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25 Of The Funniest Design Jokes

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Design

funniest design jokes

Last updated on September 10th, 2021

Isn’t laughter the best darn medicine? People say that each day without laughter is a wasted day! And we think they’re right. We’ve been counting on it when we came up with these funniest design jokes to make your day. There’s so much worry and misery spread all over the world, while life is so short and time passes so fast. This is why it is often said that life is way too short to spend it in just worry and loathing.

Even for designers! That’s right. Designers should laugh more often too and this is exactly what we’ve planned for you ahead in this article that we’ve managed to fill with these funniest design jokes that only a designer can relate to.

The Following Are 25 Of Our Carefully Selected, All-Time Favourite, Graphic Design Jokes

01. Everytime You Stretch A Font, Somewhere, A Designer Cries.

Everytime you stretch a font, you basically destroy its dimensions and the text ends up looking ugly. This creates a sense of disorganisation in the whole image and disturbs the eye of readers. This is generally a huge relatable nightmare for a professional graphic designer and hence considered as one of the funniest design jokes among designers.

Funniest Design Jokes

02. A User Interface Is A Great Joke Only Till You Have To Start Explaining It.

User Interface is sometimes so complex that its often tragic enough to be laughed at. But, never quite funny anymore the second someone starts explaining the technical nitty-gritties of it. This is another great one of the funniest design jokes ever.

funniest design jokes

03. What Do You Call A Lazy UX Designer? Slack.

Slack is something that has become so common these days that almost every work place use it for their employees. But have you ever looked at slack and wondered who designed it? That’s right, now you know. Definitely a lazy UX designer!

Lazy UX Designer

04. Why Do UX Designers Like Forks? They’re Great Stakeholders.

UX designers are generally great stakeholders and probably even great steak holders. So they must love forks and steaks to the last coded bits. Stakes are like steaks its delicious when you first get it, expectations are high and you look forward to it, but it gets quite difficult when you try to finish its chewy bits.

UX Designers

05. And The Client Said Again, “Don’t Use That ‘Tone’ With Me!”

A misunderstanding with a client or a heated up argument with them is just another day in the general work life of a designer. Designers are quite used to clients complaining about anything and everything, from the tone of their voices to the tone of their designs. A designer can connect to a client always trying to change everything in their art until its transformed into a regular piece of fitting simplicity.

Don’t Use That ‘Tone’ With Me

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06. Client: “I Thought You Said You Design Websites For Businesses On A Budget!” Designer: “But I Never Said That It Was A Low Budget”

Designers are often used to clients asking them to lower budgets and this is frankly quite disappointing and unprofessional mostly. Designers are tired of being bargained with regarding their art. Art, especially, is something that should be rewarded and yet artists suffer mistreatment and bargain confrontations way too much than most professionals.

A Low Budget

07. What Is A Video Game Art Designer’s Favorite Soft Drink? Sprite.

Sprite is a computer graphics term for a two-dimensional bitmap that is integrated into a larger scene, most often in a 2D video game. Daniel Hillis developed them at Texas Instruments. We bet you didn’t know that, well, only if you aren’t a video game art designer. But if you are, you know you can connect to this one of the funniest design jokes.

Art Designer's Favorite Soft Drink

08. How Many Graphic Designers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? Does It Have To Be A Light Bulb? ‘Cause I Had This Other Idea…

All designers are artists deep inside. An idea is food for them. They’re always blooming with new and fresh ones to come up with new concepts on the same. So if you’re a designer we bet ideas are that creative haven for you where you find joy and thrive. You can always expect a designer to keep coming up with new ideas whether you need one or not.

Change A Light Bulb

09. What’s Beautiful, But Gives A UX Designer nightmares? Waterfall(s)

UX Design is waterfall-based in its purest form. Before setting out to build even the simplest prototype, the product team strives towards learning everything by working through the waterfall methodology. There’s so much research involved that it can take months to complete this execution and therefore this generally gives a UX designer a hard enough time.

UX Designer

But the results do dictate the execution by the design team at the end of it all. And so, we’re sure you can connect to this only if you’re a UX designer.

10. A Web Designer Decided To Use Right Aligned Text. His Boss Yelled At Him For It, Because It Wasn’t Justified.

Alignment in text is of huge importance to a designer. Alignment is that important element that can make or break the look of the text in a design, and therefore in turn, the design. Adjusting text alignment to fit the whole picture properly is of utmost importance and therefore every designer can relate to this one of the funniest design jokes about alignment.

Web Designer

11. What Do You Call A UX Designer Who’s Head Of The Armed Forces? General Assembly.

We bet only UX designers can get this joke. With their award-winning image and expertise, General assembly has been one of the greatest game-changers in the UX design scene since 2011. So when a UX designer comes across this one of the funniest design jokes, they will absolutely be able to connect.

12. What’s A UX Designers Favourite Exercise? Sprints.

A Design Sprint is a unique five day process for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers. Only a UX designer can relate to this one of the funniest design jokes and if you are one, go ahead, laugh!

Design Sprint

13. Website Is Done. False. A website Is Never Done. True.

For a website designer, a website is never really done! There are always new concepts and graphic design ideas that they will always keep coming up with to better the website further and further. Website designers can find the humor in this joke.

website designer

14. Thanks To The ‘Courier’, We Have Different Fonts.

People often ask designers why they love being one. The conference of character and personifying font jokes is just part of the fun. Every designer can absolutely relate to this and break out a laugh.

Different Fonts

15. What Happens When Comic Sans Walks Into A Bar? The Bartender Says, ‘We Don’t Serve Your Type Here!’

That old ‘Comic Sans’ font joke that never gets old amongst designers. If you’re a designer, this humorous characterization should be self-explanatory!

Comic Sans Walks Into A Bar

16. Corporate Graphic Design Services Guide. Create A Masterpiece. Be Creative. Project All Done. Now All You Gotta Do Is Go Back And Simplify!

This is again one of those funniest design jokes referring to the humor-filled corporate scenario that are often laughed at by office designers. Designers are often confused with the complication of briefs given and later changes in business requirements.

Graphic Design Services Guide

17. Please Make The Logo Bigger, But Make Sure It Fits Somewhere!

This is a humorous corporate scenario reference. In corporate scenarios, logos are of prime importance. Designers are often asked to design a logo and then make it bigger and bigger, no matter whether they end up destroying the whole design because of it. Every designer will secretly have a hearty laugh over this one of the funniest design jokes.

Logo Design

18. We Love Your Style But…

This is one of those sarcastic statements and amongst the funniest design jokes that designers, especially corporate graphic designers, have often heard. The corporate scene is often harsh to art to fit their business requirements and though its not their fault they’re just trying to make business happen, sometimes, designers suffer too.

We Love Your Style

19. Client: Can You Get This Elephant To Turn Around? Designer: Design Is Not Just Some Buttons In Your Photoshop!

This is a merge of two really famous design jokes laughed about amongst designers. Clients or just people always end up thinking designers can do anything with design but that’s sometimes not true. But if you’re a designer, you’re probably having a laugh.

funniest design jokes

20. Dare To Be Different! Be Bold Or Italic, But Never Regular!

Font jokes at play here. Every designer knows what we’re talking about here and you will be surprised how much they can relate to it. Being regular never turns out special anywhere really, but being bold or italic definitely does.

Dare To Be Different

21. What Did The Graphic Designer Say To His Lover. I Am Very ‘Font’ Of You, Because You’re Just My ‘Type’.

This is one of the funniest design jokes that refer to designer lingo. Every designer loves playing around with their fonts and type and this joke too does the same. This happens when a graphic designer tries to express his love for his lover in his own special design lingo.

funniest design jokes

22. Photoshop To Complete Corporate Project: “Eww Dude You Used To Be So Pretty! What Happened?” Complete Corporate Project To Photoshop: “Aww Yeah I Gained Like 50 Layers, Dude.”

Every designer who has worked for corporate projects can definitely relate to this one of the funniest design jokes! Corporate projects often end up ruining art while making sure the end-result fits their brand’s requirements. And therefore a design made can often go through several layers to apply changes on it and this joke relates to such tragic-funny design-hazard moments.

funniest design jokes

23. If Helvetica Had A Lover, What Would He Think? “Even Bad Looks Good With Helvetica!”

In the design world, Helvetica has always emerged as the pretty font. It always accentuates the text enough to fit most designs. Fonts being an important element in design, every designer probably secretly cherishes this one of the funniest design jokes! Because Helvetica can truly make even the word ‘bad’ look pretty good.

important element in design

24. What Did All The New Fonts Say To Times New Roman? “Get With The Times, New Roman”

We all know that old font that we can all remember from quite a while back in our lives. ‘Times New Roman’ have been there in the font scene for quite a while now. And this joke connects to humor the essence of exactly that. We are hence sure that all the designers will have a great laugh over this one of the funniest design jokes.

funniest design jokes

25. What Did The Fat Designer Say To People Who Called Her Fat? “I’m Not Fat, I’m Just Bold!”

Fonts are just one of the most favourite things of a designer. Fonts are important to them because fonts are everything that determine how a particular piece of text will look on an image as a cohesive whole or even in terms of the tone of the final design.

most favourite things of a designer

Designers, therefore, love personalising fonts and sometimes even personifying them. This is why we bet they’ll easily connect with this classic one from the funniest design jokes!

If you’re not just satisfied with these funniest design jokes and need the best of design, resort to Designhill, the best one-stop solution to all your end-to-end design needs. Else, let us know your hilarious encounters as a designer and how you felt about this blog in the comments section below.


Rocking this design week, these funniest design jokes will give you a daily dose of some much-needed humour. These absolutely hilarious designer jokes that we gathered for you will definitely help you make your technical and boring design life way more humorous. Hope you indulged in our design-humor filled article thoroughly and laughed out your daily humdrum away.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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