Ensure Simple Logo Design To Represent Your Business


Your business benefits from logo design in many ways. The logo helps in making your business familiar in the eyes of consumers. McDonalds golden arches logo is an example of how customers know about a business by just seeing a logo. Nike’s ‘swoosh’ logo is another instance of a simple design helping people recognize a business.


Symbols are an effective way to make your logo distinctive and recognizable. But many designers fail to make good use of symbols and instead incorporate complicated images. Best logo symbols are the ones that are simple as well. Simple symbols are easily recognizable and memorable. They are also scalable and effective.


Scalability of your business is equally important in creating your logo design. It means that a good business logo design is the one that keeps its original size and shape of the design when printed in different surfaces and media. So, your logo design must look equally good on website, business card, billboards, brochures, promotional pens and other gifts etc. with no distortion of shape and size.

Black and White Test

While colors look great on a logo but its real test is when it is turned colorless for printing on certain surfaces. Your logo will be printed in black and white in newspapers, magazines and even on billboards etc. If the logo does not look good without colors, then the design cannot be called as complete or satisfactory. Since your marketing campaign includes newspapers and all those media that are usually not known for colored advertisements, make sure that design of your logo keeps its impression without colors as well.

One of the advantages of simple shapes of logos is that they retain their eye-catching properties even in black and white. So, give emphasis on creating a simple looking logo design.

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By Campbell Jof

I'm a blogger and designer and I work as a creative head for Designhill. I write on topics concerning design, ecommerce, startups, digital marketing, interactive content. My creative work has earned me several laurels over the years.