Effective Strategy For A Creative Logo Design


If you run a business, then you have to create marketing products such as creative logo design to take identity of your company to the people and especially to the targeted customers. While other marketing means including brochures, creative websites, business cards, leaflets etc increase reach of your business, logo is omnipresent as it represents your company’s values and brand identity. For this reason, your logo design must be creative and strategically created by a professional graphic designer.

Here are some effective strategy for A creative logo design:

One of the strategies is to create logo with minimum use of design elements. The design must be easy to understand and pleasing on the eyes. Use of many colors and fonts will confuse the viewers which in turn will harm the cause of the business. The motive behind using only few elements is to keep the design as simple as is possible to do. Many global brands are also known for their simple & creative logo design. For instance, sports shoes maker Nike’s logo is a swoosh only. In fact, majority of successful logos are designed in a very simple manner.

Choice of fonts and colors will decide whether or not people will take interest in your logo. A riot of colors will make your logo look funny if you are not designing it for a toy business. Two to three colors should be your limit. Similarly, choose a font family carefully to represent your type of business. Find out which of the serif or non-serif fonts suits to your business. However, use of fonts depends a lot on professional skills of a designer.

Business message is a basis for creating of a creative logo design. So, the designer must find out all about a business and its customers. The designers should know about the message that is to be conveyed through logo to the targeted customers. This should prompt a designer to do some research about the business besides reading a design brief provided by a client.

A creative logo design is the one that does not shed its shape and size when printed on different surfaces. So, a logo should look equally great on billboards, newspapers, websites and other media. Also, a logo must also be impressive when it is printed in black and white. A designer can draw the logo in black and white until it looks impressive and then fill colors in it.

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By Campbell Jof

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