Factors Affecting A Brand’s Logo Design

Logo Design

In creating a logo design, there are many factors that contribute to enhancing brand image of a company or business. Various design elements play a crucial role in making a logo appealing and capable of conveying a business message to the targeted audience. Here is a list of absolutely indispensable factors that create a logo design to augment brand image of a business.

Majority of logos take a two-dimensional form while others are created in three dimensions. Two-dimensional logos use color, shape, contrast, etc in conventional way, the three-dimensional logos are known for their sophistication and elements of surprise.

Contrast is a powerful tool that makes each design elements properties visible in a logo design. Excellent contrast between picture and size of text, colors and different fonts highlight business message of a company.

Symbols are another powerful tools that logo designers use to create a sense of belonging. It is through the symbols in a logo that the customers begin to see the brand and can recall the business.

An appropriate typeface goes well with the nature of your business. Personality of a typeface in fact ads grace to a logo which in turn helps in creating a desired brand image of your business.

What is your opinion about these aspects of logo design being helpful in creating a brand image?

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By Campbell Jof

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