Enhance Your Brand Image Through Catalogue Design

Catalogue Design

Customers often get the first impression about quality of products and services of a business by looking at its catalogue.

The way a business is highlighted and described in its catalogue gives the custormers an assurance that the products are of a high quality, therefore, a catalogue design should generate this assurance about quality.

Your catalogue should look similar to your store, website, advertisements in terms of colors and other design elements. Color scheme selected for your catalogue design should match with the scheme for your website, blogs and other marketing tools.

This assures the customers that they will get the same high quality products and servcies wherever they shop. So, direct your designers to select the design elements of colors, fonts, space etc to reflect the brand personality of your business.

The designers must understand your business and its targeted customers before working on your catalogue design. Therefore, if you launch a catalogue design contest on online design platforms sites such as Designhill, provide as much information about your business and customers as you can in your design brief.

This will help the designer to selecting right photographs, describing your products in the right voice, creating your mailing list, besides selecting the colors, space, fonts elements etc elements.

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By Campbell Jof

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