Factors not be overlooked for e-commerce website design

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Last updated on February 20th, 2018

When designing an e-commerce website, many of its aspects need to be considered and ensured so that the site works smoothly for targeted audience of business. Here are some crucial factors that website designers should never overlook.

Evoke buyers’ trust – Visitors go to e-commerce websites to purchasing products and services of their choice. So, it is very important for such a site to be evoking trust from the buyers. This implies that visual appearance of the site should generate confidence in the visitors that they can safely purchase quality products online. Use design elements that are known for creating trustworthiness.

Compatibility to all devices – This is important point to consider since users are surfing the web not only from desktop computers by more through mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. So, to reach large number of people, your e-commerce website design must be compatible to all sizes of screens of different devices.

Compatibility to all browsers – Since there are many browsers and they are all in use as operating systems, your e-commerce website should load easily on Google and other major browsers. Ignoring the significance of browser compatibility will result in many visitors failing to reach your website.

Incorporate latest technology – Rapid changes in features and technology are taking place in e-commerce designing and you should be incorporating them. These technologies include shopping cart solutions, payment gateways and many others to integrate your site with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Quick and smooth navigation – Customers to an e-commerce website look for several products that they should be able to search easily without hassles. But it is possible only when website designer has incorporated appropriate navigation features at the right spots on each website page. Navigation buttons are a way for users to look for important information such as contact details, payment options, shipping costs, return policy etc.

How would you react to these tips? You can suggest more such ways to website designers in your comments.


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