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Top 15 Freelance Phone Case Illustrators For Hire In 2023

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Phone Cases

Phone Case Illustrators

Last updated on November 28th, 2022

Phone cases are protective covers that keep expensive mobile phones secure from accidental damages. But the cases are very much part of the mobile phone and are not just a security case. So, people want the cases to be attractive and unique artworks that they are proud of displaying. Phone case illustrators can help, as they are professional artists who make ordinary cases look special.

You bought an expensive mobile phone, which looks stylish from every angle. But you are also concerned about any scratches to its surface or breaking it from any accidental fall. In fact, there are many ways a mobile phone can get damaged. So, you need to cover the attractive body of your costly mobile phone with a cover that will keep the phone fully protected and safe.

However, you would not like to compromise on the looks of your impressive cell phone when covering its back with a phone case. But do not worry, as today’s phone cases are attractive pieces. Modern phone cases come with the option of a lot of decoration artworks printed on them, which makes them attractive and adorable.

Furthermore, you can personalize your phone cases in several ways in terms of picking your choice of illustration works on them. This is where phone case illustrators are important to hire for business owners or clients requiring unique artworks to print on the cases.

But some phone case illustrators are usually expensive and out of reach of small business owners. They impose their terms and conditions on the clients. Even if you do not like them, you must agree after hiring them. They generally do not give more than a few versions of artwork when you demand improvement. So, you accept whatever is offered.

But that is not the case with freelance phone case illustrators. They’re generally flexible with their terms and conditions since they want to build a solid base of loyal clients. So, they will offer you a case illustration solution to your satisfaction.

Moreover, freelancer illustration artists are less expensive and surely affordable for most small business owners. They charge only competitive fees, which keeps them in demand.

If you are looking for experienced and skilled artists who can decorate your dull phone case with fantastic artwork, here is the list of illustrators to hire. These are also the illustration design inspirations.

Here Are The 15 Best Freelance Phone Case Illustrators For Hire In 2023

01. Nadia Grapes

Nadia Grapes is among the leading phone case illustrators who love to draw surface patterns and cute illustrations on various themes. Coming from the Russian Federation, she brings her cultural background to illustrations, making them unique and attractive.


She is also a graphic designer and has experience working as a digital artist, doodle artist, and vector artist. Visit her portfolio to see her samples of phone case illustrations for iPhone and Samsung cases.

02. Sirin Ezgi Koksal

Sirin Ezgi Koksal is a Turkish phone case illustrator with a good amount of experience working with different clients. She loves to draw patterns about people and nature and believes that art is everywhere. Besides being a phone case illustrator, she is also active as a digital painting artist, typography artist, caricature artist, and lettering artist.

phone case illustrator

03. Cherbear Creative

Hailing from Texas, USA, Cherbear Creative is fond of doing bright and colorful designs with themes related to people and pets. This illustrator believes in using art to heal people who are fighting depression.

Cherbear Creative

Well equipped with the skills required to do illustration and designing jobs, the artist holds experience working as a digital artist, surface and pattern designer, and hand lettering artist. This is an ideal phone case illustrator for hire, given the work experience.

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04. Anna Alekseeva

Anna Alekseeva, a Russian artist, likes to draw cats, food, cute things, plants, holiday fun, and other adorable stuff. She is also a doodle artist and surface and pattern designer.

Anna Alekseeva

05. Imogen Joy

Imogen Joy is another proficient illustrator who has expertise in surface pattern illustrations. Based in Sydney, she loves to illustrate and design something that tells a story magically and whimsically. She gets her inspiration from the seaside and nature to create patterns and motifs.

surface pattern illustrations

06. Prince Dangilan

Prince Dangilian is a digital artist and illustrator and works as a web developer. Based in the Philippines, the illustrator has an exciting and engaging sample work of phone case illustrations displayed in his portfolio. Just visit his portfolio and see if his phone case illustrations match what you have in mind for your phone case artworks. He is undoubtedly one of the best phone case illustrators to hire.

phone case illustrators to hire

07. Ducktamine

Ducktamine is one of the trusted phone case illustrators clients hire to create different illustration works. The digital artist and illustrator is a versatile professional who has experience in graphic design, mobile user interface, and web design. You can depend on this artist also for some vintage theme-based artworks.

phone case illustrator

08. Olga Bortniak

Olga Bortniak is amongst the leading phone case illustrators from Spain. She also makes botanical patterns, enjoys drawing, and loves to draw cute girls and other characters. She is proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Procreate, and she has a fantastic collection of phone case illustration works based on patterns in her portfolio.

phone case illustration works

09. Duchene Lucille

Duchene Lucille is passionate about art and psychology and loves to create patterns. Here a collection of phone case illustrations is impressive. You can hire this artist for some notable case artworks.

Phone cases

10. Joce_cova

Joce_Cova is a New York-based artist and is an experienced illustrator designer from France. She likes to do phone case illustrations based on themes. She can meet your phone case illustration requirement professionally.

experienced illustrator designer

11. Gagilend

Gagilend is one of the phone case illustrators you would like to hire for unique case works. Gong by the sample work in the illustrator’s online shop, we can say that he is more interested in pattern-based illustration works.

illustration works

12. Margie Maisog

Margie Maisog is another young phone case illustrator who is active in other artworks and graphic designs. Her collection of the case illustration is impressive. She does not rely on pattern illustrations much and instead chooses just one figure for illustrations and its impact. She can be a great illustrator to hire for decorating phone cases with unique artworks.

phone case illustrator

13. Shanadesign

Shandaesign is one of the reliable phone case illustrations with a good range of themes. Based in Malaysia, the artist has an exciting collection of phone case artworks, which a client can take into account while hiring.


14. Elena Krotova

Elena Krotova is amongst the artists who love to crowd a phone case with an illustration of multiple figures and likes to create patterns. Her sample collection of phone case illustrations is a testimony to this. In addition, she likes watercolors and does hand-drawn projects involving nature, relationships, and motherhood.

Elena Krotova

15. Kashmira Jayaprakash

Kashmira Jayaprakash is a surface pattern illustrator and designer from Kerala, India. Her collection of phone case illustrations displays her mastery over pattern artworks. Most illustration works are flower patterns that look attractive and unique. You can hire her to turn phone cases into impressive art pieces that catch the eye.

phone case illustrators

So, these are the freelance phone case illustrators you can hire with confidence. They are likely to give your what you want in your case illustration work as a client. But you can compare many of her illustrators as well to broaden your choice.


Just visit PrintShop by Designhill, where these and hundreds of other illustrators have showcased their artworks, including phone case illustrations. You should visit the artists’ profile and shop section on this POD platform to compare them and see which artists best suit your requirements in terms of artwork styles and other aspects.

If you are an artist, you can also display your works at PrintShop by Designhill. All you need to do is log in to the platform and start your online shop. Depending on your field of interest, you can then project yourself as a master artist, illustrator, lettering expert, or graphic designer.

What is more, the PrintShop allows you to set your artwork prices so that your profit margin is bigger. The responsibility of printing your art and illustration work on custom t-shirts, phone cases, wall art, and other items and shipping it to the consumers is that of the PrintShop.

Designhill, a leading creative marketplace, is home to thousands of talented graphic designers as well. They are accessible through a design contest. You can launch a design contest on this platform or work with them one-to-one by hiring them. You can compare their portfolios and hire them on a freelance basis for your design project.

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Wrapping Up

Phone case illustrators make phone cases of different brands look impressive and unique. They can turn an ordinary plain case into a piece of art. These freelancers have the expertise in surface pattern and illustration works, which comes in handy in decorating phone cases.

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