4 Ecommerce Website Design Trends To Rule In 2018

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Last updated on July 3rd, 2018

Website lies at the core of an e-commerce business model without which e-commerce industry cannot exist. The name ‘ecommerce’ itself narrates its purpose and meaning: ‘commercial transactions occurring electronically on the Internet’.  That means these sites are the ones that always need to be up-to-date with the latest technology and web design trends so that they are ever ready to woo their customers.

So, with 2014 ready to bid good bye, I’m sure it’s worth talking about 2015 e-commerce website design trends that are going to rule the web design market. Though this is definitely not an exhaustive list, it still provides a meaningful guide to those e-commerce owners who are planning to offer something new to their online customers in the New Year.

Here Are 4 E-commerce Website Design Trends To Rule In 2018

1. Continue Focusing on Flat Website Design

I agree that we have seen much of flat design pattern in 2014, but given its functionality and ease of use they are going to stay here for long.

Have a look at the following ecommerce web design templates and just visualize that you are an online customer who has come here to shop. Now you know the comfort level being offered by these type of deign patterns.

(Source: psddots)

(Source: sellwithwp)

2. Tiled Navigation Will Continue To Inspire Web Designing

What better example could I quote than the tiled interface of Windows 8 to demonstrate its fully functional feature!

 (Source: softpedia)

An instant bell must have started ringing your minds, as to what I’m trying to convey. Yes, tiled navigation has started catching up in the e-commerce industry and is sure to become essence of e-commerce web design in the year 2015.

We have been hearing this time and again- ‘pictures speak thousand times better than the words’ and it’s now time to experience their magical effects through high-resolution images, logos and icons. Moreover, this type of interface does not drift away the focus of the visitors while offering them the miniature preview of what they are actually going to view or like to see.

3. Device Compatibility Will Again Rule

In this age of mobile phones, tablets and palmtops; an e-commerce business owner should always ensure that his online web portal displays and functions well across almost all electronic devices. After all, you cannot afford to restrict your shoppers to shop on your portal only through desktop or laptop! Therefore, thorough testing of your website will make you doubly sure that your e-commerce business will gain popularity.

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device compliant (Source: promo-z.ru)

4. We Will See More of Loftier Images

This design principle basically stems from the very basic objective of an e-commerce website. They are here to show and advertise their products’ range thereby alluring and attracting online buyers, compelling them to make a purchase. What could be a better way to drag them to your e-commerce website than through big realistic pictures of your products or services?

loftchocolate4 (Source:onepagelove 

So, if you keep in mind just these 4 basic E-commerce Website Design Trends while getting your website designed, I’m sure your e-commerce website is bound to become your shoppers’ favorite.

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