Top 19 Food Packaging Design Examples For Your Startup

Food Packaging Design

No matter in which industry you are in, Design is everywhere you look including food packaging. Packaging is very important in captivating the eyes of people and to create a positive and memorable brand especially in the field of food, attractive food packaging promotes craving. An innovative food packaging design, lets you know exactly what is in the jar just by looking at the label. A great design is the one that is both functional and looks good.

Packaging plays a very important role in differentiating your product from similar products in the market. Ensure that your package design is consistent with your brand identity. The color, size, shape, and materials used in your packaging must be in accordance with your brand’s identity.

If you are in the process of designing your own packaging, you might be wanting some motivation or insight to identify, what type of packaging your brand need?

Here are Top 19 Food Packaging Design Examples For Your Startup

01. Milk Carton Changes Color When Near To Expiry Date

It warns you how fresh is the milk you are buying. When you are in hurry you do not look at the expiry date, and you find yourself with an old milk that you can not use. Even if you change it, you still lose a lot of time.

The carton should also be numbered with days, this way the consumer would be more accustomed with the information that was being presented since we measure a milks expiry date by counting days.

The orange is too similar to the colour we associate with danger, ‘Red’ so even the slightest coloring on the package is enough to put you a consumer off.

A lighter colour such as ‘Blue’ would be more calming and reassuring to a consumer and could lead a consumer to associating the brand with Trust.

02. TOGO Burger

Among food packaging design ideas, the design of TOGO burger is one of the best examples of creative as well as convenient food packaging design. Seulbi Kim was honored last year in core77 Design awards for creating this innovative food packaging.

Kim conjured up an image of a to-go package that would be more convenient for both the fast-food industry and its customers as the package uses less paper than average and minimizes clutter for easily carrying and transportation.

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03. Tootsie Roll (1960s)

It’s wrapping is iconic from its colors to its recognizable cooper black font. It’s is quite difficult to imagine any other sweet treat residing inside the Tootsie Roll wrapper.

Ellen Lupton, senior curator at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt in National Design Museum once said that it’s a chewy, dark font that perfectly reflects the Tootsie Roll candy.

04. Jif Lemon Juice

One among the first items that introduced plastic into the food alley came in the form of a lemon. This exclusive mold was created by carving out the shape, then embedding a fresh lemon peel on top of it to give it a more natural and creative texture.

05. Jiffy Pop (1959)

Jiffy Pop was the first product to act as both receptacle and utensil for cooking popcorn. Manufacturers came to blows to find uses for aluminum after scaling up its production during World War II.

But, Jiffy Pop and other consumer products soon made aluminum a familiar part of the home and food packaging industry.

“You’re part of the magic of watching this package transform for you,” says Matthew Bird, an industrial designer and assistant professor at the Rhode Island School of Design.

He adds: “Transformation through use is a powerful piece of psychology, and it’s very hard to use intentionally in packaging.”

06. Goldfish Tea Bags

The tea bag is cut into the shape of an elegant goldfish. The shape of goldfish begins to form when the tea bag is brewed in hot water and begins to swell.

This unique and innovative packaging design provides entertainment during tea time by delivering a natural rhythm of moment from the fluctuations of the water with a life-like goldfish appears to be swimming in your tea cup.

Tea drinkers can enjoy both the taste and beauty of brewing tea with this tea bag. Food packaging design companies should work on more packaging design ideas like this that enriches everyday life and is fun to use.

07. Pasta Nikita Packaging

Nikita design agency creatively made use of the strands and shapes of pasta to create an engrossing and fascinating series of pasta packaging that capture attention on the shelves.

Creating shelf impact is truly a matter of creativity and exploration of packaging design templates and it makes a huge difference in product sales.

08. Molocow Milk

It is a fun concept design idea of Imedia creative bureau that especially appeals to the kids. It uses the common meme about cow abduction and turned into a quirky milk packaging concept that looks like UFO abducting a cow.

The triangular shaped glass bottle resembles a beam of light coming out of a UFO shaped bottle cap made of plastic material.

Kids are the prime target of this brand and the logo design of this creative food package is an illustration of a cow skillfully placed to make it look like it’s being beamed up.

09. Flowering Tea Bags

A tea manufacturing company named as samova has came up with a innovating and trendsetting tea product. They used the fact that tea tastes well when you stick to the suggested infusion time.

When you put the tea bag into hot water the pores of the paper begin to enlarge and an origami flower slowly opens in exact accordance with the infusion time.

The challenge in manufacturing this innovative packaging design is to synchronize the right paper with the right folding in accordance with optimal brewing time for each type of tea.

The creative packaging design of samova tea beautifully unfolds the refreshing flavors while the flowering tea bags come alive.

10. Honey Package Made Of Beeswax

It focuses on using 100 % beeswax to produce a sustainable candle packaging which can be burnt down as a candle, making it completely waste free.

It is a aesthetically pleasing packaging concept for food and cosmetic products. This packaging targets environmentally conscious customers who value the quality of product.

11. French Fries Box With A Pocket For Ketchup

Little pocket french fries box by Dong Jiang-uestc, Zhongshan institute is winner in packaging design category, 2016-2017.

The little pocket on the front can guide users to squeeze the catch up in it, rather than on the infectious paper plate. Designers at Designhill have came up with several such creative packaging designs for companies.

People always like to squeeze the ketchup on paper tray and then eat directly with the french fries but there are toxic heavy metal oxides on the printing paper tray which is an organic pollutant. If you eat like this for a long time it can cause cancer and other life risking diseases.

12. Heat-Pressed Hay For Eggs Packaging

Sustainable egg boxes made of hay that is heat-pressed into carton shapes. Creating an egg packaging that is veritable, eye-catching and that will make sure that the egg doesn’t break, if it falls off a table is a major concern when it comes to creating a packaging design for eggs.

13. Chip Can Which Blooms Into A Bowl

Bloom Chips is a wrinkled packaging that spreads out to create its own bowl. Bloom chips concept won a Red Dot Award for its discernible artistry and was designed by designer Dohyuk Kwon.

Once he was enjoying a package of Pringles potato crisps until, suddenly, he found the chip level had sunk to a critical obscenity-laden stage just below the reach of his fingers, so he sketched a more convenient package of chips.

The idea is so instantly stunning and splendid that it’s impossible to imagine.

14. Edible Cups

KFC is now a days experimenting on a cup that can be eaten after drinking your beverage. The cup is made out of edible products like wafer and lined in sugar paper and white chocolate. This interesting new packaging will target environmentally conscious customers.

15. 6 Servings Of Italian Spaghetti

This attractive and visually appealing spaghetti design was introduced by designer Neal Fletcher. There are many devices to measure spaghetti in the market but nothing come along with the packaging itself.

This packaging design contain spaghetti in 6 equal servings to save on waste and kept for future use also to serve as a useful aid in your kitchen.

16. Propercorn

It is a food packaging brand that succeeded because of its artisanal, bright and eye-catching packaging design.

Using a good combination of product information along with storytelling from the personal perspective of co-founder to target customers in supermarket snack shelves.

By telling the story of how brand began and detailing hours spent experimenting with ingredients and seasonings, they tend to attract customers.

17. Chocolates Like A Set Of Oil Paints

The packaging design was made by graphic designer Nendo for Seibu department store in japan might look like a collection of oil paints. But, these paints are good enough to eat and gives you the same childhood feeling of opening a new box of paints with excitement.

The packaging contains tube shaped chocolates squeezed out from a variety of flavored edible syrups with a label that acts as wrappers. One holds the wrapper into while eating so that your fingers don’t get dirty.

18. Callegari Olive Oil Bottles

It is a Spanish product designed by Pereira and O’Dell design firm. This is a simply gorgeous and an example of creative packaging design for a premium extra-virgin olive oil brand that turn buyers into brand ambassadors.

The team created several packaging with a Spanish tile motif including a bottle that resembles a drop of oil. The packaging positions the brand as a luxury ingredient, not just something to splash on a salad.

19. Briaura Artisan Foods Boxes

The line includes for baking mixes made with all natural non-GMO ingredients along with a packaging that has a fresh, clean style with a country kitchen warmth.

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Now, we are sure that you would be inspired to have a similar quality of packaging design for your company too. You can get an attractive packaging design for your business by launching your package design contest on Designhill. You not only get an access to several design idea, but also get a design at an affordable cost. Every single product you buy has probably been through a design process especially food items. Fast food packaging design is so important that some designers go out of their way to imagine their own renditions. Your packaging design should be in a way that it portrays your product positioning in the market. You must have a clear understanding of your brand while developing a packaging design for the same. Who is your potential target customer? What is your brand’s philosophy?

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