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51 Education & School Logo Ideas For Your Institution

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Ideas

Last updated on May 4th, 2023

As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’. Similarly, investing while starting your educational institution can give you the best interest. Today, education is not limited to conventional schools, but it has widened to online and offline teaching in many ways. So, the new educational startups have to compete hard to drive the attention of potential students, which they do by first having a unique education logo. This blog gives you a list of impressive logo designs from schools and other educational institutions for your inspiration.

With the added emphasis on getting the education to build a successful career and lead a purposeful life, many educational institutions have mushroomed everywhere. Like any other organization, an educational institute also requires a solid market plan for business growth.

Its name and logo are probably the first things that people notice. If both the names and the education logo ideas are impressive, the target audiences will get a positive brand message. But if both are confusing and complicated, it may damage the prospects of business growth.

Do not worry if you have an insufficient budget that can’t pay expensive fees of professional designers. There are many ways to create your education logo. For instance, you can use a logo maker to design a logo all by yourself without having any experience to do the job.

Yes, it’s true!

You can use an online logo generator is a DIY tool with a vast library of design icons, colors, fonts, images, etc.

Using the tool, you can drag the elements of your choice and drop them within the design template to quickly develop your logo idea. In this way, you will customize your logo as many times as you want until fully satisfied with the design.

That is why we have come up with education and school logo ideas for you. Skilled and experienced designers came up with these school logo ideas for their clients on Designhill.

We hope you get some inspiration from these designs and create a logo that will make you stand apart from the crowd of competitors. Let’s get started!

Here Are The 51 Education And School Logo Ideas For Your Institution

01. California Center For Ethics And Policy

Cleverly designed, yet simple and catchy – that’s what best describes this education logo. One of the requirements of the design was to highlight the California state identity.

Education Logo

The designer has very efficiently fulfilled the requirement by using dots to draw the map of California inside the emblem. After choosing the best from his education logo design ideas, he successfully conveyed the brand’s message perfectly in this logo.

02. Southwest EMS Academy

Southwest EMS Academy is into providing education and training to individuals to become Emergency Medical Technicians (people who provide medical care to patients in emergencies).

School Logo

Keeping this in mind, the designer has developed a medical education logo that features a symbol ‘star of life’ and the company name. The blue color used represents trust, professionalism, power, and authority.

03. The iLearn Institute At Lenoir City Schools

The educational institute is into providing the facility for students to complete their courses in an online environment. The client wanted to have a wordmark logotype.

Education Institute Logo

Despite having a long name, the designer smartly uses the name to create a unique and catchy school logo. The client chose this design as the best from 172 designs entries during the contest.

04. River City Preschool

This is one of the best play school logo ideas created by our professional designer ‘Irvan Alwansyah.’ The logo features two children playing happily. The pink and blue colors are used in the design to convey professionalism, trust, innocence, and appreciation.

Education Logo Ideas

The curvy lines stand for the flow of life and excitement of children. Such graphic design ideas drive potential costumes to a business.

This logo depicts two kids playing joyfully. If your educational logo also features some entertainment elements, promote the institution with some funny t shirts and other such gift items. You can giveaway these tees to people for free to promote your educational brand.

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05. Little Skittles

The client wanted to have an education logo that portraits their school as an institute with a direct approach to education and not centered around a heavily worded curriculum.

Little Skittles

He also clearly mentioned that they want a logo that can reflect them as ‘Smart, colorful, quirky, and bold.’ The designer has fulfilled the entire requirement and took home the winner award, beating the education or school logo ideas shared by other designers.

06. Roots To Wings School

Roots to Wings is a private early learning school for children aged between one to five years. The client wanted to have a school logo for rebranding purposes and mentioned that they don’t want a cutesy feature in their logo.

Roots To Wings School

All the designers came up with their version of logos, but among 183 education logo ideas, ‘Stephanie Rino’ took home the winner award.

07. Lotus Bud Guzheng Academy

Lotus Bud Guzheng is a music academy that teaches the Chinese instrument ‘Guzheng.’ The designer has developed an image-based logotype.

He has incorporated the image of the instrument in the design. If you closely look into the image, you will find four different words written in the Chinese language. That is the slogan of the company.

Lotus Bud Guzheng Academy

The name of the institute has been placed just below the image, keeping ‘Lotus Bud’ smaller than ‘Guzheng Academy.’ Overall the design is simply outstanding. What do you think?

08. VIC Education

The creative touch given to this education institute logo makes the brand stand apart from its competitors. The designer has used the image of a happy student, and the green curve and the square academic cap communicate growth and success through education.

VIC Education

There were 154 design entries from different graphic designers, but Zaza99 stood as the winner and took home the winner’s award.

09. All-Star Kids

‘All-Star kids’ is an English training center for Chinese kids aged three years to 12 years. The designer has created an icon-based logotype. Since the institute teaches various English subjects, the designer has created thought bubbles with ‘ABC’ written inside them.

All-Star Kids

The institute’s name, ‘AK,’ has been written inside the circle, and the image of a kid adjacent to it signifies a happy ‘Star Kid.’ The yellow and blue colors used in the school logo represent happiness, innovation, fun & friendliness, professionalism, trust, and authority.

You can design your own logo with the help of DIY software that allows you to drag and drop your choice of colors, logo fonts, images, etc., elements.

10. MentorWorks

MentorWorks is an organization that provides education financing to students from less affluent backgrounds. They also help students by providing networking opportunities with well-connected mentors and employers. Their main goal is basically to enhance the student’s career.


The designer has created an education logo by combining the company name’s initials and the image of two persons, and one person helps the other one take significant steps ahead.

Overall the design is simply outstanding among many school logo ideas and truly reflects the nature of the business.

11. PLUS Training Centre

The organization is into teaching foreign languages to students. The designer has cleverly used the negative space to give a visual representation of an organization’s name.

PLUS Training Centre

The multicolor used in design provide a fresh, innovative, and friendly look to the education logo. And this is what a client wanted.

12. Alumni K12

Alumni K12 is a non-profit organization that solicits donations from alumni of kindergarten to 12th-grade schools.

Alumni K12

While posting the contest, the client specified that she wanted to have an image of her yard along with flamingoes. We received 105 designs for the same organization, and ‘Michelle’ took home the winner award out of them.

13. Math Adventure Quest

It is also a non-profit organization that puts on events that blend math puzzles and drama for elementary school kids in the Seattle area. The brand is attempting to sell a kit to all the schools to build their event without them.

Math Adventure Quest

The client wanted to have an education logo that has the elements of both maths and drama in it. Mediaproductionart followed all the guidelines, and so the client chose the design as a winner.

14. Parkway Christian School

While posting the contest, the client specified that they wanted to have an image of ‘Panther’ in their logo design with blue, grey, and white colors. They also mentioned that since the education logo will be everywhere (letterheads, t-shirts, website, etc.), thus it should look good on all the platforms.

Parkway Christian School

By following all the guidelines, Logoattack, the designer, came up with this excellent design. He used the image of a Panther without teeth to look scary to kindergarten children, and Logoattack beats 154 school logo ideas to take home the winner award.

15. Windham Woods School

Windham Woods is a school dedicated to children who face learning disabilities. The school logo has the image of three trees to communicate a healthy and exciting place to learn and grow. The curve below the trees depicts growth and success through education.

Windham Woods School

Since the school has planned to expand its program to High School, the designer has created a logo that looks modern, fresh, and clean. It seems that the designer had a minimalist approach as a logo inspiration to make this idea.

16. TRAINology

Fun, Friendly, Inviting, and Gender-neutral – this is what best describes this education logo. The organization provides training to teachers, trainers, professors, and consultants to enhance their skills for further development of human potential.


The designer has used the icon of three happy people who have completed their training. We received 182 entries of professional graphic designers, and out of them, Bucktornado took home the winning award.

17. Learning Time Fun

Learning Time Fun is an education company serving young learners from the age of two to ten years. The logo features a three-dimensional colorful ‘ABC’ open block out of which musical notes, balloons, and numbers are popping out.

Learning Time Fun

The brand name has been written in bold, colorful letters and placed just below the image. Overall this kids’ school logo looks bold, bright, fun, and unique. And this is what a client wanted. What do you think?

18. Educam

The logo consists of a webcam with a square academic cap on the webcam. The green and orange colors used in the design represent growth, creativity, energy, and fun. Out of 90 education logo ideas, this design took home the winning award.


19. The Cultivated Learner

The institute provides tutoring, consulting, and educational programs to facilitate academic development but help to cultivate a love of learning within the children. The tree not only symbolizes education but also stands for the vastness of knowledge.

The Cultivated Learner

Two students sitting under the tree is the symbol of students under the shade of knowledge and learning.

Overall, the image gives the idea that the students in this institute will always have a knowledge-saturated environment. Do you want to create such a meaningful education and school logo for your institution? Use our online logo maker tool.

20. Personalized Learning

Tom Scott was very clear about what he wanted in his logo design, and he very beautifully briefed the design requirements.

Since the institute provides personalized learning, the professional designer has used the square academic cap to portray a learning person sitting in a room/class.

Personalized Learning

The green and grey colors surrounding it depicts that the person is taking personal training for academic success. The name of the institute has been placed just below the image. Overall, the designer has succeeded in conveying the brand message perfectly.

21. High Five Coaching

The brand is into the coaching and counseling business that is accessible for people of all ages. While posting the contest, the client mentioned that he wanted a simple, clean, fun, and engaging education logo.

High Five Coaching

The designer has beautifully fulfilled the requirement and came up with the design that sets a perfect example for negative space and matches the brand name.

22. Stage2Page

It is a tutoring company that uses the performing arts as an educational tool. The client wanted a logo to be artistic yet educational. Nia had beautifully fulfilled the requirement and came up with a design with colorful stacked books that give an impression of education and a stage.


Out of 95 designs, Nia took home the winner award. Like Rachel Goren (the client), you can also take the graphic design services from our platform and have a catchy, unique, and meaningful logo.

23. Collaborative Training Network

Collaborative Training Network provides services to parks and recreation agencies in the following areas- staff training & development, agency planning & public engagement. The education logo has the brand’s initials inside the octagon.

Collaborative Training Network

Also, the image of networks gets a visual representation of a brand name. The green and purple colors used in the design represent growth, wisdom, quality, and creativity.

24. Focus Academic Services

Focus Academic Services provides academic coaching to high school and college-aged students. Rather than tutoring, their focus is on life skills, character, and executive function development.

Focus Academic Services

The designer has chosen the wordmark logotype. The word ‘O’ is in the shape of a target icon, and green and yellow colors used in the logo signify growth, innovation, fun, and friendliness.

25. College Of Scuba

The company teaches unique and educational scuba classes via webinars to divers who want to enhance their knowledge regarding scuba equipment, training, and travel.

College Of Scuba

The designer has created an image of a scuba trainer wearing a square academic cap, scuba mask, and scuba regulator. By looking at the image, one can quickly identify the nature of the business.

26. Leading Alliances & Supporting Student Outcomes

Leading Alliance & Supporting Student Outcomes [LASSO] supports students’ social and emotional learning needs. Its education logo is triangular, with the educational center’s full name encircling the triangle and the acronym underneath. The academic hat in red drives the attention toward the logo.


27. Glacial Hills Elementary

Glacial Hills Elementary logo has all the traditional elements of a lighthouse, hills, water, rising sun, and eagle. These symbols speak well for an elementary-level school, and the Sun’s red color draws viewers’ attention.

Glacial Hills Elementary logo

28. The Foundry

The Foundry is a school for children and teens. Its logo has the shape of a trophy, which is a traditional symbol of winning a challenge. The education logo gives a feeling of intellect and strength and conveys the crafting of minds and soules.

The Foundry

29. Go Live With Purpose

Go Live With Purpose teaches individuals how to find a purpose in life. Its logo has an arrow-shaped triangle which is the symbol for moving ahead in life. The sleek and modern logo design is a combination of wordmarks and letter marks.

modern logo design

30. Tokyo International Music School

Tokyo International Music School has dedicated to classical music, and the international community is the target audience.

Tokyo International Music School

The brand’s education logo is in the shape of a traditional musical instrument used for classical music. This clean logo displays the school’s full name and the instrument’s image.

31. Encompass

Encompass teaches fundamental executive functional skills to be successful in life. The target audience is students with attention deficits and people having mental health issues. Its logo has a circular shape with thick lines that indicate direction.


32. FAST

FAST runs a free online human rights program for students and teachers. The colorful education logo of the program is in a tree shape and has stars that symbolize hope and positive values.


The tree is also shaped like a human protecting and providing knowledge. There are children also underneath the tree.

33. Salt Lake School of Theology

Salt Lake School of Theology is a school for teaching religious values to the students. Its logo has a cross within a circular shape. Since the school is in a valley, the logo has two hill shapes as well.

Salt Lake School logo

34. Ashé University

The Ashe University has a traditional wreath, stars, book, and flame elements to convey its message. The education logo design is conventional and straightforward.

University Logo

35. Bridgemont International School

Bridgemont International School is an online international high school. Its logo depicts a bridge that represents the school name as well. A bridge is also a symbol of connecting one thing to another.

Bridgemont International School

36. Creative Minds Learning Center LLC

Creative Minds Learning Center teaches to children, especially preschool and elementary level learners. Multiple colors in the logo stand for creativity, and the ocean and boat are traditional symbols used in the logo.

Logo Design

37. New Leaf Education Collective

New Leaf Education Collective provides training on issues related to plant-based medicine. The education logo has a leaf design that represents the company name and earthy feeling.

New Leaf Education Collective

38. KINGS Education

Kings Education targets parents of higher socioeconomic status. Therefore, its logo looks sophisticated. It is in golden color with the letter K styled to evoke authority and trust.

Kings Education

39. Nature Education Studio

Nature Education Studio aims at creating a family environment and connecting its community with nature. Its acronym is N.E.S.T, and, therefore, the education logo is in a nest shape, which symbolizes family and nature.

Education Logo

You can notice that the logo looks equally impressive against different backgrounds, which is a sign of a good design.

40. SPAcademy

SPAcademy runs an apprenticeship program. Its logo has the traditional wreath and a triangular shape in colorful dots. Red color help drive viewers’ attention to the logo and the academy. This logo is an excellent example of how to design an impressive logo solely with conventional elements.

Design A Logo

41. Toolbox For Teaching Well

The Toolbox for Teaching Well conducts online training and coaching for parents on how to go for virtual homeschooling. Its education logo has a thickly designed box that represents the company’s name Toolbox. Colorful squares help drive the attention of viewers to the logo and the company’s business.

online training logo

42. Pine State Learning

Pine State Learning is a special education consultation and professional development company. The company’s education logo has a symbolic pine tree and a book. A circular shape and the green tree symbol inside make this logo stand out. It is also an excellent minimalistic design.

company’s education logo

43. Xampro

Xampro logo is a simple but memorable design. It conveys its message of teaching subjects like Maths and English by adding the elements of a pencil and an academic hat as part of the design.


44. Ellie The Elephant

Ellie the Elephant provides education on insurance, and it also started a resource library and browser extension. It wanted an elephant design for its education logo because elephants never forget. So, the designer came up with this cute and happy elephant as a logo for the client.

logo design


Yobox logo is for the company that provides a digital archive type of solution for data storage. The logo is a 3D box design with Y in the middle representing the company’s name. It has multiple colors as an additional attraction of the logo for the viewers.

3D Logo

46. RV Direction

RV Direction, teaching wellness, and birding is a YouTube channel and has a social media website. Its logo is in the shape of a movie camera with various icons showing its field of work. The use of red and green helps create a unique look for the logo.

Social Media Logo

47. Green Means Grow

Green Means Grow has high school students as its clients, and it helps students navigate the college search, essay and application, and acceptance process.

education logo

Because of the word green in the company name, the education logo has one green color and a tree-shaped like pen to target students.

48. Fervent Beginnings

Fervent Beginnings is an academically-focused preschool and targets parents between the age of 26-45. Its education logo is in the shape of a child reading a book but it also gives the impression of a rising sun. Orange and black are the colors the logo has to build trust with hope and authenticity.

Fervent Beginnings

49. Autism Play Today

Autism Play Today provides autism therapy based on emotion, environment, and play. It gives support to such children.

The circular logo displays a happy child with a star as well as colors. Designing such a logo is not a difficult task as you can do the job all by yourself using a logo generator, which guides you through creating the design quickly.

Designing a Logo

50. EDU-Pro

EDU-Pro supports businesses in spreading internal knowledge and organizes this form of knowledge in a company. Its education logo has traditional elements of a book, and circle, and a tagline. The logo is in orange and black colors, which evoke hope and authority.


51. Australian Talent School

Australian Talent School targets young adults, mature adults, overseas students, and parents. The client wanted to have a logo that can give the impression that the school is an established organization and has a long-standing.

School Logo

Therefore, the logo has conventional and classic style lions and a trophy along with the Australian flag. These traditional elements evoke trust in the school.

So, these are the education and school logo ideas you can keep in mind while designing your logo. These logos also give you an idea of what colors, fonts, and images should go with such logos.

Using Designhill logo maker, a DIY software with a vast library of colors, fonts, education-related images, and icons, you can create your school logo.

All you need to do is to pick a design template out of hundreds of templates and then drag colors, fonts, etc. and drop it on the template. In this way, you can design your logo on your own in a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can launch a logo design contest at Designhill so that dozens of professional designers work on your brief and come up with unique ideas. You can then pick a winning education logo for your school.

Designhill is also a creative marketplace to develop many other unique graphic designs. You can explore Designhill T-Shirt Maker to create unique shirt designs for your brand promotion. The marketplace is one cost-effective way to create a range of graphic designs using its design software DIY tools.

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Wrapping Up

Before you set out to have an education logo for your new school, go through inspirational logos like those mentioned above. You will have an idea of what fonts, images, icons, and colors should go into designing a school logo. With such an insight, you can then examine your logo if it conveys your message or not.

Check Out School Logo Ideas

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