17 Fantastic Slime Logo Ideas You Can Use Right Away

Slime Logo Ideas

Slime making has now become a thriving business. Its demand is snowballing amongst children, teenagers, and even young adults. They are sold in schools and mostly online. As a result of it, plenty of slime logo ideas are floating on the web. Each such business owner now has its own logo as a symbol to represent their online business or physical store.

Slime making which was once a dormant market has now become a mainstream business. You can gauge the fast expansion of this market by its overwhelming presence on the web.

There were approximately 3.5 million Instagram posts under the hashtag #slime. Hundreds of videos on YouTube showing the methods to make slime are the evidence of increasing demand and interest in this business.

Considering its popularity, the American Chemical Society recently had to come out with a scientific explanation for how slimes work. It published a fact sheet about it. Slime was once known as the green liquid Nickelodeon often dumped on celebrities.

Now, young people are taking up it on Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube as a way to make money. In fact, slime has taken the web by storm.

Slime is popular among YouTubers. An example of it is a young YouTuber, Karina Garcia. She runs hundreds of videos dedicated to slime making and its various aspects.

In fact, such is her popularity that she is known as the ‘slime queen.’’ Her YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers. She earns a six-figure income per month from these slime recipe videos.

Why is slime in demand?

Slime has been in demand for various reasons, mostly for making substances that kids play with. Since young children put it in mouth, it is now being made edible to make it safe for kids. With common kitchen ingredients such as condensed milk, cornstarch, sugar, etc., you can make stretchy edible slime.

Slime is mostly used for making toys. You can also find many slime products that work for stress relief.

Some people think that since slime makes a tingling sound when squeezed, they find it helpful in having a sound sleep, which is called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

People also use slime to clean small corners such as between keys on the keyboard. Even kids enter slime business with huge success due to the ever-increasing demand.

Key Characteristics Of A Slime Logo

There are not many big companies in the field of making slime products. Slime making is still individual entrepreneurship.

Most teenagers and adult young people are producing slime toys and edibles on their own with simple kitchen ingredients. This is the reason that you do not find big company logos in this market.

Still, a little researching of the web reveals some slime logos that individual young entrepreneurs may have created to give some identity to their business.

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Some Key Characteristics Of These Logos

a. Typeface

Since the demand for slime products is mainly from children, slime logo ideas have comic hand-lettering as part of the design. Mostly, comic hand-letters are bold and broad to give the letters an added attraction. The typeface dominates the designs and is the first element viewers notice.

b. Colors

Because the target customers are kids, most slime logo ideas incorporate bright, attractive colors. Pink is the most used color to express the tenderness, love, and affection associated with kids. But blue and green also are preferred by many designers to give the logos an environment of celebration.

c. Shape

Most slime logo ideas come in a circular shape. This is because this shape represents a bouncing ball that kids like to play with.

There is hardly a rectangular or square shape of logos in this business. These shapes are too formal to be incorporated for the products or businesses associated with kids.

d. Symbols

The designers used some universal and cultural symbols as well. The universal symbol of the heart is often found a place in these logos. The heart shape is designed in a cartoonish style since kids are the audience.

Pet animals like a cat, dog, and even bear are other symbols used to create logos. Cultural symbols such as castles the other symbols used.

How to create slime logos?

If you are thinking of starting a slime business, you need first to have an attractive logo. But it should be a unique design too.

Here Are Some Fundamentals That You Should Keep In Mind

i. Consider your target audience

Your target customers of slime products are kids and young adults who are mostly teenagers. Do not try to unnecessarily target older people as the logo cannot change your target audience. You will then choose colors, typeface, and such elements accordingly. In fact, designing a logo with a target audience is the tip you will on how to create a winning logo.

ii. Use Light And Feminine Colors

Use pink, light green, white, dark blue, or any other color that attracts kids’ attention. Make sure that you use multiple colors that kids love to see around as they like to be distracted by colors.

iii. Use Bold And Comic Typeface

Comic handwritten letters are best to convey kids’ joy and mood of celebration. Moreover, avoid creating thin letters. Instead, use a thick and bold lettering style as it catches the eye instantly.

iv. Incorporate Animal And Heart Symbols

Make sure that your slime logo ideas include the use of symbols such as a baby heart and give it a lovely twist. Then, think of adding a teddy bear, cat, dog, etc.

Some Of The Slime Logo Ideas We Collected From The Web For Your Inspiration

01. Kawaii Slime

This logo uses a kid figure with a bow tie placed on his head. This makes the kid look special. The message is that the company makes slime products to make kids happy.

02. Slimez Mess

This is one of the most unique logo design ideas as it has no major use of colors. It catches the attention due to its use of comic thick typeface, cloud elements, and melting slime design.

03. Trill Slime

You can notice that this fresh design has colors as its main element of driving attention. The heart shape and melting slime and a cloud shape give this a unique look.

04. Milk Slime

This slime logo is all white because of the name Milk Slime. There is cow figure, and some stars, clouds are also present to create a festive mood.

05. Diamond Slimes

Diamond Slimes logo conveys the message of joy and celebrations to kids. Blue and white colors dominate this logo with diamond shape figures scattered everywhere.

06. Emmies Slimes

The two contrasting colors, pink and light green, give this logo a unique look. The logo creator used pink to express tenderness to generate a festive mood.

07. Red Apple Slime

This is the type of logos that we can call as simple and unique. There are just a red apple and comic handwritten typeface in this design. You can notice most Instagram slime businesses promoted on social media with such unique logos.

08. Kiwi Slimes

Slime shop logos such as this one caught our attention due to the use of multiple elements. This logo has light green color splashed everywhere. There are cats, leaves, a moon heart shape, and such elements.

09. Slime Bananas

This slime maker business owner delivers slime with banana fruit in it. Therefore, its logo has a personified banana in the center.

10. Fruity Slime Factory

When you design a logo, make sure that it expresses the brand message. Here, two colors — red and green — that convey the festivities associated with slime for kids.

11. Springbloom Slime

Reflecting the company name, this cool design of the logo has flowers as its main attractive element.

12. Wave Slimes

This logo is unique for its use of a formal typeface and a classic letter style. You can use such unique logos on your social media page with confidence to stand out.

13. Slommy Slimes

This design has two girl kids showing their companionship. The logo is in a classic shape. Such simple designs stand out when they are displayed outside of a slime shop to attract visitors.

14. Slimey Snowball

There is an ice crystal element used in this logo, reflecting the name Slimey Snowball. With such outstanding logos, you can hope to drive potential customers to your Instagram slime business and other social media.

15. The Slime Tribe

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, make sure to tell that the logo should convey your brand message and identity. In this logo, for example, you can notice some tribal elements and colors because of the company name.

16. Sweet Slimey Nation

The slime maker wants to engage the whole nation with the business. So, the classic ribbon and the chef’s hat are the conventional elements used in this design.

17. Slime Puffs

This is amongst slime logo ideas that use two colors to convey its message. There are flowers, pets, clouds, and other conventional elements used for expressing the kids’ joy.

These slime logo ideas should inspire you to come out with an equally impressive logo for your own business.

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Wrapping Up

Slime logo ideas that stand out can give your slime business a boost. These logos target kids and young adults. Therefore, light colors and pet animals as well as clouds, and comic handwritten letters are the elements conventionally used for these logos.

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