eFutureshop Gets Impressive Packaging Design Customized For Its Business

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Last updated on January 10th, 2018

eFutureshop had launched a packaging design contest at Designhill with the hope of getting a unique design as per its requirements of business. The company is a ecommerce startup based in West City of London and sells all kinds of products such as cloths, electronic, entertainment, food & drink items etc. For packaging its products, the company looked for an impressive design that was imaginative and indicative of things to come in future. eFutureshop got an excellent response to its packaging design contest from several packaging designers. The company compared the submitted designs extensively and finally chose an impressive entry from Kerry Wiled as a winning design to represent its business.

The winning packaging design is an example of simple use of the elements of color and fonts. In its design brief, the startup company guided the designers to create a basket with trolley for shopping. The choice of colors and idea was left to the designers. Kerry Wileds packaging design was selected for its uniqueness and creative use of simplicity as basic aspect of the design. The winning entry has a trolley designed in unique shape that is imaginative and is also symbolic of future.

eFutureshop received design entries from 19 designers from the world over. The designers showcased their packaging design skills, experimenting with colors, fonts and shape. While many of them attractive but the company found some designs little complicated. The company knew that it wanted a simple design that the consumers can relate with. The winning design has a trolley which looks modern and futuristic, and also has the company’s name – Futureshop. So, the message to the targeted customers is clear that they will get a new shopping experience with the site.

The company interacted with the clients with chat and email throughout the contest period and guided them with feedbacks. All these efforts from the client and the package designers helped in creating a winning design for the ecommerce startup.

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