How To Be A Good Logo Designer And Not Just A Designer

A logo designer is always in demand as business owners need logos to establish an identity of their products, services or overall business. The demand for logo designer can be gauged from the fact that every small to big company boasts of a unique logo. So, while there is no dearth of work for logo designers, the high-paying jobs are for the designers who possess great design skills with a professional approach to completing the project.

So, here we discuss the standards that a good logo designer must follow in order to improve the design quality and approach to handle the design assignments from the clients.

Analyze The Brief Carefully

Clients supply a design brief which the designers must analyze carefully. Do not just read the brief and instead see through it to know what type of logo the client is seeking from you. The logo design brief holds the key to the design elements you must choose for a particular logo. Remember that a client offers you the brief to ensure a custom-made unique logo which is capable of representing the business. If you do not get enough insight into the client’s aspirations from the logo, then approach the client to know the details. In any case, do not start the design project until you know the project well through its brief.

Research The Business

After analyzing the brief to know what type of logo the client wants, research the client’s business thoroughly from a designer’s perspective then design the business logo.  Usually, the brief contains the client’s preferences. But a creative logo designer will research the client’s business, company history, products or services, target customers and market, customer profile and so on to create a logo. The research helps in knowing about a business message that a creative logo design must communicate to the customers.

Take Design Concepts To The Clients

A professional logo designer comes out with varied logo concepts as a part of the creative process. The designers are known for their struggle to have some great ideas and so they take many days and even months before a creative idea strikes them. However, you do not have to spend a long time in order to find out the right concept. Many designers start making sketches on paper and they come up with many ideas of how a logo should be looking.

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Take the selective sketches to the client for approval. This is a major part of the logo design process. Once you have selected few sketches that you think are good enough to match the requirements from the clients in design brief, take the sketches to the client. If the client fails to understand the message behind the sketches, describe it. Here, apply some art of communication to convince the client that a particular design will be appropriate for the company logo.

In the following images, you can notice that the designer has drawn different sketches to find out varied concepts.



Always Aspire To Be Creative

A good logo designer aspires to do some creative work. A creative design is the one that looks unique and its idea is entirely new and different. It is never a copy of the famous global logos. Instead, the design is based on some solid design concepts and at the same time it breaks the established rules in a creative manner. So, a professional and creative logo designer chooses the elements of colors, fonts, space, shape, lines etc carefully and eliminates all the unnecessary elements to make the design simple.

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Get Recommendations

Get recommendations from your friends and experts before sending the design to the client. Often, we cannot judge the quality of our designs on our own as we are too fond of our work. So, take help from your friends and expert designers to find out the areas that need improvements. When they recommend a design, you can confidently dispatch the logo to the client.

Submit The Project On Time

If you wish to get graphic design jobs regularly, make sure that you complete and submit the project on time. The clients judge the efficiency of the designers by their professionalism and timely completion of the work. So, be punctual and take the work in hand only when you are sure of doing it properly and delivering it on the scheduled date.

Become a Designer

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