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25 Essential Tips To Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversion

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Social Media

Facebook Ad Conversion

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

Social media has been the foremost driving force of digital media traffic for over a decade now. Since Facebook is the most popular social media channel in most countries, it becomes pertinent for businesses to focus on Facebook Ad. If it works for your business, you’ve it all. If it doesn’t, you’re hard-pressed to do everything to get it worked or improvise your Facebook Ad conversion strategy.

However, getting Facebook traffic has become little tough today. The process is neither smooth nor swift what it used to be in the early days of Facebook.

This obstacle not only applies to the Facebook marketers, but also to online writers and professional bloggers needing support from social media platform to boost sales.

With millions of users, Facebook dominates the realm of social media platform. Sometimes, it seems that Facebook is the only platform on the internet.

You should make sure that your Facebook Ad conversion gets improved to compete with your rivals in this cut-throat competitive marketplace.

Entrepreneurs of all sizes create an attractive social media page in order to grab maximum eyeball. The salient reason behind this is undoubtedly the unparalleled access to a huge consumer base by Facebook.

Affordability has made it the most preferred platform for digital marketers across the globe, especially for businesses dealing in consumer goods and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

We’ll be surprised to know that Facebook has surpassed one billion combined users mark with one adult every four in the United States alone. The growth in the user base is even more prevalent in the emerging market.

Advantages Of Using Facebook As A Marketing Platform

The aforementioned points are enough to prove that Facebook provides maximum penetration and reach to marketers, especially to businesses with a moderate budget.

Since start-ups or medium-sized entrepreneurs cannot afford expensive marketing campaigns, Facebook has proved to be a boon for them.

Using Facebook as a marketing platform has many advantages. They are:

i. Broader Customer Base

Although it started as a social network focused primarily on college students, it is now connected to millions of people from around the world.

Its largest demographic is 35-54 years old, while those 55 years old or above constitutes its fastest-growing segment. Irrespective of the age group your business is focused on, Facebook can be the best way to target them.

Broader Customer Base

ii. Different Marketing Platforms

The social networking site has three platforms that you can use to promote your business. They are Pages, Groups and Ads. Pages help businesses, public figures, and brands to create their own social media page or profile.

Groups, on the other hand, act as discussion forums but they come with a few restrictions. The Ads help businesses reach their audience via a paid marketing campaign. They can target their audience based on their demographics.

iii. Reach Exact Customers

Facebook collects a massive amount of demographic information from its growing base of active users. This allows businesses to target precise customers they want, depending on anything available in their profile such as interests, locations and more.

Reach Exact Customers

iv. Low-Cost Ads

As Facebook allows brands to set daily budget limits, it serves as a low-cost advertising platform for them. Entrepreneurs can run their campaign either by per-impression or per-click basis. Depending on their brand’s speciality, Facebook shows relevant ads to the end users.

v. Strong Business-To-Consumer Relationship

Facebook offers a perfect platform for two-way discussions between the businesses and customers. It’s an excellent way to create and strengthen business-consumer relationships.

Consumer Relationship

vi. Drive Traffic To Your Website

Facebook allows companies to drive traffic to their website through suitable links. These links are visible to the users as they click it and choose to go to the website.

Once they reach the landing page, they can be exposed to other products or services. This is a great way for direct marketing pitch while boosting the overall web traffic.

Tips To Improve Facebook Ad Conversion

With its many advantages and marketing channels, the social media giant has proven to be the most powerful platform for businesses.

But over a couple of years, Facebook’s News Feed space has become more competitive. Marketers are doing their best to appear in the News Feed.

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm update that came earlier this year, has further fuelled this competitiveness.

The update has resulted in decrease in organic reach on which marketers had been relying. Facebook not only wants to deliver meaningful and relevant content to its users but a meaningful experience.

Facebook Ad Conversion

Those who really want to reach their target audience through Facebook, need to combine their organic efforts with paid ads. This leaves marketers with no other choice but to adopt paid ads.

But running a Facebook ad campaign doesn’t guarantee success if marketers don’t consider what a customer wants. A paid advertisement should not just focus on selling, but stimulate interests.

There have been many instances where Facebook ad conversion is below the expectations. But there are many ways to get your ad up and running.

Here Are 25 Tips To Improve Facebook Ad Conversion rate

01. Sync The Landing Page

The effectiveness of your Facebook ad depends on your landing page. Determine where you would like the conversion to take place. Get everything in place to match it with your ad’s promise.

Landing Page

Here Are A Few Tips To Prepare Your Landing Page Well In Advance

i. Get It Designed Well For The Users

In case your page isn’t ready, get it done. Take help from a professional graphic designer if needed. The page should have easy navigations. Sometimes, visitors leave the page soon after they click on the ad.

It is because they do not find any correlation between the page and the advertisement. But a professional website design will help you stand out. Use the same color scheme as it’s in your ad.

ii. Implement Pixel

Once the landing page has been decided, add Facebook Pixel code to the page. This helps you track the event and measure conversion rate.

iii. Aim For Relevance:

Make sure the landing page delivers the same thing your ad promises to offer. You don’t want your audience looking for clothes land on footwear page. Design and content should also harmonize with each other.

02. Make Your Offer Crystal Clear

Your offer might be clear to you, but is it clear to your audience as well? It might be vague to people who haven’t heard about your business.

If you want your Facebook Ad conversion rate to go up, you need to make your offer crystal clear in your ad copy. What exactly one will get from clicking on the ad? If you make this clear right from the start, it is sure to attract more prospects.

Crystal Clear

Take an example of the above ad. It gives a clear message of 50% OFF plus Free Shipping.

03. Include Customer Testimonials

If you want your Facebook ads to encourage your prospects to click on it, you should feature a customer testimonial in your ad.

This idea works because it clears out people’s doubts that they might have. It also boosts their confidence and encourages them to take a specific action.

Customer Testimonials

Showing real people recommending your product or service is the best way to maximize conversions. You can also engage interested customers while being transparent about your products or services.

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04. Find The Best Time To Advertise

Showing your ads to the right people at the right time is the best way to get the desired results. By default, Facebook runs your ads 24 hours a day. It could be a complete waste of time, money and effort.

Every marketing campaign has budget limitations. Scheduling ads at a specific time of the day is critical.

Best Time

Below are the steps to get this done. But before that make sure you use Facebook ads lifetime budget in place of daily budget.

  • Log in to your Facebook Ad account
  • Go to the Ad Set
  • Edit Ad Set page will appear
  • While on Edit Ad Set, “Ad Scheduling” option will appear
  • Choose “Run ads on a schedule” option

Now, schedule your ads for specific hours and days of the week.

This is a great way to improve your ads and save money.

05. Experiment With Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are an exciting and fun way to advertise your business. These ads are effective in driving up to 10 times more traffic than static Facebook Ads.

The carousel advertising lets you include 2 or more images and/or videos, links, headlines, or call –to-action buttons in a single ad. Any entrepreneur, irrespective of his/her niche, can use it to achieve a variety of goals of advertising.

Carousel Ads

LOVOO, the local-discovery and dating app achieved a 72% higher click-through rate via carousel ads. They even succeed to drive 35% lower costs per install against the single image mobile app ad.

Facebook Carousel Ads Best Practices & Tips:

  • For brand identity, get a high-quality logo design to be added at the end of the carousel.
  • Use engaging images and/or videos that have the same color schemes.
  • Include crisp and catchy headlines, descriptions and call-to-action buttons for detail and encouragement.

06. Encourage Action Using Deadline

Marketing and urgency go hand in hand. It’s a psychological fact that customers are more likely to act in a condition that has an expiration date, limited-time offer or price hike.

Add urgency in your ad copy to incite action. “BUY NOW” or “HURRY” word isn’t going to work out. You need to include a date or time.

Encourage Action

Take inspiration from Groupon’s ad that offers an extra 25% OFF till 5 PM EDT.

Adding a clear deadline is a sure-fire way for Facebook Ad Conversion.


07. Partner With Another Leader

Collaborating with someone else in the same industry is the best way to draw in more followers and traffic. Many small businesses or start-ups struggle to get brand recognition.

They can succeed in creating a niche for themselves by including a reference or image in their copy. Even tagging and Facebook mentions do the same trick.

Another Leader

08. Bring Variations By Testing Different Ad Images

You need to start testing different variations of your Facebook ad. This is the best way to trigger the results you get from your advertisements.

Ad Images

You can start testing on the images you include in your ads. Choose multiple images in a single ad set. This gives you clarity about the best performing ad and helps you make most out of your ad expenses.

09. Alter The Ad Placement

If you let your Facebook ads run on “automatic placements” then it will drain your budget wallet. The default placement shows your ads in several territories including:

  • Newsfeed
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • The Audience Network

You may also be given device options such as the desktop right column, desktop news feed, and mobile.

But you may not want your ads to run on all these locations. Targeting one particular area may work best for you.

Ad Placement

Do some analysis and find out the major territories and devices where your ads work best. To do this, take a look at the ‘Breakdown’ section in your ad set by going into the Facebook Ads Manager. Choose “Placement” from the drop-down menu.

Now, you will be able to analyze your ads by cost and CTR. As per the insights, you can change your placement for maximum results.

10. Give Freebies

Who doesn’t have a spree for free? Shoppers love to walk away with something for free than spending less on a discounted product. The power of “FREE” cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, giving freebies is an effective way to boost your Facebook ad conversion. You can promote this offer via a catchy image designed by a professional graphic designer. Supplementing your ad with an attractive image is also crucial in driving traffic towards your offer.

Give Freebies

This Facebook Ad from The Body Shop USA is a perfect example of offering freebies. It gives two items absolutely free of cost when a customer buys three items together.

This is absolutely an attractive offer for someone interested in their products.

11. Customize Your Ad With Location-Based Images

If you run a local business, you have to be appealing to shoppers in your vicinity. Take advantage of Facebook’s geo-targeting options and use them for your profitability.

In case you do not have a local business, use the same idea to target the buyers placed in areas with different landmarks.

12. Experiment With Different Color Schemes

The image you post on your social media page or use for sponsored post makes a huge difference in attracting viewers. A little tweak in the color scheme of a brand’s logo design or image can also make a huge difference.

According to a study, up to 90% of snap decisions about a product is based on color. This showcases the psychology of color in advertising. Amid many factors that persuade customers to buy, color is the strongest one.

13. Create A Custom Audience, Exclude Converted Ones

Throwing money at people who have already seen or purchased your product isn’t a good idea. This will also impact your Facebook Ad conversion rate.

To solve this issue, create a custom audience for your Ad. But before that, check who has converted using a Facebook targeting pixel for every campaign.

Here is how to do it – If your ad worked well at first but now it’s working below the expectations, this could be the problem. So, set custom audience and resolve it.

14. Incorporate Call-To-Action

If your Facebook Ad fails to drive the clicks you’d expected when you run the campaign, this might be that your ad copy lacks power words.

Not only the button text, but your copy also requires adding call-to-action words. Include short phrases such as “reserve your seat” or “claim a product”.

Including a call-to-action in the copy influences readers to click it.

15. Address The Audience With “You” Based Phrases

The Ad copy of your advertisement should have a direct appeal to the audience. Including “you-based” phrasing is the best way to give the readers a personal feel.

Look at the ad copy of the above advertisement that says “just for you”. The copy has a touch point that appeals to viewers.

16. Use Realistic And Natural Images

Too generic and professional images may have an adverse impact on your Facebook ad campaign. Therefore, it becomes essential to use natural images. You can count on various online graphic design services for natural image creation.

Brief them about your exact needs to get an image of your choice for stellar results. A natural, low-resolution image will catch the attention of viewers and compel them to take action.

17. Target A Specific Group Of People

Generic marketing is no longer in vogue. However, if you’re still counting on such marketing strategies, it’s time to look ahead.

It’s an era of targeted marketing. Ditch the earlier one and opt for it!

Create different  Facebook ads for different types of audiences who may come across your product which can be created with the help of Facebook Ad templates. Craft customized experiences for specific demographics. This will give you a better return on investment.

18. Focus On The Friends Of Your Followers

A substantial amount of social proof is what you need to make your campaign successful. And to do this, you will have to reach out to the friends of your followers (the ones who have liked your page).

Facebook shows the connection when targeting those audiences. This gives your ad an extra punch and encourages them to opt for your product or services. Even social media examiner recommends doing this.

This is an ideal way to add new authority to your Facebook sponsored campaigns and convert.

However, the condition is that your campaign should be attention-grabbing. You can take help from experts like Voy Media to create a successful advertisement campaigns.

19. Use Images With People’s Faces

Make your Facebook Ads stand out by using images that feature people, especially faces. This helps you to attract viewers to your image. Catching their attention means compelling them to act on your ad.

This is a powerful strategy. Even Facebook recommends marketers to embrace this strategy to create better ads.

Therefore, pick images with happy faces or close-ups to boost your engagement and make your ads effective. For an advertisement design like this, take help of a professional designer.

20. Add Social Proof In Your Copy

The ad text that you use should mention the popularity of your products or services. For example, if your product is liked, downloaded, or used by many people, specify the number. This is a great way to bring a dramatic boom in your Facebook ad conversion.

This also shows that a large number of people approved your product.

21. Attract Viewers Emotionally and Logically

Logic plays a crucial role in how prospects interact with your advertisement. Today’s marketers understand this fact. That’s why some ads become rampant.

If you are running a campaign, it is essential for you to attract your prospects emotionally and logically. Your offer should be something that makes sense, is reasonable and offers benefits to the end users.

Make an emotional connection with your audience to win over their hearts. The emotional side is what most of the ads fail to touch. But you can set your ad apart from them by incorporating it effectively.

22. Focus On Complementary Interests

Today’s users have various intersecting interests. And Facebook ads give you an exact opportunity to focus on those interests. You can create a custom audience based on cross interests and reach out to them individually.

Understand complementary interests first and then target those demographics.

23. Use Short And Long Title Combinations

Marketing gurus often favor short and to-the-point headlines. But sometimes long headlines go a long way and work better for your Facebook ad.

The ad with long and descriptive headlines gives readers a clear view of the offering that ultimately leads to conversions.

24. Test Your Ad For Different Ages

If you have a product that can be targeted to people in different age-groups, split your ad based on these age groups.

This will show you the relevance of your ad in various age-groups, and you can create a custom group based on the insights you will have.

25. Experiment Video Vs Standard Image

Though rarely practised, you can also include videos in your Facebook Ads. Videos provide instant information to the viewers efficiently and in a short span of time. Static images, on the other hand, fail to provide a detailed description.

According to WordStream, every day 500 million people watch Facebook videos. This means that adding videos to your ad will boost the conversion rate.

No matter how engaging ads you may create. If it doesn’t tap into the psychology of Facebook, it will fail. This social media giant is attractive because it includes psychological factors that create addiction.

Every single activity such as liking, posting, sharing or commenting tickles the pleasure point of our brain.

Being a marketer, you should know what makes others honored, happy and benefitted in the real sense. People want to be encouraged, so you should cater to any of the reasons that improve social media experience for followers, friends and acquaintances.

Pay a closer look at the types of posts that people find ‘likeable’ and ‘shareable’ regardless of the verticals they come from.

  • Invitation posts
  • Common Event-related posts
  • Incentive or offer related posts
  • Fun-filling posts for entertainment
  • Giveaway or awards related posts
  • Posts with shareable quotes for motivation

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The bottom line is, you post or ad should have the X-factor that’s “likeability” for your social audience. It should have some sorts of value for them. If your Facebook ads aren’t driving the desired results, don’t worry.Improve your ads by presenting them in the right environment. Maximize their impact on accurate placements. If you are showing them on the right screens, think over your audience. Target the group that is customized to your offer. Target them based on the demographics.

Do not overlook images as they play a huge role in the success of your campaign. Take help from Designhill to tweak color scheme and create stunning images and logo design. Modify your ad copy if you want it to boost conversion. Include call – to- action in your copy. It’s a great way to drive attention. Use urgency factor too, to incite users to take action.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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