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7 Game Of Thrones-Inspired Logo Symbols You Can Use For Your Brand

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Have you ever paid any attention to the sigils that appeared in Game of Thrones? Each house contesting for the Iron throne depicts its unique representation through a distinctive symbol. This blog will mention 7 Game of Thrones-inspired logo symbols that will take your brand to the next level. So, hold your horses and let the discussion of the Game of Thrones-inspired logo symbols begin.

Brace yourself, “winter is coming” whenever we hear this statement, it sends a chill down our spine while watching the epic series — Game of Thrones. This single statement was what involved a lot of mysteries. The longest-running TV series on HBO has given many memories. Not only for folks like us, but it has also inspired even brands to adjust their branding strategies. How? That’s what we will discuss here. All you need is to keep scrolling.

Every house in the Game of Thrones is a unique brand in itself. The brandmark is each house’s symbol or sigil that gives a clue about their personality. That best describes the function of a logo; to exemplify what a brand stands for.

Tips To Create Your Logo With Game Of Thrones Symbols

01. Direwolf

The House Stark features a gray direwolf on its sigil. It perfectly sums up the harsh weather they are surrounded by. As wolves are mainly found in colder regions, it makes an excellent symbol for this house and exemplifies their words, “winter is coming.” Besides withstanding the harsh weather, the wolf is said to depict free will, sturdiness, and unity. They also symbolize loyalty among their packs, so House Stark has a direwolf as its symbol.

Wolf Logo

Use a direwolf against a green or white background if your brand stands for peace and innocence. Or you can use it for your logo design to denote your brand’s free will, toughness, and unity. Besides these meanings, using a wolf logo also means your brand symbolizes compassion, leadership, intelligence, and adaptability.

02. Dragon

The House Targaryen’s sigil has a three-headed dragon in red color against a black background. Targaryens are known to ride the mystical creators — dragons that symbolize wisdom, power, and luck. But they also stand for respect, victory, anger, protection, and death. When you look at their sigil, you find that the black background perfectly flaunts the red dragon.

Dragon Logo

Though the House Targaryen’s dragon looks hostile, you can use it in your logo design to signify balance, protection, loyalty, balance, and courage. A dragon logo is best to portray the strength of your brand. If your business belongs to gaming, energy drinks, security, and more, you can use a dragon symbol to reflect your brand essence.

Note: The prequel of the GoT, The House of the Dragon, features the same sigil but with a three-headed, four-legged dragon.

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03. Lion

The golden lion symbol represents the House Lannister. The golden lion appears on their sigil against a crimson background, making it look majestic. Besides symbolizing power, wisdom, courage, royalty, ferocity, and dignity, Lannister’s sigil also showcases their pride and longing for power.

As far as colors are concerned, the House Lannister’s sigil is of golden color that signifies their wealth. The red background color further portrays death, hatred, and their aggressive nature.

House Lannister

But you can include the lion’s symbol in your brand for authority, safety, and justice. Adding the lion’s headshot featuring its mane is symbolic of leadership, courage, passion, and honor. Using the lion symbol in the logo design instills faith in your audience and lets them realize they’re safe here.

If your brand is into media, sports clubs, education, or financial domains, you can use a lion symbol to evoke the feeling discussed earlier.

04. Flower

When we talk about the Game of Thrones casts, we cannot forget Lady Olenna Tyrell. She represented the House Tyrell. A golden rose against a green background is the sigil of House Tyrell. We all know that flowers symbolize love, devotion, and compassion. But they represent secrecy and discretion as well. You may ask why so? It is because they are linked to the god of secrecy and silence — Harpocrates. Golden roses signify their higher importance and perfection, but the green color showcases their ambition covered by greed.

Floral Logo

Well, that’s what GoT’s designers chose this flower and color for. In reality, many brands have mastered the art of adding a floral logo. Flowers also signify the growth potential of your brand and put forth the generous side. Different flowers have different meanings and associations. For example, roses represent beauty, sensuality, and devotion, whereas tulips symbolize fame and love.

professional logo

05. Stag

House Baratheon’s sigil includes a black stag having a gold crown. The symbol depicted against a gold background is versatile, just like its members — Renly Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, and Robert Baratheon.

The black stag symbol stands for growth, wisdom, and virility. It also symbolizes regeneration as their antlers keep renewing regularly. Besides, the animal also signifies masculinity and royal status. Having a crown placed on the stag symbolizes authority. That’s why Stannis Baratheon kept saying he was the true heir after Robert’s demise.


When designing your logo, you can add the stag symbol to reverberate your brand’s graceful, magical, and peaceful essence. It evokes a sense of kindness, safety, creativity, and humility. Because it has many meanings, you must consider the design and color selection before finalizing your stag or deer logo.

06. Bear

Although season eight of the Game of Thrones was controversial, it has many memorable scenes. One was the bravery shown by the members of House Mormont — a noble and proud house. Lyanna Mormont left no stone unturned to ensure the safety of her people. Her ferociousness is unforgettable.


House Mormont’s sigil features a wild bear against a whitish and green border. The use of bear represents their ancestral home — Bear Island. But when you go deeper into their sigil, you find that the bear signifies loyalty, ferocity, and warrior spirit.

Many brands use a bear to represent leadership, courage, and strength in their logo design. They also convey a feeling of prosperity and positivity.

07. Sun

The sigil of House Martell features a red sun penetrated by a golden spear. The background color of the sigil is orange, signifying war, passion, determination, strength, and intellect. As far as symbols like the sun and spear are concerned, the sun stands for force, strength, and life, whereas the spear signifies war and power. And the color red color denotes romance, rage, and passion.


Many brands are vying for the use of the sun in their logo. It represents power, intellect, and ancient gods. Even in today’s day and age, the sun is said to be the center of life’s existence. Businesses involved in organic food and natural products often use the sun element in their logo.


Though Game of Thrones has been the most popular show on HBO, nobody can overlook the graphical marvel it created. From bringing popular sigils to showcasing amazing graphics, it has inspired designers worldwide. The seven sigils and elements we mentioned earlier are idle for designing a logo or at least taking inspiration and instilling meaning.

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