How a Freelance Graphic Designer Should Work with Clients?

Despite having a creative instinct, a freelance graphic designer sometimes falls short of negotiation skills that are otherwise required for winning design assignments or design projects. Quite involved in the creative design work or maintaining a graphic design portfolio, a freelance graphic designer sometimes develops a perception that he/she will always acquire projects solely on the basis of the merit. Though this might hold true in some scenarios, it is not always the case. In this highly competitive world, where freelance graphic designers are available dime a dozen, having only high-end designing skills can never be a sure shot guarantee of winning the project on your expected terms and conditions.

Below Are Some Useful Tips On How A Freelance Graphic Designer Should Negotiate With Clients:

1. Be Sure To Negotiate

Remember, negotiation is not a taboo. So, do not consider ‘negotiations with the clients’ as something negative. Rather, it is an effective way of generating respect for your creativity. Remember, for a freelance graphic designer, his/her graphic design portfolio really matters.

So, as you put forward your design rates, do ensure that you have already made the client aware of your innovative and professional skills. This will help you fairly justify the price you are demanding for a particular project or portfolio. But if you readily agree to work on whatever you are offered, you lose not only in terms of money but also in terms of respect. Rather, your target should be to earn respect for your work, through stiff negotiations, so as to bring the client to your own terms and conditions, with only a few minor compromises.

2. Show Up Your Energy

This is really an important tip to follow for a freelance graphic designer to soar high in this fast-paced commercial world. Whenever you approach a client for acquiring some work, do not show yourself as a lazy person. Instead, try to present yourself as someone who is energetic and enthusiastic. Tell your client that you can complete their project in a timely fashion that too without compromising on creativity and quality.

3. Show That You Are An Expert

While negotiating with clients, make sure that you are able to effectively paint your picture of a creative design expert. Talk about your skills with full confidence and do not miss a single chance to put forth your expertise through different design issues. You must be capable of striking the right chord, so that the client is given an impression that your focus is on delivering outstanding work rather than just an ordinary one. If you are able to convince them about your high-quality work, they might be willing to pay whatever you demand.

4. Do Not Fear Rejections

Many freelance graphic designers fear that if they will negotiate hard, clients might refuse to give them work. So, never feel guilty or suffer from the fear of rejection. Rather, consider a better fee hike as you are asking for what you feel is the nominal price for a job.

You can try small things to overcome your fear of rejection; ask for a week’s extension to complete the project or demand just a few more dollars! You can also ask for a revised list of deliverables. Gradually, you will learn how to demand required things from clients and this will help you get rid of the fear of rejection.

5. Plan Well

If you do a proper planning before reaching out to the clients you feel yourself charged with confidence. Since negotiation often produces anxiety that is usually caused due to lack of knowledge about the facts and fear of something unknown to occur.

Therefore, it is advisable to prepare a list of what you know and what you do not know. You must be aware of the crucial facts of the current situation so that you find yourself in a better negotiable position. Try to gain knowledge of things that you do not know.

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6. Bargain Hard

The clients are ready to pay a good price for your best efforts. So, they actually compensate you well only in their own interest to make you feel valued. Therefore, do not hesitate while bargaining about your job rates or fee. Prepare a list of justifiable reasons whenever you are quoting a high fee amount because clients generally do not repudiate a higher fee to the deserving candidates.

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