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Flyer Design Ideas To Get Inspired

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Flyer Design

Flyer Design Ideas

Flyers are among the best marketing tools for small businesses to reach out to the target audience with an attractive offer. Most businesses consider distributing flyers to the passerby on any given day. They make a low-cost way to promote an event or an enticing offer. But only those flyers tend to lure people that present the information effectively. So, a flyer design has to be eye-catching. This blog highlights some of the best flyer design ideas to get inspired.

We see flyers daily with someone handing them out in shopping malls, work, school, or community bulletin boards. Businesses have been using flyers as a marketing tool to quickly make people aware of discounts, coupons, and other attractive offers. One of the reasons for flyers being so popular is their convenience. You can hand out these thin leaflets randomly to people passing by to lure them to your new offers.

But a flyer is not just about announcing an enticing discount or an event, etc. It is much more than that. In the present competitive world of business, every marketing tool is also a tool for promoting a business and making an impression on the target audience.

So, you must create a flyer using a flyer maker that is unique and impressive as far as its design is concerned. If it stands out, it can help get your new business noticed by more people. But that happens only when they find your flyers attractive and unique. Such a design gives a hint to them that your brand is useful and professional.

Now, if you set out to design your flyer all by yourself to reduce costs, you should first explore some graphic design templates. These templates give you a structure of how your flyer design is going to look in the end.

So, compare various templates and see which one suits best to your kind of flyer. You should also have some flyer design ideas in mind that will lead you to choose the right flyer templates.

A template helps create your design quickly as all you need to do is to pick the right colors, fonts, images, elements, etc. and customize the templates to create your flyer.

Here Are Some Great Flyer Design Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From

01. Use Multiple Colors

Colors evoke our emotions, making them essential elements for any graphic design project. When using colors, a good flyer design idea could be to use as many of them as possible. A multi-colored flyer will look different and unique as compared to flyers with one or two colors.

Use Multiple Colors

So, a multi-colored flyer will look refreshing. But pick a graphic design template that supports a multicolor design. This flyer design uses multiple colors to lure customers into buying food.

02. Dominant Font

How about creating a font-based flyer design? Fonts give personality to a graphic design. For instance, if your business makes toys, a comic font can instantly convey what the business is all about. Similarly, sans serif and serif fonts have their personalities to define a business.

Therefore, a good flyer idea will be to center the design around a particular font that can speak for your brand. Make sure that the use of the font in the design is dominant.

Dominant Font

Take the following example of a flyer. The designer used handwritten fonts in bold letters from the top to the bottom of the flyer space. This helps in sending out the message loud and clear that there is an attractive offer of internet service in the town.

Mixed Fonts

A good mix of fonts can also be an attractive flyer design idea. Different fonts present contrasting effects to highlight the message. In the following flyer design, the designer used handwritten fonts in bold but created the tagline underneath in formal capital letters.

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03. Keep It Simple

Another idea to design your flyer differently is to create it in a simple way. You should avoid including many images and fonts so that viewers can get the message loud and clear. An advantage of simple design is that it quickly conveys its brand personality and message to the target audience. People have a good impression of such designs, including flyers.

design your flyer

Take, for example, the following simple flyer design. It has just one big image at the bottom. The rest of the space is free of any other element except the text. The white background helps viewers read the message clearly without straining their eyes.

04. Use Shapes

Shapes attract all of us because we see them everywhere around our places. But strategic use of rectangular, circular, and square shapes can give a purpose to the design. An experienced flyer designer understands the value of different shapes in driving the audience’s attention. You can find many free design templates that enable you to incorporate different shapes.

flyer design sizes

This flyer design aesthetically uses shapes by incorporating images of wine glasses of different sizes. The wine glasses are rectangular and cylindrical, while there are circular shapes.

05. Box Design

One of the best flyer ideas is to use a conventional box design. Such flyers have multiple boxes in rectangular and square shapes. You should choose a box design idea when you have a lot of information to convey. With the box design, you can highlight the information in different boxes.

Box Design

This flyer has text in boxes. But you can create boxes for images as well. Several images laid in different sizes of the box will look impressive.

06. Pick One Color

Another design idea you can explore is creating your flyer in one color and its hues. When most flyers are in multiple colors, your flyer can stand out with one color scheme. People will take your business as something that stands out from the rest of your competitors. So, designing a flyer with just one color is a great idea to look unique.

But make sure that you pick the color that can evoke an emotional response from your target customers. That emotion will help them connect well with your brand and its message.

To give some contrasting effect and to avoid monotony, use different hues of that one color. So, if it is green, use light green and dark green shades to separate one section of information from the other to drive attention.

Here is an example of a flyer created with just one color and its hues.

designing a flyer

07. Use Seasonal Elements

Use the associated elements if your flyer is for an event or a holiday. For instance, use the trees, stars, and lighting in the flyer design for Christmas. People can instantly understand the flyer content as they relate to those elements.

Use Seasonal Elements

Viewers do not have to read in detail to know what the following flyer is all about. Just a glance at the flyer is enough to tell that it is about Christmas celebrations.

08. Keep Elements Apart

Another great idea for designing your flyers is to leave an equal amount of distance between the elements. Spacing and alignment are crucial elements experienced designers explore to make an impression on the target audience.

Keep Elements Apart

The following business flyer is an excellent example of how proper spacing can make design stand out. You can notice an equal amount of space between the images, such as the geometric shapes and the three images at the bottom.

So, these are some of the best design ideas when you are planning to create your flyers for business promotion. Think of these and such other ideas and find out which one is best suited to reflect your brand personality and message. Remember that a flyer is your best opportunity to market your attractive offers to the customers in a cost-effective way.

If you plan to design a flyer all by yourself due to some budgetary constraints, you can try pre-created professional design templates. Designhill, the leading creative marketplace, has plenty of them.

Just visit this platform and access many attractive templates to design your flyers. All you need to do is to give the interactive template your brief about colors, fonts, etc elements.

Then, the flyer maker will automatically generate dozens of unique design ideas for you. You can then pick the one that stands for your business and customize it further as per your brand identity.

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Wrapping Up

Flyers are cost-effective marketing tools for promoting an event, discounts, and other such offers. But your flyer must stand out to make a lasting impression on your target audience. The design ideas mentioned above will help as you compare them to know which one will convey your message effectively.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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