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Graduation Day Style Guide: Outfit Ideas for Every Family Member

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Graduation Day Style Guide: Outfit Ideas for Every Family Member

The Graduation day is a huge moment for students and their parents. But what should you be wearing for the graduation day? If that question pops up in your mind, bear with us. We have created this graduation day style guide and outfit ideas for everyone in the family, including mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and grandparents. So, keep reading and take inspiration from these ideas to make this event unforgettable.

Let’s check it out. 

Graduate’s outfit ideas 

Since graduation is a big day, those who are graduating should dress nicely to leave a lasting mark. Here are some of the most-preferred graduation outfit ideas for students who want to look fabulous on this special day. 

01. Choose a great pair of shoes

Often, people don’t pay much attention to shoes. But shoes are also key to driving attention to your personality. That is also true when attending your graduation ceremony day. On the big day, since most of your body will be covered with a gown and cap, people on the stage and in the audience will notice your shoes. So, your shoes will be seen clearly as you walk across the stage to shake the dean’s hand.

a great pair of shoes 

Therefore, choose a pair of shoes carefully. On the day, you will also be taking pictures of yourself with your family and alone outside. The shoe should shine and look great. 

So, choose a wedge or a block heel for the day. These will also help you walk steadily across the stage to receive your degree from the dean. 

You can wear heels so that your standing posture looks stylish and good. Remember that the graduation ceremony is mostly walking and standing. 

For boys, formal shoes may work great. If you’re dressing casually, choose sneakers or other footwear considering your dressing style. 

02. Pick a bold and brighter dress 

The graduation ceremony is a big day that you should make it memorable for yourself and your family. Therefore, wear something that drives attention quickly in the crowd. If you are uncomfortable with a dress, wear a skirt and top. You can also opt for a dressy jumpsuit. 

bold and brighter dress 

If you choose to wear a dress, ensure it is in bold but solid colors that look bright. You can opt for a floral dress or a one in solid colors. It is when you are graduating in the spring. 

If the ceremony takes place in the fall or winter, your dress should ideally be in a darker solid color or a floral print in a darker color. Bold colors or prints help you stand out and let you be the center of attraction. 

03. Decide on the dress length 

While choosing a dress for the occasion, decide on its length. Pick a dress length that you can comfortably carry throughout the day. However, the usual length of the graduation gowns is very long, ranging from mid-calf to ankle. The dress length will also depend on your height. 

While choosing a dress for the occasion, decide on its length. Pick a dress length that you can comfortably carry throughout the day

It is advisable to consider a dress or skirt length shorter than the length of your gown. If it is too lengthy, it may not look impressive. Avoid having a maxi length. 

04. Wear some jewelry 

You can wear a nice pair of earrings as nothing hides them and people can see them under your cap during the ceremony. Those earrings will also drive people’s attention to your face. 

earrings will also drive people’s attention to your face

You can even make your fashion statement by wearing oversized stud earrings. Or, settle for a simple and basic hoop. Think of having some fun with the earrings. 

Since you are mostly covered with the dress, there is little scope to show your jewelry. Also, your jewelry will be hidden by the flowers, cords, or awards you receive. So, there is little chance to show your bracelets and necklace. 

Parents’ outfit ideas for the graduation ceremony 

The graduate’s family members are also invited as guests during the graduation ceremony. So, what should they wear? 

Here are some general guidelines regarding graduation attire for moms and other family members:

Get overdressed 

If you’re a mom and your son or daughter is graduating, it would be good to get yourself overdressed if no specific dress code is mentioned. It is not recommended to go there underdressed, as this implies that you are not taking the occasion seriously. 

If you’re a mom and your son or daughter is graduating, it would be good to get yourself overdressed if no specific dress code is mentioned

However, you can wear personalized graduation clothing that best suits the ceremony. But ensure that you are all dressed up nicely in a modest way. Choose a classy dress that speaks volumes about your style and taste. 

Avoid jeans 

Jeans are associated with non-serious and informal clothing that people wear while walking around. So, jeans should not be part of the mom or dad’s graduation day style.  Avoid jeans as these are too casual and instead wear something formal. 

Avoid jeans 

To impressively replace jeans for the day, wear an elegant dress. Settle for a midi or knee-length dress in bright, pastel, or neutral colors. Think of wearing a cardigan, jacket, or pants with one of the custom crop tops or shirts. ¾ sleeve shirts are great wear but avoid wearing them on a formal occasion like the graduation ceremony. Dads can wear their classic coat-pant suits or formal shirt-pants to cheer up their grad kid. 

Wear comfy dress 

Make sure that what you wear is comfortable. It should not be too tight, itchy, and heavy. This is because the graduation day ceremony might last for many hours. You can choose dress pants paired with a casual blouse for comfort throughout the day. 

comfortable dress 

But first, find out if there is some dress code issued or not. 

Our recommendations for fathers would be to wear one of the custom dad hats for the occasion to look comfy and classy.   

Dress up according to the weather 

Make sure to dress up for the weather. Most graduation ceremonies are held indoors during winter and fall. During summer, the ceremonies are held outdoors. So, choose clothes that are appropriate for the weather. For winter graduation ceremony, choose sweatshirts, jackets, or sweaters that render a redefined look. Likewise, for summer graduation ceremonies, go for cotton and lightweight fabric. 

Sisters can match the outfits according to their brother’s graduation outfit. 

Dress for the weather 

So, whether for mom, dad, or brother, the graduation outfit should be made of cotton fabric which is light and breathable. You can also opt for cotton and linen blends. 

But you never know how the weather will behave next and can become chilly. Therefore, bring a sweater, shawl, scarf, blazer, or light trench coat. To counter adverse weather conditions, take sunscreen, a custom hat, and sunglasses if the ceremony is held outdoors in the summer. Consider taking an umbrella or a rain poncho which is a better option to avoid blocking the ceremony view. 

Choose colors wisely

When choosing the colors of your dress for the graduation day, avoid upstaging the graduate son or daughter. However, you would still like to wear something fashionable.

Choose colors wisely

So, moms can wear classic colors like green, brown, gray, navy, taupe, etc. These are appropriate colors for the occasion. That is also true for the sister’s commencement day attire as she should avoid wearing colors that blend with your child’s graduation gown in the photos. 

Don’t be the center of attraction

Remember that this is the day of your graduate son or daughter, not yours. So, do not wear something extraordinary that shifts focus from the graduate to you. Instead, dress respectfully as the day belongs to your graduate child. 

Don’t be the center of attraction

If you dress in something revealing, that might embarrass your son or daughter. So, avoid wearing anything too short and low-cut. Also note that while selecting custom dresses for women, dresses with a very short hemline should also be avoided. 

Overall, as a parent of the graduate, do not wear anything flashy, distracting, and loud. Do not wear wild patterns as these are distracting elements. Avoid putting on neon colors as they catch attention quickly. Edgy silhouettes also should be avoided. One of your favorite customized bags in your hands should also look simple. 

Wear cute shoes and jewelry

Wear cute shoes and jewelry

How about giving your personality a touch of sophistication by wearing just a few jewelry pieces? Think of wearing some cute shoes that make you look modern and a little trendy mom of your graduate. 

Talking about accessories, avoid carrying fancy custom handbags that may be distracting for the occasion. 

Siblings’ outfit ideas for graduation day

You should wear the right outfit for your brother’s or sister’s graduation day. But picking the right outfit can be challenging. So, consider these helpful tips. 

Sister’s outfit 

If you are a sister of your graduating brother or sister, it’s important to first determine the dress code issued by the educational institution. It could be formal or informal. Then, pick an outfit considering the dress code. However, the outfit should be flattering and comfortable, and you should choose the color and style that best suits your personality. Remember, your outfit is a reflection of you, so don’t be afraid to let your personal style shine through. 

Sister's outfit 

Think of wearing accessories that add a personal touch to the outfit you choose to wear. But ensure you wear light accessories such as a pretty necklace or a delicate bracelet. A stylish scarf also will be a good choice. 

Brother’s outfit

If you are a male, choose the custom outfit carefully for your brother or sister’s graduation day. You can confidently choose a classic and timeless suit that will look appropriate on such a formal occasion. For a polished look, you can pick a single-breasted or double-breasted suit. 

Consider wearing a dress shirt and tie if you settle for a casual look. However, choose a solid color, such as white or light blue. Do not wear shirts with bright colors, as they look too casual. For a formal look, choose a dress shirt and bowtie. 

Brother's outfit

As a brother, consider wearing a watch and a pocket square as accessories to give your outfit a personal touch. Instead of wearing trendy accessories, prefer classic and timeless pieces. 

When choosing shoes, pick dress shoes such as loafers or oxfords. For a more casual look, pick boat shoes or brogues. Do not wear sandals or sneakers, as they are too casual.  

Other Family Members’ Accessories

Discuss accessory options to enhance family members’ outfits, ensuring coordination with the overall look.

These are the key considerations that family members and graduates should take while attending the graduation ceremony. All you need to do is to dress modestly as a parent while dressing yourself up for the day.

If you need unique dressing ideas, visit PrintShop by Designhill, a platform for personalizing clothes. Here, you can access a custom t-shirt maker to design your shirt with your colors, images, and text, and the clothes will be printed and delivered to your address. You can also create personalized mugs, photo frames, and other gifts for graduation day

Wrapping Up 

Graduation day is a big occasion for students and their parents. The family members become proud of the moment their child is awarded the graduation degree. The day calls for good dressing to make the moment unforgettable. Whether you’re a graduating student or family member, consider wearing dresses that double the joy! 

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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