5 Effective Ways To Stay Productive During Work From Home

Stay Productive During Work From Home

Being an artist is a liberating job as it allows you to work on your areas of interest, be it illustrations, painting, graphic designing or any other form of art. Looking at the current global situation where most of the countries are already under the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, an artist can relate to work from home schedules easily. However; for artists who work for dedicated organizations from their office spaces, switching to work from home so abruptly can be really tough, especially for those who are new to this new way of working.

There is a constant temptation to lay on the couch and binge watch television, peep into the pantry to munch something every few minutes, or run around the kids trying to keep them still.

All these things are nothing but deterrents for individuals who are trying to cope up with deadlines and manage homely duties at the same time. Working from home is not easy as it sounds because some kind of distraction will always be there.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help Such Artists Combat Work From Home Blues And Stay More Productive While Working Remotely

01. Create A Dedicated Work Space

If you are an artist, you would agree that your state of mind and your environment defines your creativity and affects your art. But, if you can replicate your personal space with that of your usual office space, it won’t be a problem.

During the initial days, it might be tough for you to adjust to this newer style of working as you share the house with your family too.

Hence, to step into your usual work mode, it is vital to set up a workstation with all the devices and essentials in place.

Choose any space in your house that lets you work in peace and where you can spend uninterrupted hours of thinking and creating great stuff. Once you have a dedicated workspace, you will not have focus issues and your productivity will only go up.

02. Provide Easy Access Of Work To The Clients

Your clients may need to use the files you have created or they may require access to the ones which are in progress.

Having a ready-to-access facility saves you time that is spent on sharing heavy files with lots of data. It also helps you make simultaneous changes to the artwork in progress if any changes are suggested by the client.

There are various software’s available for file sharing including Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You can also look for product management software that foster collaboration and help improve a team’s productivity. These ensure an easy access to work related files regardless of your location and the device you are using.

03. Stay Active

Working from home might become monotonous after some days which could affect the productivity of an artist.

Indulging into small physical activities every couple of hours while working helps you stay active, break the monotony of everyday routine, and promotes blood circulation in the body.

Take a break from work, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy a meal, go for a short walk, play fun games and activities like solving a jigsaw puzzle or unscrambling words, listen to your favorite music, choose to read a book, or just stretch your body. There are several ways to refresh your mind and body.

04. Maintain Your To-Do Lists

When starting your day, it can sometimes be difficult to prioritise tasks, especially when there are multiple of them. In such cases, it is always best to maintain a to-do list. Starting your day with random tasks will only be time consuming and result in confusion.

But when you have a to-do list everyday, you can easily keep track of deadlines. At the end of the day, you will analyze your productivity level and how efficiently you performed in a particular task. To break the monotony of the work, you can divert your attention to some playful activities such as unscrambling words.

05. Invest In Technology

Whether you are working for an organization or as a freelance artist, investing in good project management techniques can really boost your productivity. A project management solution enables both artists and clients to keep track of the projects.

This helps the artists to generate invoices without a hassle while justifying the amount of work done. Also, clients can update the project boards in the software without having to create a long trail of emails to keep the artist informed.

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Work from home demands a lot in terms of your mental presence and active involvement at home along with uncompromised quality at work. While it may be tough for many artists to deal with work from home every single day during the pandemic, these five ways will ensure productivity is not compromised.

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