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30 Eye-Catching Wine Label Designs For Inspiration

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Label Design

Wine Label Designs

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

The wine making and selling business has to make its marketing decisions carefully to be ahead of its competitors. Wine label designs play a significant role in drawing the attention of potential customers. A well-crafted label can even help in building an authentic identity for a new business.

The wine business is thriving due to ever-increasing demand from all sections of the population.

In the U.S, the revenue from wine sales was $ 41.8 billion, a 2% increase from the previous year. As per the law, wine packaging can be done only in the standard sizes ranging from 50 ML to 750 ML, 1 L, 1.5 L, 3 L, and multiples of liters.

Wine labels are essential visuals for the businesses in making and selling different wines. The label is all about catching the eye of the shopper and draws the attention towards the wine brand from many other similar labels on a shelf.

This is crucial to ensure that the consumers notice your brand. That is the first step for a consumer to taste your wine. If the wine tastes great, the consumer will repurchase the same brand. So, the importance of the label is to attract the consumers.

However, besides catching the eye, a wine label is significant also for delivering some information. A typical label informs about the type and origin of the wine.

So, with the help of the label, a consumer can evaluate the wine before buying it. A wine label has vital details like the country of origin, type of wine, producer, alcoholic degree, bottler, importer, etc.

But to create a label using a label maker for a wine company, you need to consider many of its aspects. A fundamental aspect is an inspiration, which every designer waits for endlessly.

Once you have some inspirational thoughts, you can work on them to design a label using a label template uniquely. Take a look at creative labels to get an idea of how your design should look like. But do not imitate.

Here Are Some Fantastic Wine Label Designs That Will Inspire You

01. Tucumen

The Tucumen label looks unique due to its use of multiple colors. Red, yellow, dark brown, and blue are the company’s brand colors that the designer used to create some visual attraction for the consumers. The designer used squares to provide the information.


02. The Cloud Factory

The Cloud Factory wine label design looks simple because of its use of two colors only. Yellow and white colors give the label a soft look, which seems to be the intention of the designer and the brand.

Cloud Factory

03. Backyard Wine Packaging

The Backyard label is one of the finest wine label designs. This label design has the grape stems as a significant design element. The watering cans added to the design give it a unique look. Black and white look of the label also stands out.


04. Coma Fredosa

This wine label uses the power of black and white design, which is simple and unique. The map elements are key features of the design.


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05. The Bottle Of Wits

The Bottle of Wits label designer used different elements of fonts, colors, and images to get a brand message across. This label design stands out due to the two comical figures in contrasting colors.


06. The Hunting Ghost

The Hunting Ghost label is entirely in black, which is a dominant color for branding. The white fonts with a touch of rough style create a ghostly environment, which reflects the company’s name.


07. Mike Weir Underdog Wine Co.

The Mike Weir Underdog Wine Co. label relies heavily on the lettering to make an impression on the consumers. The company’s name is the dominating element of design in white against the black background.

Mike Weir

08. Adir Winery

Adir Winery label is amongst wine label designs known for simple design based on minimalistic principles.

The company’s name is represented by a small letter ‘a’ only, making the label stands out. Such simplicity of design is what every designer looks for creating a logo design and many other design items for branding.


09. The Quest

The Quest brand has a warrior figure in a fighting mode. With this figure, the wine label wants to build a strong brand identity. The white background gives the label a clean look.


10. Snake + Herring

This label design has an imaginative use of snake and other elements. The ocean imagery having a ship, a whale and some debris scattered around give a message that the wine taste is raw and strong. It is undoubtedly one of the excellent wine label designs.


11. Ali La Belle

Ali La Belle is a family winemaker. Its label is, therefore, made of soft and soothing colors. The font style also conveys a message of friendliness.

Some handwritten style of fonts particularly catches our eye. A professional graphic designer, such as this designer, cares a lot about the brand personality and chooses the colors and fonts accordingly.


12. Delhaize

This is another impressive and unique wine label that draws our attention at first glance.

The use of cork element in creating different historical shapes such as a Red Indian and a cartoon character is undoubtedly a unique idea. Such concepts give a personality and identity that makes a brand stand out.


13. 359 Wine Range

What is so remarkable about this label is its use of numbers. While other labels use letters, this one creates the numbers 359 in its own way to give the wine brand its identity. Some wine bubbles indicate to the environment in a pub.

Wine Range

14. Finca De La Rica

Here is yet another beautifully created design. The concept here is inspired by some crossword puzzle, which many people are interested and they keenly await for a new one.

The focus word in the design is ‘Expresivo,’ which means expressive. The message is that you will be creative and expressive when taking this brand of wine.


Such unique designs play a key role in determining your brand’s specific identity. Your social media page, for example, will drive more customers with such brilliant design concepts.

15. Blue Hugs

Blue is the color of friendship, socialization, and intelligence. So, the designer cleverly used blue as a prominent color to express these qualities of the brand.

Blue is also the brand name. The hands wrapped around the bottle indicate towards the bond that this wine brand thinks to create with its consumers.

Blue Hugs

16. Vi Novell 2011

This bottle label design uses some ancient symbols, elements, and imagery to create a brand identity for the company. Such designs are a key to build trust and faith in the hearts and minds of consumers for a company’s products or services.

Vi Novell

17. Macpherson Estate

This label targets the wedding celebrations and parties. So, the label design specifically mentioned its target consumers with the phrase ‘Our Wedding Day.’

The word Vintage also helps in creating an image of the company’s wine. This is solely a latter based design that depends on black and white fonts for making an impression by graphic design services.


18. Rousse Winery

The Rousse Winery label has a formal look to give the impression that the winery and the business of making wine are conducted seriously and professionally at this company.

To convey this message, the layout is kept formal and classic. The stamp element is a conventional symbol of trust and authority.


19. The Polly Bottles

The Polly Bottles label design is yet another design that entirely depends on the use of fonts to catch the attention of viewers.

The designer uses a mix of big and small letters, and a combination of the formal and informal styling of the letters to convey a brand message. Such lettering is a key to creating a professional website design and other design products.


20. Bear Flag Labels

This brand delivers wine in four flavors and tastes to target a different set of consumers. So, each bottle has a label design of its own.

But the company’s brand name design is the same on all the labels. The designer makes good use of cartoon characters, stars, bear, etc. that create a crowded environment similar to a pub.

Bear Flag

21. Wetzer Wines

Most brands want to make an impression that their products or services are worthy of consumers’ trust and faith. This wine label creates that impression by using a classic style of lettering. The mild use of red is to catch the eye.

Wetzer Wines

22. Epesses Wine Label

This label is one of the great graphic design ideas for its strategic use of black color, houses, and some classic cultural symbols. A mix of crown and trophy shaped symbol at the top of this design conveys the strong message of trust to the consumers. Black is a color of power and authority.

wine label

23. Enotheque Privee

The Enotheque Privee label also uses a conventional crown as a chief feature of the design. The soft yellow and brown colors give the message of socializing and adoring something, which in this case is the wine brand.


24. Hedera Wines

This is one of the remarkable wine label designs for its simplicity. The design follows the minimalistic principles of using very few fonts, colors, and other elements to build a brand identity.

In this case, there is only one white color in the background and one font color for each flavor of the wine. The bottle color itself if black, which serves the purpose of background to the label and provides contrast also to the white label.

Hedera Wines

25. Diwine-Black Edition

This is a unique label because of the use of different animals used by the designers. The cat, eagle, and horse are the figures that stand for certain qualities of their own. The consumer gets a message when seeing these animal figures on the top of the label.

Because the company is selling wine under its black edition, black is the dominating color, while white shines in letters.


Whichever design, even if it is a simple sticker design, you create, it is essential that it must be memorable. In this case, the animal and bird figures make this label stand out and memorable.

26. Levent

The Levant label is memorable for the sole reason that it uses only the letters to convey its message and draw the consumers’ attention.

The fonts are both in formal and classic styles. While black is the prominent colors, like in most wine labels, the use of light brown and red makes the label even more attractive.


27. Tokaji

The Tokaji label designer played with some fun elements to make the company’s label stand out from the crowd. A comic head in the center and other things like goggles, bunches of grapes, bottle and wine cups etc create an environment of enjoying a session of taking wine.


28. Sequillo

The Sequillo label designer depended on some agriculture and rural imagery to make the label different from the other designs in the market. This gives the message that the consumer can expect raw and strong wine from the brand.

When you create a logo, label or any other design item, make sure to have a unique concept first as the basis of the design.


29. Vin

This is one of the amazing wine label designs that we appreciate for its unique use of letters. The letters have been stylized to form the company’s name VIN.

The very styling of the letters becomes the identity of the company’s brand. This is what a designer should ensure to create other design products such as packaging design. Make it look unique.


30. Client Xmas Gift 2010 Wine Bottle

Some designers believe in creating an environment related to the use of a product. This label designer did the same. When you look at the label, we immediately know that it reflects what goes on inside of a pub.

That feeling of joy, happiness, and of thinking nothing much about the daily chores of life is represented by the elements of a happy cartoon face, wine cups, bubbles, love symbols and others.

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, ask for designing something that holds the attention of the target audience.

Client Xmas

So, these are the amazing wine label designs that are truly inspiring. Both the designers and business owners can keep these examples for motivational purpose when looking for designing labels for your wine brand.

You can also rely on crowdsourcing site Designhill to create unique labels in a simple and quick way. Just launch your design contest at this site. You get a label as per your design brief in a short period at an affordable price.

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These wine label designs are an inspirational piece of works. The use of colors, fonts, images, and other elements is extraordinary. There are new concepts that define the label company and attract the target consumers. We can learn a lot of things from such a great work of label designs.

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