New Logo Design Helps Your Restaurant Business to Grow


Some companies experience decline in sales for no apparent reasons. They find competitors taking a lead and threatening to grab greater market size. In many such instances, businesses suffer as they stick to their old logo design that the new generation of customers fails to connect with. This sometimes results in the company registering lower sales and profits. In such cases, the companies should not be afraid of having a new logo design Ideas.

Learn: How a New Logo Design Helps Your Restaurant Business to Grow

Darden Restaurant Inc is a glaring example of a business creating a new logo design due to dip in sales. This major restaurant business company has Olive Garden as its flagship brand that supplies bread sticks and salads to customers. But the well known restaurant chain was lagging in sales ratings recently.


To address the issue of fall in sales, Darden Restaurant started redesigning its logo as part of its brand renaissance plan and redesigned its logo completely. Now, the company new logo has a simplified design that targets old and new customers alike. Old logo was packed with too many features including a large bunch of grapes surrounded by some classic designs and the logo was in a landscape or rectangular shape. All such clutter has been removed in the new logo design and only the text remains on the logo along with nicely carved out sleek olive branches.

When compared to the company old logo, the new design is fresh, clean and appealing. The company hopes to enhance dining experience and for its customers and sales by attracting the customers with the new logo design.

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