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21 Free Social Media Analytics Tools For Small Businesses

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Small Business

social media tools

The social media landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving, with new features & functionalities being continuously added to improve the experience. Therefore, it makes small businesses crucial to analyze their marketing strategies and the performance of their campaigns to improve them further based on insights. Fortunately, a host of free social media analytics tools are available to analyze a marketing strategy’s performance and identify the areas of improvement. These analytics tools help marketers build a powerful online presence on social media platforms without breaking the bank.

With thousands of businesses dotting the social media landscape, more than a professional social media page design alone is required. You’ve got to constantly build a solid online presence and grow your business’ reach on the social media landscape.

Fortunately, the Internet swarms with a host of free social media analytics tools that help you analyze the impact of your social media activities.

So if you’re looking to beat your competition hands down on social media, skim through this list of the top 21 social media analytic tools that help you win the battle of attention on the social media turf without splurging your pockets.

Here Are The 21 Free Social Media Analytics Tools For Small Businesses

01. Buffer

An all-time favorite, Buffer helps you analyze the impact of all your activities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This tool enables you to understand what’s working and what’s not on your social media pages. Buffer offers you both paid and free services.

02. Zoho Social

Zoho Social comes in handy as your social media analytics tool while checking out how your audience engages with a variety of content. A single dashboard lets you access real-time performance data regarding your different social media content strategies.

This tool comes with pre-defined segments that you can use to create performance reports based on demographics. You can also minutely examine the report by breaking it into smaller segments. Based on the precise analysis, you can then know about the areas of improvement.

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03. ViralWoot

This Viralwoot is your best friend if you’re on Pinterest. This tool allows you to schedule and promote pins and catch followers’ attention. The free plan of Viralwoot offers you a detailed analysis of new followers, new pins, repins, and likes.

04. Iconosquare

A fantastic tool to analyze your business’s performance on Instagram, Iconosquare analyses post views, likes, comments, and followers.

In addition, it also allows access to monthly reports, likes, comments, and your business’ reach on Instagram. You may even import your email with a few clicks.

05. Collecto

Another great tool to manage and analyze your Instagram performance, Collecto provides a detailed overview of your engagement, likes, comments, and followers. It also provides stats on the most popular photos, likes, and comments.

06. Google Analytics

Perhaps the most used analytics tool by most businesses worldwide, Google Analytics makes tracking the referral stats and traffic to your site from your social media pages easy. The tool indicates how many visits your site receives from each major social network.



07. Sendible

Sendible has many helpful features for monitoring your content performance. It gives you access to several reports that provide insight into how your marketing strategies are performing.

You get engagement reports, presentation-quality reports, and audience profiles from different digital channels that you can use as a valuable resource to drive more traffic.

08. Quintly

If you plan to unleash success on the world’s most visited social networking site, Facebook, Quintly is your best tool. It allows you to access analytics for up to three Facebook pages.

It provides detailed insights on prominent engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and followers. In addition, you can even compare multiple pages with this tool.

09. Cyfe

Cyfe allows you to create a custom dashboard with stats from dozens of marketing tools. In addition, the tool lets you sync and synchronize all your social media accounts and analyze reports for all the social media accounts you manage.

Indeed, a must-have tool if you are simultaneously analyzing the performance on different social media channels.

10. Rival IQ

As the name suggests, Rival IQ is a social media analytics tool to get performance reports of competitors’ marketing strategies. So, you can easily look deeper at what marketing plans are working well for your rival companies in your niche.

The tool can also analyze Facebook and Instagram ads to determine if they target customers well. It can fetch you the ads performance date of up to 24 months. You can know where your content quality, hashtags, and social metrics stand compared to others in your industry.

11. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a handy social media analytics tool that can function in many ways to evaluate your site’s performance. For example, you can track Facebook Page impressions, Twitter link clicks, Instagram follower growth, and LinkedIn engagement and assess content performance on all social platforms from one place. In addition, the tool lets you quickly organize and share your data and get presentation-ready reports.

12. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics is best for small businesses and marketing teams. This tool is one place for all the other tools, including Twitter analytics, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, TikTok analytics, Pinterest analytics, and LinkedIn analytics. You do not have to go elsewhere to check performance by visiting different social platforms to compare the results.


13. Keyhole

Keyhole should be your ideal choice when looking for an analytics tool that lets you check the real-time performance of your brand. In addition, you can check your campaign-specific hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

With the insights this customer analytics tool provides, you can find the peak times to promote your brand. In addition, you will know about the right tags that are most popular amongst followers.

14. ShortStack

ShortStack is a helpful tool for brands that frequently run contests or giveaways as part of their brand promotion strategy. This tool evaluates the performance of contests and giveaways. Based on the data, you can launch a long-term brand promotion campaign.

15. HubSpot

HubSpot is another useful social media analytics tool that can serve your purpose effectively for brand growth. This tool can report on the performance of our social strategy across all major platforms, and then you can compare the results.

A key feature of the tool is that you get graphs and visuals that give you a quick idea of how your strategies work. In addition, features like the audience, session lengths, and impressions help assess the strategy from different angles.

16. Snaplytics

Temporary content is widely used on social networking platforms, as shown by how well-liked it is. Marketers can examine indicators such as open and completion rates to ascertain when and where audience interest tends to wane in their story. Modern brands must prioritize optimizing their narrative-based content or risk falling behind.

While some businesses may no longer utilize Snapchat, it’s vital to remember that the platform still has hundreds of millions of millennial and Gen Z users actively using it.

17. Curalate

With the aid of platforms like Curalate, more and more firms are experimenting with direct social selling. This application enables businesses to maximize their Instagram sales by combining a storefront with analytical tools.

You may have encountered a ‘Like2Buy’ link, which can be branded or unbranded. Many prominent companies use this function for social sales, including Bose. You can see how they use Curalate by looking at their Instagram bio.


18. TapInfluence

Social media tools created expressly for influencer campaigns have emerged as a result of the popularity of influencer marketing. TapInfluence is one such tool that provides a variety of metrics to address doubts about influencer marketing. This provides statistics about an influencer’s reach, engagement rate, and expected costs.

When contacting an influencer, organizations may more effectively assess the potential benefits of cooperation because of TapInfluence’s clear and concise presentation of this information.

19. BuzzSumo

While not solely a social media tool, BuzzSumo is excellent for examining social engagement with any material. For example, BuzzSumo can give you the information you need to measure how many people have shared your most recent blog article on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Also, you may track the performance of material that competes with the keywords in your industry, which will give you helpful information about how your content marketing efforts are doing compared to those of your rivals.

20. SHIELD App

Since 80% of B2B social leads originate from LinkedIn, B2B marketers give their LinkedIn presence more attention. Also, because employee advocacy is becoming increasingly significant, organizations must now monitor the LinkedIn activity of each of their salespeople.

Thankfully, new social media analytics programs like SHIELD are assisting in filling this gap. For instance, SHIELD offers information about the effectiveness of each employee’s profile and position. Before posting their posts on the platform, staff can optimize them to increase their reach by looking at analytics like the average likes, comments, and hashtags.

21. Brandwatch

In addition to tracking and analyzing data from over 95 million sources, including social networks, blogs, forums, and review sites, Brandwatch is a paid social media analytics platform.

It is appropriate for users with essential to intermediate skill levels. For instance, PR and communications teams and social media marketers prioritizing engagement and brand monitoring will find it especially helpful.

Bonus Social Media Analytics Tool


Statusbrew is a streamlined social media management platform trusted by large as well as small companies. They offer a suite of features for your social media management.

The dashboard interface of Statusbrew is clean and easy to use. You can connect the five popular social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GoogleMyBusiness. Statusbrew is a tool made for social media managers to work effectively.

So, explore these crucial social media analytics tools to check your social strategies for their performance. Compare their features and subscribe to the tool that best meets your analytics needs.

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Wrapping Up

Social media is home to millions of businesses competing hard to get customers’ attention. Measuring marketing performance with the help of social media tools, therefore, becomes essential. These tools include features to track marketing campaigns’ performances with a report that helps make timely improvements.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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