Top 6 eCard Makers Online

eCard Makers Online

The ever-growing technological advancement has transformed our lives, so is the way we communicate. Emails, eCards, eVites have replaced the most popular traditional way of communication, i.e., letters. Although the advent of the Internet and technology has deprived us of letters’ charm, they have made communication faster and reliable.

You’re looking for some exceptional eCard makers online that let you design and eye-catching e-cards to wow the recipients. Of course, handmade custom cards are all the rage these days, and letterpress made a comeback. But to save paper and the environment, it’s better to go digital.

Many of your loved ones may be living away from you. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t share life’s special moments with them, at least remotely, through beautiful e-cards. eCards offer a speedy and straightforward approach to show your loved ones that you care for them.

But how to create a memorable eCard that lets your loved ones feel special Well, making eCards is a clear procedure that takes just a few minutes. Fortunately, we have plenty of eCard Makers Online that make ecard design an effortless task.

Here, In This Article, We Have Rounded Up The Top 6 eCard Maker Tools To Make Your Job Easy

01. Designhill eCard Maker

Designhill is known for its professional eCard maker platform. The tool lets you customize your ecards for free. Pick an ecard template from an extensive collection of hundreds of pre-created card templates created by some of the world’s best talents. You can further easily modify it for a more personal touch with text, icons, symbols, and graphics.

You can even use your photo to give a more adapted look. Be it your friend’s birthday, wedding anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, or any other occasion. You can also custom create birthday invitation ecards with the help of a birthday invitation template which you can use to customize your invitation.

Designhill eCard Maker is an incredible tool. You should give it a try to create a card in custom greeting card size .

02. Ojolie

This eCard maker offers unique cards for your special day. You can use it to wish someone on their special day. eCard category of the Ojolie platform contains hundreds of animated cards that can be easily customized with varied moods and graphics.

03. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain could prove to be a good option if you need to create unique ecards online. All you need to get registered with the platform if you want to create ecards and send them via email or share on the Facebook platform. Once you’ve made your ecards, download them to get them printed if you want to have paper cards. That’s it!

04. Greetings Islands

Greetings Island is another excellent platform that you can use to create free eCards, calendars, and greeting cards. There is no need to personalize the cards on greetings islands. All the cards are categorized into several categories for every specific need.

05. Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is a well-known platform for visual content. It is not limited to birthday eCard maker, but you can use it to fulfill your various visual content needs like social media graphic designs, YouTube channel arts, and many more.

The process of creating eCards at adobe spark is easy. You have to select the themes, use images and text, and send them wherever you want.

06. Canva

Canva is one of the most loved tools. To use this platform, you will have to sign in first. Now you can start creating eCards after picking one from a huge collection of pre-designed ecard template designs. You can order to print or send it online via email or any other social media platforms.


Of course, there are several online ecard maker tools that make creating ecards a seamless task. However, the tools mentioned above have been rounded up after careful research and experiment. You can choose a well-suited eCard maker tool to create specific cards online. Anyone can use these tools to create e-cards that would wow the recipients.

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