11 Eye-Catching Beer Label Designs For Your Inspiration

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The label of a beer bottle is the first thing which attracts the customer to buy it. The label needs to be eye-catchy so that one can easily set his eyes on it. Designers work hard to design such labels, which are different from the existing ones, are better and more attractive.This emergence is happening because of the recent trends were seen in breweries where a majority of people prefer to open small run craft beers. It’s a new pathway for designers to work on beer label designs.

Companies are using attractive and inspiring beer label designs to gain popularity. There are many brands like Stella Artois, Budweiser and Beck’s; which are widely consumed every day by the masses.

Earlier, people were not aware of them until they implemented creativity for their designs. Therefore it’s important to have eye-catching beer label designs.

Here Are 11 Eye-Catching Beer Label Designs For Your Inspiration

01. Yoho Brewing Company

Yoho brewing company is a very well-known brand from Japan who decided to make British and American style beers. They use illustrative, colorful, quirky, and innovative label designs. Everyone loves the way they use colors with stripes and spots all over their bottles.

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02. Sixpence Stout

The Sixpence stout was designed by Midday; bringing the excellent glamour of Christmas pudding into beer. The bottle is represented by a wax neck that is indulgent and sealed with a fine finish. Its topography is put in a modern way that is attractive and playful at the same time.

03. Liberty Ale

Liberty Ale has been credited with representing the historic ride of Paul Revere, who once warned the Congress about the arrival of British Army. It was designed many years ago and changes are still introduced in the design from time-to-time.

In simple words, it is the historic work from a label design for an ancient beer which is full of details and craft; medalled with an American eagle on it.

04. Scott’s Brewing

They have one of the most effective beer label design that was understated by an efficient designer named Penny Dombroski.

The print on the bottle represents the information which is easy and economical to read. The label itself helps in differentiating the ales while keeping the bottle design simple and attractive.

05. Hilliard’s Brewery

It was designed for Beer Cans with the idea to represent the classic ways of Americana. The design is inspired by Mint, which leaves people nostalgic with the old age fonts put together in white and blue color palette.

06. 1295 Brewing

1295’s concept is simple and attractive, that uses black color as the base and which white color on top of it for creating a bold impression.

They have smartly used their own font for maintaining a unique branding. While the bigger bottles are painted in larger font sizes to maintain a sense of elegance.

The name itself was derived from the house number; an innovative idea to make people re-think about the brand’s origin.

07. Innis & Gunn

Their designs were crafted by the creative team of Stranger and Strangers, who have a reputation for preparing the best packaging designs. The team is well known for their work in the design industry, and have always managed to give a modern & classic look to this beer.

They use Gold and Red as the prime coloring elements for the bottle’s design.

08. Camden Town Beer

They have incorporated some of the best colors and images in their bottle designs, to distinguish themselves from other brands. Another major attraction in its design is that some words are mentioned in different fonts. Thus, giving an attractive and impressive look to the brand.

09. Cerveceria Sagrada

Cervecería is a highly recognized Mexican beer brand that has successfully captured the history and spirit of its country. The design is inspired by the culture of the country and has used various colors for capturing Mexico’s colorful ambiance.

It includes some recognizable faces of the local heroes who could also be seen in movies and comics from 1950’s.

10. St. Stefanus

The label was by the renowned designing firm ‘Brandhouse’. Their ancient beer brewing tradition is very well-known and represents the monks from the ancient books found in their library.

For years, their elegant designs have managed to gain loyal followers and attracted numerous beer fans.

11. Half Acre

This is another beer can label design that reflects the refreshing feel that can be felt within the beer. The label says it all and is loved by many. It has used all sorts of elements and characters ranging from donkeys, robots, and daisies that show how wildly delicious it would be.

Creating a product label design is very important and plays a major role in marketing. It can be claimed as the key appearance on the bottle that appeals to the customers into buying the product.

It can help the brand to be on the top list of suppliers. Therefore it’s important to have an eye-catchy, elegant and attractive label for the product.

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There are various aspects that need to be considered while designing the beer label designs. Such as the correct materials to be used, color combinations, eye catchy fonts, graphics and ultimate finishing. If these aspects are properly looked upon, one can create an effective beer label design to make the beer look more attractive and grow a legendary business out of it.

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