10 Exciting Events Where Custom T-Shirts Are A Must

Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts are one of the most comfortable wardrobe staples. Their easy-breezy, cool and comfy aspects make them an amazing pick for an array of events. With a little imagination and an out-of-the-box twist, you can create custom t-shirts that will drive attention. The modern wardrobe essential is a perfect choice for some occasions. It will set you and your group apart from others.

Let’s face it! This common clothing is everywhere. From shopping malls to cinema halls, special events to celebratory moments, you will find people sporting simple to custom t shirt everywhere!

But how did a t-shirt become an essential part of our fashion sense? Here is a t-shirt history timeline to know it better.

T-Shirt History Timeline

Early History: The Union Suit

These staples came from an all-in-one-garment parallel to Long Johns, known as a Union Suit. As working men wanted to keep themselves warm while working, t-shirts became popular among them.

But when the summer season arrived, men started feeling uncomfortable in union suits. They found out a quick-fix, and cut the suits in half. Although it was a DIY trick, it became a fashion sensation! This inspired many companies to come up with buttonless undershirts.

The Cooper Underwear Company started off an advertising campaign targeting bachelors. They promoted their buttonless undershirts that were durable too. A year after this advertisement, the US Navy included them into their standard dressing code. This event skyrocketed the popularity of undershirts.

The Army implemented suit. By the end of WWI, soldiers started wearing them as a staple in their daily lives. In 1920, the undershirts appeared in a new avatar. It was because of the event when the term “t-shirt” was used in the novel “This Side of Paradise” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


The time WWII began, t-shirts became popular all across the US high schools and universities. A cover shot of a US Air Corpse member wearing army-issue printed t-shirt appeared in Life magazine in 1942. This was the first time a publication featured t-shirts as outerwear.

T-shirts, however, weren’t popularized as go-to outerwear until 1951. This is the year when Marlon Brando appeared in a body-hugging t-shirt in his flick named “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Although it wasn’t a big deal, yet his appearance aggravated t-shirt sales all over the USA.

The American people weren’t the only ones inspired by Brando’s style, but big companies too. The first commercial use of a branded t-shirt began in the early 1950s when Disney came up with unique graphic design ideas and started making t-shirt prints featuring the famous Mickey Mouse character.

Accessibility And Expression

Over the period, tshirt printing technology became sophisticated and easy-to-use. Later on, artists like Andy Warhol publicized screen-printing techniques in their creations. This led to the mass production of printed t-shirts. This inspired everyone to join the trend.

Famous musicians such as Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones also became a part of t-shirt printing revolution. They started selling their own brand featuring the t-shirt prints of their eminent album designs on the t-shirts. They found these t-shirts great for making some extra money and promoting their music.

The involvement of musicians, artists, and brands in tshirt printing popularized this ensemble. People found out a way of expression through t-shirts.

Modern History

In the last thirty years, printing techniques have been refined. It has developed by leaps and bounds. This has made it easier to make high-quality custom t-shirts. Further, the development of inkjet printers for computers introduced Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers.

Printing has made t-shirts an ideal choice for events. When you become a part of any special occasion, you want it to relish to the fullest, isn’t it? You also want to remember it for years to come. Well, you can accomplish both by using custom tank tops and t-shirts. Having a personalized tee for everyone who is involved will add to the fun. It will also work as a little memorabilia to remember that particular day.

But what are those events where wearing customized tee can be an ideal option?

Here Are 10 Exciting Events Where Custom T-Shirts Are A Must

01. Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

These are the occasions that occur just once in one’s lifetime. What could be better than making these get-togethers unforgettable with custom t-shirts that suite your style! Label them with the name of the bridesmaids and groomsmen or get it printed with a funny picture of the couple.

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Even you can reveal a joke quite famous in your group on these tees! You can design your own t-shirt using our t-shirt maker for customization. Seeing everyone in matching t-shirt will surely turn your party memorable.

02. Corporate Events

Who says corporate custom tees are boring? They can be turned into perfect attention-grabbers. But this corporate apparel doesn’t have to be dull. Take help from a professional graphic designer. They will use various colors, along with graphic design elements to make your tees impressive.

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This will make each of your departments stand out on your next corporate event. However, if other companies are participating, consider including other promotional products such as custom tote bags, pens, hats, and, pins.

Looking For A Custom T-Shirt?

It is very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select color and size. Create your own design.
You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
Create Your Own DesignHire a Designer

03. Class Reunions

Leaving school and bidding bye to friends is one of the heart-wrenching moments. But class reunions are the best way to catch up with school buddies. As class reunion doesn’t often happen, matching custom t-shirts are the best way to make it memorable.

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Get together, choose funny t-shirt design ideas, and sport these tees to the event! Consider incorporating your school’s logo or mascot, color, and prom photos to turn it into a treasure-trove!

If you had different friend groups known for having a specific theme of color, include your own variations in the color and design of your t-shirts. Or, get each other’s face printed on these tees to remember the bygone days.

04. Fundraisers

Participating in a marathon to raise funds for unprivileged kids? Organizing a stage show to raise cancer awareness? Whichever event you’re participating in, custom clothes and customized t-shirts help you express your zeal for a good cause flawlessly.

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You will be noticeable among those attending, leave a lasting impression and have a memorable souvenir to bring home. Having products with good-cause to pass around is one of the most effective ways to leave a great impact on others. It will also help them recall the importance of the event long after it is over!

05. Charity Event

Irrespective of the size or scale of the event, charity events end up leaving a positive impact one and all. These are one of the things that make such events extra special. Not only custom t-shirts are a great way to nurture this type of impact, but they will help you spread the noble message around. Whenever someone wears these tees after the event, it is sure to grab attention.

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06. Company Picnic

Time to time companies organize some events that are meant for fostering team spirit. Company picnics are one of those occasions. These events, by no means, are a new concept, but event organizers come up with innovative ideas regularly to make them truly unforgettable.

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They leave no stone unturned to make it outstanding for everyone who attends. A personalized t-shirt is something that you can integrate into your company’s next picnic event. Hire a t-shirt design maker to get attractive tees. Incorporating this idea will make the event memorable and exciting.

For your company picnic, T-shirt maker software can help you in designing your company’s tshirt design on your own quickly. All you need to do is to choose the elements of typeface, colors, and images carefully and the maker will do the rest of the designing job for you.

07. Spring Or Winter Sporting Events

Nothing beats the classic look of sports enthusiasts cuddled in tees. Not any tee, but the one with the symbol of their favorite team! It is so much fun to support while rooting for them on or off the ground.

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The recent FIFA World Cup event captured many die-hard fans wearing t-shirts the same as their team’s and favorite player’s. This popularized custom t-shirts as a great way to flaunt loyalty. You can bring your creative ideas into foreplay while getting your custom tee designed to support your favorite sports team.

08. Family Reunion

In today’s fast-paced life, staying connected to loved ones is just a few taps away. However, it has become harder than ever to have a gala time with people we care about. Tight schedules have marred our chances of spending quality time in person as well.

That’s why family reunions make a special event! Slowing down, taking a break from professional responsibility and enjoy being together with near and dear ones is something we would love to celebrate. And what could be better than funny tshirts to have a good time together! There are many companies out there that offer graphic design services. You can ask them to create a unique yet fun design and incorporate the same into your tees.

09. Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special events. Be it kids, youngsters or old; it excites almost everyone alike. The aging ceremony has to be celebrated in a perfect way that would create unforgettable memories. The best way to make it stand out is to add a dash of personalization. Let everyone be a part of this celebration with custom t-shirts.

There are no limits to what design, catchphrase, quote or even pictures can be included in it. A t-shirt design maker can customize any design you like straight away. Whether it’s for your parents’, grandparents, BFFs’ or children’s birthday, show-off your creative side with a customized tee-themed party!

10. Group Travel

Are you heading across the country with your family for a summer adventure? Or, planning a road trip with your band of brothers or a gang of sisters? Kicking off your trip with custom tees is surely the best way to capture those memories.

Consider where you are heading to. Having the shape of the country, state, or continent, you are about to explore on your tees is an easy way to create personalized t-shirts for your trip. You can ask a t-shirt printing company to create an outline or print a whole map. You can even think of adding words or quotes that define a specific location.

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Such companies can also create a logo for businesses involved in organizing a group or solo trips. Even those who have an in-house graphics designing team can do the same. They can leverage online logo maker tools that will create impressive logos.

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