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The 21 Famous Brands With Numbers In Their Names You Can’t Ignore

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Branding

famous brands

Last updated on May 5th, 2023

Numbers have always been attractive to people and even businesses. Many famous brands with numbers in their name look different and catch the customers’ wavering attention. There are endless examples of inspirational brands with numbers becoming global successes and even household names.

Naming a business is difficult since finding a unique name becomes increasingly difficult due to millions of trademarks already spread across many industries and sectors.

Therefore, some businesses employ innovative or fictional names to differentiate themselves. Others use descriptive labels to provide information about what they do or sell.

To stand out in a niche market, use numbers. Many brands with numbers in their name are globally successful and have become household names across the globe.

Companies use numbers in their name because there is some psychology involved. For example, number psychology says round numbers make a product look superior.

Importance of Numbers in Brand Names

Brand names with numbers aren’t appropriate for some businesses, but they may provide tremendous value in the proper situations. According to most studies, numbers are appealing to practically everyone.

Also, businesses understand why a logo is important. They know that a logo can help them stand out from their competition in their niche. A number in their brand name becomes a tool to create an impressive logo.

Research also reveals that the appropriate number may reflect a brand’s personality or beliefs. For example, some numbers are more feminine than others. In addition, certain digits are associated with environmental friendliness or sustainability, while others are associated with power.

Note that the use of numbers in company names was once a trend. According to a study, out of the 1.35 million brand names in the US during the 90s, nearly 10,000 used numbers.

One reason for using numbers could be that businesses wanted to look different from their competitors to drive customers’ attention. They speak a global language, making it simpler for firms to interact with a larger audience, and the majority have a psychological impact. Companies not only utilize numbers in their corporate names, but they also employ numbers in product titles.

There are many more examples of famous brands with numbers in their product names. For example, Chanel No. 5, Boeing 747, and many more brands have used unique number-based names to appeal to a specific demographic.

Here Are The Famous Brands with Numbers in Their Name

Brands with numbers in their names are known for their unique names that people can instantly recognize. These well-known brands are bright examples of how numbers can play a role in success in many ways.

01. 7-Eleven

Almost every American is familiar with the corporation 7-Eleven. This worldwide convenience store network was established in 1927. Today, the company sells a variety of popular convenience foods and beverages, as well as petrol.

7 Eleven

7-Eleven picked its moniker, like many other brand names with digits, to emphasize its distinguishing trait – extended operation hours. The name refers to the business’s hours of operation, which begin at 7 a.m. and conclude at 11 p.m., far longer than any other convenience store.

02. Forever 21

It’s a prominent fast fashion company in the United States and worldwide, began as “Fashion 21”, but it has always depended on the advantages of utilizing numerals in its name.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is noted for its stylish apparel at reasonable pricing. Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang chose the company’s name. They thought “21” was the most desirable age when you’re old enough to drink yet young enough to enjoy a broad range of freedom.

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03. Capital One

Capital One, one of the world’s biggest bank-holding corporations specializing in savings accounts, banking, credit cards, and loans, was founded in 1994. The firm is one of the largest banks in the United States, with over 755 branches.

Capital One

The name “Capital One” was selected to convey a feeling of superiority and power to the company. The number “One” is frequently connected with dominance. Capital One adopted its name to signify that the company was the number one choice for credit cards and banking.

04. 3M

Since its inception in 1902, 3M has provided customers with a wide range of products and consumer goods worldwide. The new term “3M” was chosen to shorten the previous title and make it more suitable for the fast-paced digital environment. 3M calls an emphasis on the three “M’s” in the company’s original name while allowing it to compete in a modern.


Such brands have logos with numbers that make their core identity memorable and go a long way in conveying a message effectively to the audience.

professional logo

05. 21st Century Fox

Despite being out of business now, the American media firm 21st Century Fox is still frequently mentioned as one of the top brands with numbers in the name.

21st Century Fox Logo

The term portrays the company as a modern enterprise and establishes a connection between it and its target market—the generation born in the twenty-first century.

06. 7Up

The American corporation 7Up sells soft drinks with lemon and lime flavors and is the most well-known brand name. The 7Up beverage contains seven ingredients, hence the number “7”.


Since its creation in 1929, the name and recipe have remained well-known among consumers worldwide. The company’s patented formula and unique selling proposition are referenced in the name 7Up. It is a glaring example of companies with numbers in their name benefiting their business immensely by making the brand memorable.

07. Six Flags

Upon establishing the business in 1961, Six Flags became a primary themed parked business in the US. The name “Six Flags” was selected because the park’s 6 themed regions were based on 6 different nations whose flags had flown over Texas throughout its history. Thus, the name also refers to the park’s 6 themed areas.

Six Flags

Six Flags has properties in Mexico, Canada, and the United States and has its corporate headquarters in Texas. The company has the highest number of theme parks and water parks combined.

08. 3

A giant in telecommunication, this corporation is referred to as “Three” and “3” and has a significant following in the United Kingdom and other countries. Specializing in mobile telephony, the company has around 110 million clients globally.

telecom logo

When the brand first debuted in 2002, number three was chosen to advertise its innovative communication technology of “3G” in those days.

09. A1 Steak Sauce

A1 steak sauce is in the business of brown sauce that the company Brand & Co. makes. Established in 1831, the company is sometimes called “A1 Sauce”. The sauce is now offered across the US, Canada, and the UK.

A1 Steak Sauce

According to some legends, Henderson William Brand produced a steak sauce England’s King George IV liked, giving rise to the brand’s nickname. The sauce was reportedly deemed “A1” by the monarch. Hence the ‘A1’ was added to the brand name.

10. Five Guys

Five Guys, an American fast food chain known as “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”, has locations worldwide. First established in 1986, Five Guys have more than 1,700 outlets that are now part of the business.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

At one point, it was also the fast-food chain in the United States with the quickest growth. The company was founded by Janie and Jerry Murrell and their four boys. The name refers to Jerry, his four kids, and the “five guys”, or men in the home.

11. Four Seasons

“Four Seasons” refers to four distinct seasons that occur around the globe. With headquarters in Canada, Four Seasons Hotels Limited operates upscale hotels and resorts. The term draws attention to the fact that customers may find a comfortable location and first-rate service throughout the year.

Four Seasons

Note that numbers also work as unique elements to make a great logo design. Companies can create an impressive brand identity with numbers in the name.

12. 23andMe

The brand offers its services to help people find their ancestry. One of the most contemporary brand names today, it allows customers to trace their ancestry genetically. The business originally opened in 2006.


“23andMe” derives its name from each human cell’s 23 pairs of chromosomes. Using numbers in this brand name draws attention to the organization’s services while highlighting the business’s scientific aspect.

Such businesses use genotyping technology to generate reports about their clients’ backgrounds and genetic tendencies.

13. Cloud9

Adding to the list of businesses with digits in their names more recently is the professional eSports organization Cloud9. It is based in California. The company was founded in 2016 and was a top League of Legends team.


Cloud nine refers to the common perception one experiences when one succeeds or enjoys something extraordinary. It’s a reference to the joy that gamers have after winning a game and how they want to make their viewers feel.

14. Four Peaks

Four Peaks Brewing Co was established in 1996. The Arizona-based brewery and restaurant business offers a variety of products, notably the Kilt Litter flagship ale, which the AB InBev brand currently owns.

Four Peaks

The brewery gets its name also from the Mazatzal Mountains in the Tonto National Forest, which has four peaks, which is how the term “Four Peaks” was coined. With this name, the business hopes to emphasize both its American heritage and its emphasis on natural ingredients.

15. Big 5 Sporting Goods

Sports-related goods are sold at the Big 5 Sporting goods store in several American states. Since its inception in 1995, this company operates in over 400 locations across five states: Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. With an ever-expanding footprint, the firm has become a trusted global brand.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

According to the company’s history, the moniker “Big 5” was given to the business by its first five outlets. All of these were in the state of California. As a result, the moniker remains a constant reminder of the company’s heritage and history.

16. Motel 6

The company started operating in 1962 and has since become one of the more well-known hospitality enterprises in the US and Canada.

Motel 6

“Motel 6” is a nod to the company’s first operating strategy. Two local contractors erected the inaugural Motel 6 lodgings to charge guests merely $6 per night to use the rooms.

Today, it is also in charge of the “Studio 6” brand, which provides customers with extended-stay accommodations across America.

17. O2

O2 is a UK-based brand that debuted in 2002 and is another moniker for a telecommunications company with numbers in the name. The organization, owned by Virgin Media, also runs smaller businesses, including Giffgaff and Tesco Mobile. The company’s past is referenced in O2, now its unique brand identity.

telecommunications company with numbers

In order to create a holding company called mmO2, the original brand separated from the BT Group in 2002. This was when the new ‘O2’ brand for the business was introduced. The word “oxygen” is also used to refer to the molecule called ‘O2’, implying that O2 is just as crucial to life as the air we breathe.

18. Control4

Control4 is one of the top brands in the technology industry and a prominent supplier of networking and automation systems for both commercial and residential use. The business was established in 2003 to allow clients to add smart functionality to their homes for security, lighting, video, and audio.

logos with numbers

Over the years, the Control4 Company has yet to provide much information about its name; however, most industry experts think it refers to some of the first systems the Control4 Company could automate for clients when it first launched.

19. Timbuk2

Launched in 1989, Timbuk2 produces high-quality bag patterns from San Francisco. These bags are capable of accommodating adventurers on unpredictable trips worldwide.

importance of numbers in brand name

American Rock band Timbuk3 was the inspiration behind the name Timbuk2. The company name also refers to “Timbuktu”, a city in Mali. This city is among the world’s amazing heritage centers.

20. 2 Wire

2 Wire offers business owners a wide range of software, hardware, and service solutions. Launched in 1998, the company today has over 1,600 employees worldwide.

2 Wire

The company got its name from the term “two-wire circuit” in telecommunications. The circuit supports transmissions in two directions.

21. Formula One

Formula One is a world-renowned car racing system encouraging drivers to compete hard and show their racing talent.

Formula One

The name “Formula One” refers to the number “one” that we all associate with the best in any field. So, the company name implies that it is the number one race for car drivers across the globe.

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Wrapping Up

So, these are the famous brands with numbers in their names. Consider using a number for your business name when planning to start one shortly. The number will surely give a unique name to your brand.

Your logo will look unique due to the use of numbers. But first, try to create it on your name with numbers using Designhill’s logo maker online. The AI-based DIY tool automatically generates multiple logo ideas based on your brief. You can pick one idea to customize it further.

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