[Infographic] Foolproof Coronavirus Checklist For Businesses

Coronavirus Checklist For Businesses

The coronavirus crisis has walloped businesses all around the world. The government authorities have asked everyone to follow self-isolation mode which in turn leading businesses to go through a tough time. The demand has plunged, therefore, businesses are in need to amend foolproof strategies to survive the crisis. From keeping a tab on an employee’s health safety to incorporating essential resources for remote functioning, everything needs to be streamlined by businesses.

Many small businesses lack adequate resources. So, when a crisis such as COVID-19 strikes, they tend to suffer the most. During the quarantine period when remote working has become the norm, businesses must put in place essential resources to help revive day-to-day functioning.

There is, in fact, a long list of such things ranging from keeping offices free from infection to installing hardware and software for flawless remote working to deal with the challenges.

Here Is What Businesses Must Ensure For Proper Functioning During Coronavirus Crises

  • Make sure that your entire office complex is free from infection. Sanitize every inch of the office surface.
  • Stick to your government’s guideline, if any, regarding the number of employees you can allow in office.
  • Adopt work from the home policy immediately to keep your employees safe from infection.
  • Put in place essential software and hardware to make work from home a smoother process for your employees.
  • Ascertain that your team has an efficient Wi-Fi connection, equipment, and video conferencing software as all these are part of daily work routine from home.
  • Revisit your HR policy and accommodate the remote working terms & conditions.
  • Give your employees access to communication channels such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. for quick interaction with each other.
  • Equip them with project management tools such as Trello, Qilo, and Asana to keep a tab on the work progress.
  • Install time management tools such as Time Doctor, Hubstaff, etc. to keep track of the time spent on a project.
  • Take your business to the web for the online transactions of products or services. Go digital.
  • Evaluate your existing financial position and consider keeping enough funds for the next 6 months at least to deal with coronavirus crisis.
  • Check if you are eligible for loans announced by the government for businesses mainly to deal with the crisis.
  • Check with your lawyer also if you can defer your tax payments to have more cash in hands.
  • Ask your clients to relax the terms and conditions of your contract with them.
  • Seek help from your small business community.
  • Find out the state guidelines regarding unemployment benefits for employees who may be laid off.

Take a look at the below Infographic and Check out the Foolproof Coronavirus Checklist For Businesses

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Wrapping Up

COVID-19 has forced businesses to strategize their marketing and other plans since remote working has become the norm of the day. While most companies are facing a slump in demand, they still have to work to survive the crisis. To function well and let employees work from home, enterprises should follow government guidelines to deal with the crisis. But they should recreate their HR policies, give employees access to various digital communication means, plan their finances, and evaluate their hardware and software requirements for remote working.

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