure that you have many new design concepts at hand from the designers.

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When clip art and stock photos are used to create a logo design, it only ruins the prospects of the design and has some serious drawbacks. Clipart damages your brand identity, it gives a wrong message to customers, and use of the art may be illegal due to copyright issues. A logo should represent your business in your niche market and industry. It must also send a right message to your target customers to win their loyalty.

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