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Last updated on April 13th, 2018

Once, website design was the sole prerogative of expert web design professionals who had the training, skills and experience to handle the job efficiently. Still, many prefer professional services for designing their websites albeit for serious web pages that involve complicated design techniques.

Generally, people need simple web pages to impart some information. Fortunately, due to the free and prolific availability of web design tools, Now-a-days anyone can learn how to build and manage a site without necessarily having the advance knowledge of designing. Website creation needs careful coding from the expert designers. But you can create website without knowing the coding as these tools do the coding automatically while you drag and drop the images, text and other items at the set places when designing a website. One of the best usages of such tools is that you can create responsive web designs also with their help.

So, here is a little smattering on some useful easy tools that do the coding, which is the hardest part of creating a website, and let you focus on the design.


A web development platform, Webflow is popular amongst both the designers and the entrepreneurs looking forward to designing quality websites. One of the many advantages of using this tool is that it runs natively in the browser, which means that your design view will remain the same when it appears on the final hosted site. You will be saved from making many adjustments to create a better appearance of the final site when it is hosted.

Webflow generates codes that are easy and clean and work with all the modern browsers. You can share the codes with a programmer in case you need to make extra changes to customize your website.

Another advantage of Webflow is that it helps you to create responsive web designs for different Internet enabled devices such as laptop, tablets and Smartphone screens.

Website designing with Webflow is easy and simple. All you need to do is to select an existing template or create a custom design of your own from scratch and start designing your website. Webflow allows you to get your dream design by following some simple steps. After the completion, you can export the web design or host it on the Webflow hosting platform.

Webflow Easy Tools(Image Source: tentononline.com)


FROONT is especially useful for those who lack advanced knowledge of coding language and design. This simple-to-use tool allows them to create not only web designs for desktop PCs but also responsive web design for smartphones, laptops and tablet screens.

You can create a working prototype of responsive design with the help of FROONT and show it to the client for approval. With this tool, the designers and programmers can communicate with each other to create a better design. Froont allows you to access your project from anywhere and at any time. The users appreciate FROONT’s customer support service for its quick response when faced with some technical or other related issues.

FROONT Easy Tools(Image Source: churchm.ag)


Macaw turns otherwise difficult web design and web development job into a relatively easier one. This web design tool blends the fluid and intuitive interface of an image editor with design-to-code engine. But the tool has recently been introduced and user reviews and comments on its capabilities are yet to be come.


(Image Source: memo.goodpatch.co)

Adobe Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow CC helps you create responsive designs fairly easily. You can also import Photoshop comps in order to make high-fidelity prototypes through media query breakpoints, grouping and precise CSS layouts. Reflow helps in translating your design vision into actual production. You can also extract CSS snippets for providing them to the developers.

Adobe Edge Reflow is built on Chrome and offers 1-to-1 web rendering capabilities. You can also create a design in Photoshop and then make it responsive to Reflow. The tool also has CSS extraction capabilities and offers workflow between the designers and the developers.

Adobe Edge Reflow Easy Tools(Image Source: andysowards.com)

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