Microsoft Logo – An Inspiration For Many Businesses

Microsoft Logo Design

Microsoft’s logo has evoked reactions from experts, philosophers, designers, business entrepreneurs and others. The company has not made sweeping changes in its logo design for many decades.

Even after decades, the logo retains its iconic status and is as attractive as it ever was. The  Microsoft logo is one of the most memorable and recognizable. The consumers can recall business of the company by glancing at the logo.

Logo of Microsoft has been a source of inspiration not only to small companies but to the big corporate houses also. They also were not behind in imitating Microsoft logo design and creating logo that has similar design elements and style. The logo is known for its minimalistic design which other companies have followed for their famous logos.

So, which are the famous  companies and migration services such as microsoft 365 migration that designed their logos in line with Microsoft’s logo. Remember that the style of Microsoft  logo is in having a picture in the left and the company’s name designed on the right in simple letters.

The logo has four windows in the right and letters Microsoft written in simple sans serif font. This is an example of simple design and it was followed by big corporate houses.

Which are the companies that created logos by imitating Microsoft logo style. To name few of them, these companies are Starbuck, Apple, Firefox, Pepsi and Twitter.

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All of these companies follow Microsoft’s logo design of having a square shaped picture on the left and company’s name designed in sans serif font on the right.

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