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FIFA World Cup 2022 Logo Design: Everything You Need To Know

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Sports Logos

FIFA World Cup 2022

Last updated on September 28th, 2023

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is all set to kick-start in November, and fans across the world have expressed their excitement in their own different ways. But its logo, which is an emblem too, has been the talking point among football lovers. It is a unique and memorable logo design, symbolically representing regional culture and other elements.

Football World Cup is among the most awaited events when fans across the world celebrate it in a big and memorable way. The hype around the game grows and becomes real with each passing day.

The World Cup takes place every four years, with the last tournament organized in 2018. So, this is the year that fans were waiting for. This time, Qatar will host the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. The 22nd edition of the cup starts in November. While it is among the most awaited event in football, the fans in the Arab world are even more excited as the county will be the first in the region to host the mega tournament for the first time.

The matches will start on November 21, 2022, and the final game for the trophy will be played on December 18, which is also Qatar’s National Day. The World Cup has a total of 32 teams competing for the cup.

But Qatar World Cup 2022 will be a unique experience for football lovers in many ways. They will see many newly built cities and stadiums in Qatar with high technology. In addition, the latest decision-making technologies, such as semi-automated offside, will become part of the tournament.

But what gives this tournament a distinctive identity is its memorable logo, which is an emblem officially released in September 2019.

The Grand Emblem Release Ceremony

When the logo, an emblem, was first released in 2019, it was a fanfare across the globe. The iconic buildings of Qatar, including Burj Doha, Katara Cultural Village Amphitheatre, Souq Waqif, and Al Zubarah Fort, projected the emblem in a synchronized way. Besides the host city, more than 24 cities, including London, Mexico City, Paris, Johannesburg, Mumbai, and Seoul, displayed the logo.

It was also unveiled on social media accounts of FIFA and became the most shared design. Some of the world’s famous footballers shared the logo on their social media accounts. Their fans, in turn, shared it with millions of other people, making it a well-known symbol.

Every logo has meaning, and the World Cup emblem is no exception. The designers carefully created the logo so that it represents not only the tournament’s spirit but also the local culture and region.

Design Elements Of The FIFA World Cup Logo

The World Cup 2022 logo, an emblem, is undoubtedly a magnificent and elegant design. It was designed by Unlock, a Libson-based studio from Portugal. Since its inauguration in a grand ceremony, the emblem has been the talking point amongst football fans.

At first glance, the logo looks impressive and memorable. It is a unique design that everyone likes. This is because the emblem is a simple design that catches the eye instantly and compels you to have a second look at it.

FifA World Cup Logo

The logo is an excellent flowing emblem design. But the design is not just something for the sake of it representing the tournament. Many people and experts have come out with descriptions of what the logo stands for and why it appears the way it does.

But before we come up with a conclusion about the design, let us know what FIFA has to say regarding the emblem.

FIFA gave some clues in its statements about the logo. The FIFA press release states, “The emblem’s design embodies the vision of an event that connects and engages the entire world while also featuring striking elements of local and regional Arab culture and allusions to the beautiful game.” So, the inspiration behind the logo design is regional Arab culture and local landscapes.

In the press statement, the organization said, “The swooping curves of the emblem represent the undulations of desert dunes, and the unbroken loop depicts both the number eight – a reminder of the eight astonishing stadiums that will host matches – and the infinity symbol, reflecting the interconnected nature of the event.”

So, we can say that the tournament logo is not just a design. More than that, it is a reflection of multiple facets of the culture and region.

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To Decode The Logo, Let Us Look At The Elements Used In Making This Excellent Emblem

The Shawl

One of the chief elements is the shawl. The logo does not look like a shawl at first glance. But the traditional Arabic woolen shawl is the inspiration behind the design. You can notice the maroon prints on it in the logo. It is a commonly worn garment in the Arab world during the winter. It is a white unisex shawl.

There is also maroon pattering to give some color to the design and drive attention as well. This is also the color of the Qatari flag. Also, note that the shawl design has a swooping curvature.

According to Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, ‘Like football, the shawls’ popularity is a unifying force, woven into the everyday fabric of people’s lives.’

A reason for incorporating the shawl symbol is that the event will take place in the winter of November and December.

The Swooping Curves

An attractive feature of the sports logo is the curves shaped as steep slopes. But these curves are not just for the sake of it or to make the design unique and attractive.

The curves look swooping because they represent the desert dunes which rapidly form into big dunes and then decrease quickly due to the harsh desert storms. So, the logo shape stands for the forever undulating desert dunes.

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Infinity Symbol

The logo is also shaped as an infinity symbol in mathematics. But this symbol also represents the connectivity of people. Since this is a world event that engages football lovers worldwide, the symbol also expresses the ‘interconnected nature of the World Cup event.

The Eight-Number Shape

Another noticeable feature of the logo is that its shape resembles the number eight. This number represents the eight stadiums where the World Cup matches will be held. But eight is also a unique number with a consistent flow and no end to it. So, this is an ideal number when you wish to express something unending and eternal. The designer used this number cleverly to create the tournament’s brand identity with a message.


The emblem is mostly white from top to bottom, giving it a distinctive look and driving viewers’ attention for a long time. But while white is the primary color, there are several marks in maroon. So, both white and maroon are the two colors borrowed from Qatar’s flag.

Note also that the maroon color appears at the top, where two diacritic dots are on each side of the football mark. At the bottom, maroon is in the floral patterns, which appear mostly on traditional shawls.

Sports logo design


The typeface is not a part of the emblem directly. But it will appear by its side in traditional Arabic calligraphy. The font used, along with the emblem, is new and contemporary. So, the typeface appears as both conventional and modern.

We can say that the World Cup 2022 logo is a unique but simple design. But it looks impressive also due to its cultural reflections.

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FIFA World Cup 2022: Grouping & Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2022

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Wrapping Up

FIFA World Cup 2022 logo is a unique and memorable design that is the identity of the tournament to take place this year. But the logo also reflects the regional culture of the Arab world as the event will be held in Qatar. Its primary design elements are the shawl, the infinity symbol, the swooping curves, and the number eight; this nicely flowing emblem also represents the region’s cultural aspects.

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