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Top 7 Famous & Creative Logos Depicting Movements

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Logo Design

Creative Logos

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Creative logos can depict a company’s business values and brand message very well. One of the best ways to turn a logo into a brand building visual is to create some movements in the design. People are moved emotionally when they see the symbols that show a direction and movement.

Global companies have impressive logos. Many of their logos have become part of culture. This is because these logos touch hearts and minds of people. Most of these logos depict a sense of movement, which we all appreciate. We all like to move around.

But a movement with a purpose is the most desirable action that we like to take in life. Many symbols that depict movements have become part of our daily life. For example, traffic signals and signages in shopping areas show us a direction and guide us.

When creating a logo, a graphic designer can take advantage of our dependence on the signs that guide us to a particular direction. We like to be guided by someone so that we can move around smoothly without any confusion. A designer uses our desire for taking a direction. The designer can create a sense of direction and movement in a logo. For this, specific movement elements such as an arrow are used in logos.

If you can depict some movements in your logo, chances are that it will be immediately appreciated by the people. The action figures or icons in creative logos can also convey a message more effectively than a still figure.

Here Are Some Inspirational Famous Logos That Have Elements Of Movements

01. Twitter Logo

One of the most used social networking sites, Twitter, has a bird as its logo. But the bird is not just sitting there. It is flying and its flight has a purpose too. In its initial logos, Twitter had a still bird which conveyed nothing, but the bird itself. Later the company recreated the logo design and turned the bird into an adorable bird in flight.

Twitter Logo

If you carefully notice the bird, it is full of action. It is flying with its wings fluttering elegantly which is a symbol for the aspirations of the community which logs on to the social sites and sends and receives messages to millions across the globe. The bird’s beak is open and twittering to the fellow birds, which represents the tweets sent and received by people using this online platform.

02. FedEx Logo

A Creative Logo of Federal Express is another excellent example of how movements can create the intended message in a logo. The company has a global reputation for its quality of courier services and timely delivery of the documents or products. The company wished to convey these qualities through its creative logo.

The globally renowned designer Lindon Leader created the message by using the white space in the logo. The space was in between the letters E and X. When we see the logo for a longer time, there emerges an arrow between these letters. This arrow is the symbol of progress and the speed with which this company delivers its services to its consumers.

FedEx Logo

The arrow provides the much-needed action to the logo design. In fact, the arrow gave global reorganization to Lindon as a graphic designer and set the standards high for others in the design circuit worldwide. Such logos are a great way to ensure that a nice logo and brand identity of a business is in place.

You can learn a lot even from the aforementioned examples of how demonstration of some movement in a logo can give it a unique look and how it helps in conveying a message.

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03. American Eagle

The North American clothing line company wanted to show its patriotism in its logo design. So, the designer chose the eagle, which is a native bird, as the symbol of patriotism. The company’s logo is a silhouette of the eagle in flight. The bird’s keen eyesight stands for clear focus of the company. The aggression of the company is shown in the sharp talons of the bird.

American Eagle

04. Dove

The logo depicts a dove in silhouette. Color of the logo keeps on changing based on its ad campaign. The company makes feminine products. Therefore, its logo has the symbol of a dove which stands for simplicity and femininity. The dove is shown in flight, which is a clear movement. It helps the company in connecting with its customers.


When printed on a business card design and other designs, such movement oriented logos help make the overall design of the card even more attractive and memorable.

05. Singapore Airline

The Singapore Airlines logo is another exciting design showing movements. The yellow bird resembles a swan against a dark blue background. The bird is called ‘Silver Kris’ and in the logo it is drawn in three bold and straight lines.

Singapore Airline

It is facing the right side of the logo, which indicates the movement of progress and forward-thinking. Your other graphic design items such as website design can also have some movement elements for navigational purpose.

06. Nestle

Nestle was the surname of the founder Henri Nestle, the surname means “little nest” and this is depicted by a little nest as the logo design of the company. The business is about selling nutritious products.


Therefore, the logo has a mother thrush bird and her two baby thrushes. The three birds are shown in a movement of the care as the mother bird focuses on her babies. The oak tree in the logo stands for strength and stability of the brand. Make sure that the movements you create in other designs such as signage designs are relevant to your business.

07. Kiwi

The Kiwi brand is famous worldwide for its shoe polish products. The brand originated in Australia. But since the founder’s wife was from New Zealand, the logo has kiwi bird of that country. The logo depicts a white kiwi bird standing over the brand name. The bird is shown in a movement of fluttering of features.


Next time, when you design a logo, consider adding some sense of movement to it. Do well to explore the size and shape of the logo and then carefully mull over how to include some elements of movements in the design.

Pictured below are some more examples of the logos that have movements as a main element to convey the message. See how the elements of action have transformed these creative logos into impressive designs.

So, these are the famous logos that have movements. Most of these logos have bird as a dominating element to show movement. Make sure that you choose a unique figure and it should have some action.

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Many global companies have logos that show movements. People like such designs that give them some sense of action. Most of these logos have birds as a dominating element when it comes to depicting an action.

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