Facebook vs Twitter – What’s Better for Small Businesses?

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Last updated on October 24th, 2018

Small businesses benefit both from Facebook or Twitter when making presence felt on social media. But sometimes financial constraints compel businesses, especially small businesses, to restrict their marketing budget and, as a result, their activities on social sites are slowed down. Facebook vs Twitter? Which one is better for small businesses? Which one is good according to your specific promotional requirements?

In such a situation, you may like to invest more in one of the most popular social sites – Facebook or Twitter – to save money. But in doing so, you would also like to get maximum exposure for your small business so that less focus on one social site does not hurt your marketing cause much. Verticalresponse.com rightly says that small businesses are getting more selective about their use of social media.

Which of the two social sites Facebook vs Twitter remains the best?

Opt for Facebook When:

  • Your budget is too small and you wish to promote your posts amid larger audience.
  • Your follower base on your profile page is huge. You can exploit it for business interaction
  • You would like to have a dedicated business page to present your company and its products or services.
  • You want only businesses to connect with your Facebook page directly to avoid unnecessarily non-business users’ involvement and interference.
  • You want content to stay.
  • You wish to take your content to users quickly. A good content reaches to thousands of people as they like, share and comment on it.

However, to benefit from your Facebook presence, ensure that you create an impressive Facebook design that helps in increasing the number of followers.

Opt for Twitter when:

  • You think people will use Twitter search to find out your impressive product or service to know more>
  • A proactive approach is your intention when sharing your business content
  • Inviting a conversation, answering questions or helping others and your clients is your motive
  • Sharing useful information not related to your company directly is your purpose
  • You want to follow anyone whether a business or an individual
  • You do not worry about your content fading out quickly. Even your great tweets are difficult to promote to the top. So, be prepared to see your tweets staying in your feed only for few seconds.
  • You can ensure meaningful, useful and entertaining Twitter updates, says sproutsocial.com

So in comparison between Facebook vs Twitter, you should take an appropriate decision keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. But if you are still undecided, we can say that with over 1.3 billion active users, Facebook seems to be a good bet as with this site your chances of reaching out to bigger target audience are much higher.

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